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Families covered: Cailly of Buckenham, Cailly of Cranwich, Cailly of Massingham, Cayley of Normanton, Cayley of Owby, Cayley of Thormanby

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Humphrey de Cailly (a temp William I 1066-1087)
1. Simon de Cailly of Massingham, Cranwich, etc
  m. Alice
  A. Roger de Cailly
  i. John de Cailly of Massingham, Cranwich, etc (a temp Richard I 1189-1199)
  a. John de Cailly of Massingham, Cranwich, etc (a 1202)
  m. Margery
  (1) Adam de Cailly
  m. Mabel
  (A) Sir Osbert de Cailly
BE1883 reports that this Osbert married Emma Tatshall, heiress of Buckenham, but notes that "authorities differ as to whether Adam or Osbert de Cailly married the heiress". BE1883 then shows Osbert as father (but probably not by Emma) of Adam (father of Edmund) and father (by Emma) of Thomas and Margerie. We follow TCP (Cailly) which starts off with ...
  (i) Adam de Cailly (a 1303)
  m1. ??
  m2. Emma de Tatteshall (dau of Robert de Tatteshall of Tatteshall & Buckenham, 1st Lord)
  (a) Thomas de Cailly, Lord of Buckenham (dsp before 30.07.1316)
  m. Margaret de Norwich (d 1358/68, dau of Sir Walter de Norwich of Mettingham)
  (b) Margerie de Cailly, heiress of Buckenham
  m. Roger de Clifton
  (B) Sir Hugo de Cayly of Owby
  m. Agnes de Hempstede (dau of Hamo de Hempstede)
(i) John Cayly of Owby
  (a) Sir William Cayley of Owby (a 1316)
  ((1)) Sir William Cayley of Owby
  m. Alice Braose (dau of Sir John Braose)
  ((A)) Agnes Cayley
m. John Harsike of Norfolk
  ((B)) Eva Cayley
  m. Edmund Clipsby of Clipsby
  ((2)) John Cayley of Normanton
  ((A)) Hugh Cayley (dsp)
((B)) William Cayley of Normanton
  ((i)) Jennet Cayley
  m. John Lake
  ((C)) John Cayley
  ((i)) William Cayley
  ((a)) John Cayley (dsp)
  ((b)) Edmund Cayley of Thormanby
  (((1))) William Cayley of Thormanby
  (((A))) John Cayley of Thormanby
  (((2))) John Cayley
  b. Beatrix de Cailly
  m. William de Butery
  B. Sir Jordanus de Cailly

Main source(s):
(1) For Cailly of Buckenham Castle : BE1883 (Cailli) with input from TCP (Cailly)
(2) For Cayley of Owby, Normanton, Thormanby : BP1934 (Cayley)
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