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Families covered: Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley (Cholmondely)

John le Belward
1. William le Belward
  m. Letitia (dau of Robert FitzHugh of Malpas)
  A. William le Belward of Malpas
  m. Beatrix
  Beatrix is reported by both BP1934 (Cholmondeley) and a source on the Egerton family (which identifies William's parents) to have been daughter of Hugh de Keveliok/Malpas, Earl of Chester but, unless she was illegitimate, such is unlikely given that his 4 legitimate daughters have been well recorded and do not include Beatrix. However, BE1883 (Meschines of Chester) identifies a Beatrix, sister of Earl Hugh, as having married Ralph de Malpas. Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Egerton of Egerton and of Oulton) identifies her as mother of the Margaret who married ...
  i. David de Malpas, 'le Clerk', Sheriff of Cheshire (a 1252, secretary to Earl of Chester) ancestor of Egerton families
  m. Margaret (dau of Ralph ap Eynion of Malpas)
  ii. Robert de Malpas of Cholmondely
m. Mabel (dau of Sir Robert FitzNigel of Halton)
  a. Sir Hugh de Cholmondely of Cholmondely (a temp Henry III ie. c1250)
  (1) Robert de Cholmondely of Cholmondely
  (A) Richard de Cholmondely of Cholmondely
  m. Margery de Kingsleigh (dau of Richard de Kingsleigh)
  (i) Hugh de Cholmondely of Cholmondely (a temp Edward I ie. c1300)
  m. Katherine de Spurstow (dau of William de Spurstow)
  (a) Richard de Cholmondely of Cholmondely (a 1319)
  ((1)) Richard de Cholmondely of Cholmondely (dsp 1361)
(b) Hugh de Cholmondely (d before 1363)
  m. _ de Harcourt (dau of Robert de Harcourt of Chorley)
  ((1)) William de Cholmondely of Cholmondely (d 1375)
  m. Elizabeth Brereton (dau of Sir William Brereton of Brereton)
  ((A)) Richard de Cholmondely of Cholmondely
  m. Ann Bromley (dau of Sir John Bromley of Badington)
((i)) William de Cholmondely (dvp 1422)
  Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Cholmeley of Tiverton', p185) shows William as son of Richard (by Elizabeth, dau of Gilbert, Lord Talbot, by Katherine, dau of the King of Portugal) son of Richard son of WIlliam son of Hugh son of Kenrick).
  m. Maud Cheney (dau/heir of Sir John Cheney of Willaston (by Ellinor, dau/heir of John Capenhurst), m2. William Lee of Aston)
  ((a)) Richard de Cholmondely of Cholmondely (d c1489)
  m. Ellen Davenport (dau of John Davenport of Davenport)
  ((b)) John de Cholmeley of Copenhall
  m. _ Pickstock
  ((B)) John de Cholmondely
  Identified by BLG1952 as ancestor of the Cholmleys of Whitby.
  m. Maud Chorley
  ((i)) Robert Cholmeley
  m. Alice Needham (dau of Robert Needham of Shenton or Shavington)
  (c) Robert de Cholmondely
  Identified by BEB1841 as ancestor of the Cholmleys of Whitby.
  (2)+ 2 sons
  iii. Richard de Malpas of Duckington

Main source(s): BP1934 (Cholmondeley)
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