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Families covered: Cheyne of Arnage, Cheyne of Essilmont, Cheyne of Petfichie, Cheyne of Ranieston, Cheyne of Tangwick, Cheyne of Vaila

Henry Cheyne, 3rd of Essilmont and Arnage (d 1494)
m. ?? Ogston
1. Sir John Cheyne, 4th of Essilmont and Arnage
  m1. (before 1479) Elizabeth Annand
  m2. (by 1501) Isabel Wawen (dau of laird of Stenstoun or Stevinstoun)
A. Henry Cheyne, 5th of Essilmont and Arnage (dsp c1507)
  m. Marjory Hay (dau of Gilbert Hay of Delgaty)
  B. Sir Patrick Cheyne, 6th of Essilmont
  m1. Isabel Bade
  i. Thomas Cheyne, 7th of Essilmont
  m. Elizabeth Gordon (dau of George Gordon, younger of Methlic and Haddo)
a. Sir Patrick Cheyne, 8th of Essilmont
  m1. Christian Hepburne (probably of family of Smetoun)
  (1) Patrick Cheyne, 9th of Essilmont
  m. Magdalen Fraser (dau of Sir Alexander Fraser, 8th of Philorth)
  (A) Patrick Cheyne, 10th of Essilmont (dsp before 1631)
  (B) Magdalene Cheyne
  m. Alexander Hay
(C) Elizabeth Cheyne
  m. James Sinclair of Brew
  (D) Margaret Cheyne
  m. Robert Bruce of Sumbrugh (d 03.1636)
  (2) James Cheyne of Pennan, 11th of Essilmont (d 1634)
  m1. Katherine Rutherford
  (A) James Cheyne, 12th of Essilmont, 1st of Tangwick
  m. Marjorie Bruce (dau of Alexander Bruce of Cultmalindie)
  (i) George Cheyne, 13th of Essilmont, 2nd of Tangwick
  m1/2. Barbara Moncreiff (dau of James Moncreiff of Ollaberrie)
  (a) John Cheyne, 14th of Essilmont, 3rd of Tangwick
  m. Barbara Sinclair
((1)) George Cheyne, 15th of Essilmont, 4th of Tangwick
  ((2))+ other issue - Barbara, Elizabeth
  (b) James Cheyne, 5th of Tangwick
  m. Grizel Leslie (dau of Thomas Leslie of Ustaness)
  ((1)) Patrick Cheyne, 6th of Tangwick (d 1765)
m1. (1736) Jean Henderson (dau of William Henderson of Gairdie)
  ((A)) James Cheyne, 7th of Tangwick (b 1737)
  m. Ann Gifford (dau of John Gifford in Zetland)
  ((i)) John Cheyne, 8th of Tangwick (d 1840)
  ((a)) Henry Cheyne, 9th of Tangwick (b 24.08.1804, W.S. in Edinburgh) had issue
  m. Barbara Hay (dau of William Hay of Loxfirth)
  ((ii)) Arthur Cheyne of Ollaberry
  ((iii)) Mary Cheyne
  m. (1809) Robert Hoseason of Udhouse and Mossbank
((iv)) Jane Cheyne
  m. (1796) Gilbert Henderson of Bardister
  m2. Mary Buchan (dau of James Buchan, minister of Northmore)
  ((2)) Jean Cheyne
  (c) Magnus Cheyne of Hogsetter
  m. Barbara Cheyne (dau of Thomas Cheyne, 4th of Vaila) @@ below
  ((1)) James Cheyne
((A)) George Cheyne (a 1772)
  (d) Elizabeth Cheyne
  m. Simon Adolphus Rosencrombe
  (e) Barbara Cheyne
  m. William Umphray
  (f) Margaret Cheyne
  m. James (probably not William) Scott of Voesgarth
  We presume that this was the George Cheyne of Esslemont who (also) married ...
  m2/1. Barbara Mowat (dau of James Mowat of Ollaberry)
  (g) Barbara Cheyne
  m1. Patrick Mowat of Hamnavoe, later of Balquholly (d 07.1716)
  m2. James Erskine in Dorlaithers
(ii) Andrew Cheyne of Havers
  m. Barbara Sinclair
  (iii) Patrick Cheyne
  m2. Elizabeth Gordon (dau of William Gordon, 5th of Gight)
  (3) Margaret Cheyne
  m. Alexander Annan of Auchterallan
(4) Elizabeth Cheyne (d before 1634)
  m1. Peter Hay, 6th of Megginch (b 1576, d 12.08.1616)
  m2. George Hay, 1st of Keilour
  m3. (by 18.05.1624) Patrick Oliphant, 6th Lord (d before 16.10.1674)
  (5)+ other issue - Alexander of Ardlanhill, John
  m2. (c1575) Helena (dau of Walter Bruce or Bryson of Pitcullen)
  (7) Helen Cheyne
  m. William Udny of that ilk
  (8) Isabel or Elizabeth Cheyne
  m1. Patrick Hay of Meginsche
m2. George Hay of Campsie, later of Killour (a 1656)
  b. Francis Cheyne of Cragye (d 1604)
  (1) Christian Cheyne of Cragye
  c. Robert Cheyne of Ury, 1st of Vaila (a 1590, Bailie of Tingwall)
  m. Margaret Strang
  (1) Thomas Cheyne, 2nd of Vaila (d 06.1626)
m. Agnes Strang (dau of James Strang of Voesgarth)
  (A) Patrick Cheyne, 3rd of Vaila (d 16.121643)
  m. Janet Gifford (dau of Gilbert Gifford of Hogsetter)
  (i) Thomas Cheyne, 4th of Vaila (d 03.10.1695)
  m. Barbara Umphray
  (a) Patrick Cheyne, 5th of Vaila (d unm)
  (b) Thursham (?) Cheyne of Footabrough
  (c) Babara Cheyne
  m. Magnus Cheyne of Hogsetter @@ above
  (ii)+ other issue (Patrick, Walter, Agnes, Catherine, Christian, Marjorie)
  (B) Laurence Cheyne of Gutabrid (d 1648)
  m. Elizabeth Sinclair
  (i) Anna Cheyne
  (C)+ other issue - James of Raevock, Robert
  (2) Alexander Cheyne
  (3) Henry Cheyne
  m. Janet Bell
  (A)+ issue - Elizabeth, Margaret
  d. William Cheyne (a 1597)
  e. John Cheyne (d 1625)
  m. Elizabeth Garioch
(1) John Cheyne
  f. Ursula Cheyne
  m. (c1557) William Keith of Premina
  g. Margaret Cheyne (a 1617)
  m. Patrick Con of Auchry
  ii. Janet Cheyne
  m. John Forbes, younger of Tolquhoun (dvpsp)
  iii. Margaret Cheyne probably of this generation
m1. Patrick Mowat of Balquholly (b c1511, d 1564)
  m2. James Dempster of Auchterless
  iv.+ other issue - Jerome (Archdeacon of Zetland), James
  m2. _ Forbes (dau of William Forbes of Kildrummie)
  C. Alexander Cheyne, 6th of Arnage
  m. ?? Forbes (dau of Malcolm Forbes, 4th of Tolquhoun)
  i. John Cheyne, 7th of Arnage (d c1548)
m. Janet (or Christian) Fraser (dau of laird of Dures)
  a. William Cheyne, 8th of Arnage
  m1. (c1555) Margaret Irvine (dau of Alexander Irvine of Lonmay, younger of Drum)
  (1) Margaret Cheyne
  m. Andrew Reid (son of William of Collieston)
  (2) Isabel (or Elizabeth) Cheyne
  m1. John Kennedy of Carmuk (Kermucks) (d bur 06.11.1591)
  m2. Magnus Mowat, younger of Balquhally (d 03.1634)
  m2. ?? Forbes (dau of Robert Forbes, 5th of Echt)
  Not known which wife was mother of which of the following children.
  (3) Walter Cheyne, 9th of Arnage
  m. Marjorie or Mary Cheyne (dau of John Cheyne, 10th of Straloch)
  (A) Sara Cheyne (a 1622)
  p. William Udny of that ilk
  (4) William Cheyne
  (5) Violet Cheyne
  m. Andrew Meldrum of Tullicarne and Auchneif
  (6) Marjorie Cheyne
  m. John Gordon of Coldwels
  (A) John Gordon, Bishop of Galloway, Chancellor of Dublin
  (7) Marie Cheyne
m. Alexander Gurdin of Blackford
  b. Patrick Cheyne, 1st of Ranieston (d 06.10.1602)
  m. Catherine Chalmer (dau of Gilbert Chalmer of Balnacraig)
  (1) son
  (2) Thomas Cheyne of Arde and Petfichie, 2nd of Ranieston
  m. Catherine Fraser (dau of Michael Fraser of Mukalls)
  (A) Thomas Cheyne, 2nd of Petfichie, 3rd of Ranieston (d c1649)
  (B)+ other isuse - Arthur, John (in Poland)
  (3) Patrick Cheyne in Aberdeen
  (4) Walter Cheyne of Tillibin
  (A) James Cheyne of Hugstoun
  (i) George Cheyne (town clerk of Leith)
  m. Catherine Inglis (dau of Cornelius Inglis of Eastbarnes)
  (a) John Cheyne (b 01.02.1655, surgeon in Dalkeith)
  m1. (before 1654) Marjorie Heathe
  ((1)) George Cheyne
  m. (19.01.1699) Anna Kennedy (dau of Thomas Kennedy of Kirkhill)
  m2. Beatrix Tennant
  ((2)) John Cheyne (a 1741)
  ((3)) Robert Cheyne (d 1790 in Cupar)
  m. Margaret Clephane
  ((A)) John Cheyne (d by 1864, surgeon in Leith) had issue
  m. (23.03.1772) Margaret Edmonstone (dau of William Edmonstone)
  (b) Janet Cheyne (b 01.02.1655)
  m. A. Bonar (doctor)
  c. James Cheyne (b c1545, professor of Philosophy at Paris)
  D. Laurence Cheyne (a 1543, Commissioner of Aberdeen)
  m. Margaret Troup (dau of William Troup of that ilk)
  i. Alexander Cheyne (d 1592, canon of University of Aberdeen)
  m. Katharine Bruce (dau of Patrick or William Bruce of Pitcullo)
  a. John Cheyne, Provost of Aberdeen
  m. Elizabeh Crookshank (dau of William Crookshank of Tillimorgan)
  (1) Isabel Cheyne
  m. Sir Patrick Leslie of Eden, Provost of Aberdeen (d 1666)
  (2)+ 5 daughters
  b. Marjory Cheyne
  m. John Barclay
2. Henry Cheyne

Main source(s): 'The Cheyne family in Scotland' by Lt. Colonel A.Y. Cheyne, published in 1931
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