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Families covered: Cobb of Sandringham, Cobbe of Sharnebrooke, Cobb of Snettisham (Snetisham)

William Cobb of Sandringham (Sendringham or Sentringham), Norfolk (a 1394)
m. _ Brereton or Brierton or Bridon
1. Geffrey Cobb of Sandringham
  m. _ Ryvett
  A. William Cobb of Sandringham
  m. Margaret Buttler (dau of Sir John le Buttler)
  i. William Cobb of Sandringham
  m1. _ Elwin or Elwyne
a. Geffrey Cobb of Sandringham
  m. Alice Aylmer (dau of Sir Lawrence Aylmer of London)
  A section of Visitation (1563+1589+1613) shows their eldest son as William of Peterbridge, married to Margaret Wales. Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, Cobbe of Sandringham) starts with Sir William of Sandringham, married to Elizabeth Bedingfield, with italics (presumably provided by the Harleian editor) showing him as son of Jeffery by Alice Aylmer. To keep the data, we provisionally show there to have been 2 sons called William but hope to have this mystery cleared in due course. (Suggestions would be welcome.]
(1) William Cobbe of Sandringham
  The following comes from Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, Cobbe of Sandringham).
  m. Mary (not Elizabeth) Bedingfield (dau of Sir ?? Bedingfield)
  (A) Jeffery Cobbe of Sandringham
  m. Elizabeth Thwayts (dau of Henry Thwayts of Quiddenham)
  (i) William Cobbe of Sandringham (a 1664, Colonel)
  m. Elizabeth Bedingfield (dau of Sir Henry Bedingfield of Oxburrow)
  (a)+ issue (a 1664) - Jeffrey, William, Henry, Edward, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Mary, Anne
  (B) Ann Cobbe probably of this generation
  m. Richard Davye of Gunthorpe
  (C) Dorothy Cobbe possibly of this generation
  m. Edward Pratt of Hockwold
  (D) Elizabeth Cobbe possibly of this generation
  m. John le Groos (a 1546)
  (2) William Cobb of Peterbridge (Peterborough?)
  m. Margaret Wales (dau of Thomas Wales of Lynn)
  (A) Stephen Cobb of Hackney, Middlesex
  m. Ellen Harper (dau of John Haper of West Chester)
  (i) Elizabeth Cobb
  m. John Sutton of London
  (ii) Anne Cobb
  m. John Tracye of Yorkshire
  (iii) Thomazine Cobb
  m. Richard Buckfould of London
(iv)+ other issue - John, Robert, Stephen, Jeromy
  (B) Margaret Cobb
  m. Richard Lee of Norwich
  (i) Dorothy Lee
  m. John Goodwyn of Ipswich
  (3) Edmond Cobb of Snetisham or Snettisham, Norfolk
  m. Isabel Martyn (dau of William Martyn of Pawles Street, Kent)
  (A) Martyn Cobb of Snetisham
  m1. Elizabeth Walpole (dau of Edward Walpole of Houghton)
  (i) Martyn Cobb (d before 30.09.1642, 4th son)
  m. (1609) Anne Cremer (dau of Thomas Cremer or Creamer of Snetisham)
  The following comes from Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, Cobbe of Snettisham).
  (a) Edmund Cobb of Snetisham or Snettisham (d by 1665, 2nd son)
  m. Anne Butler (b 1622, d 1675, dau of Thomas Butler of Woodhall)
  ((1)) Martin Cobb (b c1645, d before 11.06.1678)
  m. Mary
  ((2)) Anne Cobb
  m. Owen Hughes
  ((3))+ other issue - Jeffrey, Edmund, Susan, Elizabeth, Frances, Friswith
  (b) Martin Cobe of Burnham Norton, Norfolk (d before 03.10.1684, 4th son?)
  m. Elizabeth Ossant (dau of Nicholas Ossant of Burnham Norton)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Cobbe
  m. _ Browne
  ((2))+ other issue - Martin (b c1643, dsp 1687), Anne, Robsart
  (c) Francis Cobb of Yarmouth (d before 23.05.1667, youngest son?)
  The following comes from Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, Cobb of Great Yarmouth). Francis is not mentioned by the other sections of the Visitation. The Visitation identifies Francis's wife as Elizabeth, dau of Henry Jenny of Norfolk, but the Harleian editor added a note to say that it should have been ...
  m. (1647) Elizabeth Batchfroft (d before 14.10.1672, dau of Richard Batchcroft, widow of William Jenny)
  ((1)) Bagcroft Cobb of Great Yarmouth (b c1660) had issue
  ((2)) Elizabeth Cobb
  m. William Palmer
  ((3)) Anne Cobb
m. _ Shank
  ((4)) Margaret Cobb
  (d)+ other issue - Edmond (dsp), Thomas
  (ii)+ other issue - Edmond (dsp), Thomas, Geffrey (dsp), Robert, Elizabeth
  This was possibly the Martin Cobbe of Snettisham whose daughter Anne was by his second wife ...
  m2. Ann Schuldham
  (vii) Anne Cobb
  m. William Davy of King's Lynn (d before 16.12.1635)
  (B) Francis Cobb of Burnham Sutton, Norfolk
  m1. Margaret Genyson (dau of Thomas Genyson, widow of Robert Bowlton or Bowlter)
  m2. Jone Fyske (dau of Ambrose Fyske of Wells)
  (C) Edmond Cobb of Somerton (4th son)
  m. Margaret Swanson (dau of John Swanson of Stalham)
  (i) John Cobb
  m. Martha Baker (dau of Thomas Baker of Walton)
  (ii) Elizabeth Cobb
  m. Thomas Clypwell of Sommerton
  (iii) Bridget Cobb
  m. Robert Browne of Catfield
  (iv) Frances Cobb
  m. Thomas Wayman of Yarmouth
  (v)+ other issue - Jeffrey (dsp), Tobye
(D) Elizabeth Cobb
  m. Henry Rydley
  (E) Dorothy Cobb
  m. John Palmer
  (F)+ other issue - Geffrey, William, Erasmus, Mary, Fryswithe
(4) Anne Cobb
  m. Humfrey Kervyll of Wygenhall St. Mary
  (5) Alice or Joan/Jane Cobb
  m. Robert Brampton of Brampton
  (6) Anne Cobb
  m. Richard Dade of Norfolk
  b. William Cobbe of Sharnebroke or Sharnbrooke, Bedfordshire
  Visitation (Oxfordshire, 1566+574+1634, Cobb of Adderbury) shows William as son of his father's second rather than his first marriage.
  m. Alice Leech (dau of Thomas Leech or Leach or Lecke of Bedfordshire)
  (1) Thomas Cobb of London
  m. Margaret Stavling (dau/heir of _ Stavling of Adderholt, Wiltshire)
  The following comes from Visitation (Bedfordshire, 1566, Cobbe of Sharnebrooke) & Visitation (Bedfordshire, 1634, Cobbe of Sharnbrooke).
  (2) Richard Cobbe (priest)
  (3) William Cobbe of Sharnebroke or Sharnbrooke
  m1. Elizabeth Heron (dau of Thomas Heron of Emerton)
  (A) Thomas Cobbe of Sharnbrooke (a 1566)
  m. Margaret St. John (dau of Oliver St. John of Sharnebroke)
  (i) Thomas Cobbe
  m. Cecily Luke (dau of Paul Luke of Cople)
  (a) Paul Cobbe of Sharnebrooke
  m. Catherine Duncomb (dau of John Duncomb of Brickhill)
  ((1)) Thomas Cobbe of Sharnbrooke (a 1634)
  m. Dorothy Mulsho (dau of John Mulsho of Thingdon)
((A))+ issue - William, Edward, George, Thomas, (John, Paul, Dorothy, Ann, Rebecca, Mary)
  ((2))+ other issue - William, Lucy, Elizabeth
  (b) John Cobbe of Sharnbrooke (a 1634, town clerk of Bedford)
  m. Elizabeth Yonge
  ((1)) John Cobbe of Sharnebroke
  m. Elizabeth Orlebar (dau of Charles (sb George) Orlebar of Poddington)
  ((A))+ issue - John, George, Paul, Oliver
  ((2)) Paul Cobbe
  m. Mary Gardiner
  ((A))+ issue - Paul, Samuel, Anne
  ((3)) Anne Cobbe
  (c) Oliver Cobbe of Bedford (a 1634)
  m. Mary Smith (dau of John Smith)
  ((1))+ issue - Oliver, Cicely
  (d) Sibell Cobbe
  m. John Whitaker of Bedford
  (e) Margaret Cobbe
  m. John Fitzgeoffrey of Wymington
  (f) Agnes Cobbe
  m. William Bletsoe of Wimyngton
  (ii)+ other issue (a 1566) - John, Anne, Elizabeth or Sibell
  (B)+ other issue - Laurence, William, Richard
  m2. Elizabeth Tape (dau of Robert Tape of Mydleton Erneste)
  (E) Mary or Anne Cobbe
  m. Robert Walter or Waller
  (F)+ other issue - George, John, Henry, Alice, Elizabeth
  (2) Joan Cobbe
  m. Robert Carter
(3) Elizabeth Cobbe
  m. Richard Marryott
  (4) Agnes Cobbe
  m. Robert Meryell
  m2. _ Gayton or Geyton of Norolk
  c. William Cobb of Gayton
  (1) Geffrey Cobb
  (A)+ issue - Thomas, William
  Possibly of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is unknown, was ...
  d. Joane Cobb
  m. Thomas Walpole of Houghton (d 14.01.1513-4)

Main source(s): Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Cobb)
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