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Families covered: Coddington of Holm Patrick, Coddington of Oldbridge

BIFR1976 reports that "This family is believed to have come to Ireland from England in late 16th or early 17th century."
William Coddington of Holm Patrick (now Skerries), Sheriff of co. Dublin (b 1607, d 31.08.1657)
m. Thomasina Calton
1. Nicholas Coddington of Holm Patrick (captain)
  m1. Elizabeth Aston (dsp 1657, dau of Major William Aston (recorder of Drogheda))
  m2. Anne Dixie (d after 1685)
A. Dixie Coddington of Holm Patrick, Sheriff of co. Dublin (b 1665, d 22.07.1728, captain)
  m. (1686) Anne Coddington (d 09.1733, dau of John Coddington of Cloverell) @@ below
  i. John Coddington of Oldbridge, co. Meath, Sheriff (d 09.1740)
  m. Frances Osborne (dau of Captain John Osborne of Drogheda)
  a. John Coddington (b 1715, dvp unm 1736)
  ii. Nicholas Coddington of Drogheda, co. Louth (d 11.1737)
  m. (14.07.1722) Mary Tenison (d 1785, dau of Henry Tenison of Dillonstown)
  a. Dixie Coddington of Oldbridge & Tankardstown, Sheriff (d 1794)
  m. (1754) Catherine de Burgh (dau of Thomas de Burgh of Bert)
(1)+ 7 daughters (d infant)
  b. Henry Coddington of Oldbridge, Sheriff of co. Louth then co. Meath (b 1728, d 21.09.1816)
  m. (1762) Elizabeth Blacker (dau of Latham Blacker of Applefield (Rathcaker))
  (1) Nicholas Coddington of Oldbridge, Sheriff of co. Louth then co. Meath (b 1765, d 31.08.1837)
  m. (13.07.1793) Laetitia Barry (dau of Gaynor Barry of Bean)
  (A) Henry Barry Coddington of Oldbridge, Sheriff of co. Meath (b 22.05.1802, d 23.03.1888, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (26.09.1827) Maria Crawford (d 23.03.1845, dau of William Sharman Crawford of Crawfordsburn)
  (B) Joshua William Coddington (b 05.12.1803, d 01.12.1853, Captain) had issue
  m. (1840) Agnes Julia Emmett (d 22.05.1894, dau of Maj.Gen. Anthony Emmett)
  (C) Fitzherbert Nicholas Coddington (d 06.04.1853, Major)
  m. (1841) Jane Trelawny (dau of Col. Hamelin Trelawny, Gov. of St. Helena)y
(D) Anna Elizabeth Coddington
  m. (1826) John Fitzherbert Ruxton of Ardee House & Shercock (d 1826)
  (E)+ other issue (d unm) - John (b 10.1797, dvp 26.04.1822), Laetitia Mary (d 15.10.1879)
  (2) Henry Coddington 'of Oldbridge' (d 1821) had issue
  m. (14.02.1809) Eleanor Hamilton (d 07.09.1859, dau of Major Henry Hamilton)
  (3) Latham Coddington (rector of Timolin, 5th son) had issue
  m. (22.05.1797) Anne Florentia Bellingham (dau of Colonel John Bellingham of Ardagh)
  (4) Martha Coddington
  m. (1789) Philip Pendleton of Mooretown
(5) Elizabeth Coddington (d 12.1856)
  m. (14.04.1798) Edward Winder of Bellview
  (6) Mary Jane Coddington
  m. (28.04.1805) George Lendrum of Jamestown (d 22.10.1855)
  (7) Anna Coddington
  m. Edmond (sb Edward?) Augustus Waller (son of Richard of Kinmage)
(8)+ other issue (d unm) - Dixie (d infant), Thomas of Mullacrone, Mary
  c.+ other issue - Robert (d infant), 7 daughters
  iii. Dixie Coddington of Athlumney Castle, co. Meath (b 1693, d 09.1776, Serjeant-at-arms)
  m. Hannah Waller (dau of Robert Waller of Kilmainham Castle)
  a. Dixie Coddington of Boyle Hill & Dublin (b 1728, d 1798, Serjeant-at-arms)
  m. Jane Orsmby (d 1816, dau of Robert Ormsby of Rocksavage)
  (1) Dixie Coddington (b 06.12.1760, d unm 06.1791, deputy Serjeant-at-arms)
  b.+ other issue - Robert (d unm, RN), 8 daughters
  iv. William Coddington (d 09.1767, vicar of Carrickmacross, 5th son)
  m. Mary Bellingham (dau of Henry Bellingham of Castlebellingham)
  a. William Coddington, Mayor of Drogheda (d 1780) had issue
  m. Sarah Handcock (d 1831, dau of Robert Handcock)
b. Elizabeth Coddington (d 08.1817)
  m. James Kellett of Springfield
  v. Elizabeth Coddington
  m. (05.1718) John Lyster of Rocksavage (d 1755)
  vi. Jane Coddington (b 1700)
  m. (15.07.1723) Ralph Blundell of Dublin (d 02.08.1762)
  vii.+ other issue - Henry of Ninch & Leyton (d unm 25.04.1751), Robert (d unm), Anne
  B. Henry Coddington in London (a 1757)
  i. Henry Coddington
  a. William Coddington of Swindon, Wiltshire (d 06.1802)
ii. Samuel Coddington, Mayor of Stamford (Lioncolnshire) (b 1739, d 1830) had issue
  C. William Coddington (a 1690)
  D. Elizabeth Coddington (d 09.1701)
  m. (10.05.1685) Sir William Handcock (d 09.1707, recorder of Dublin, MP)
2. John Coddington of Cloverell (Clonerry), King's co. (d 02.1690/4)
  m. (c02.1668/9) Anne Stearne (dau of Robert Stearne of Robert Stearne of Tullynally)
  A. Anne Coddington (d 09.1733)
  m. (1686) Dixie Coddington of Holm Patrick (d 22.07.1728, captain, cousin) @@ above
3. Bridget Coddington
  m. John Fisher of London
4. Hannah Coddington
  m. John Waller of Kilmainham Castle (d 06.02.1715)
5. Thomasina Coddington
  m. John Clarke of Queen's Co.
6. Elizabeth Coddington
  m. John Finglasse (canon of Kildare, prebendary of St. Andoen)
7. Joane Coddington
  m. _ Caddell
8.+ other issue - William of Holm Patrick (d unm 11.1670), Robert (dsp), Susanna, Judith (d before 1657)

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Coddington)
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