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Families covered: Carlyle of Carlisle

Hildred of Carlyle (Carlisle) ('de Karleolio') (a 1130)
m. ?? (possibly a granddaughter of Waltheof, Earl of Northumberland)
1. Odard of Carlyle (d before 1177)
  A. Robert de Carlyle of Hodelm (d c1209)
  i. Adam de Carlyle
  m. Matilda
  a. Eudo de Carlyle (d before 1230)
(1) Sir William de Carlyle (a 1278)
  (A) William de Carlyle (dvp before 25.06.1274)
  m. Sapienta
  (i) Sir William de Carlyle (d before 03.1329)
  We presume that this was the Sir William de Carliell, "then chief of the family", who is reported in the preamble in Commoners (vol 3, Carleill of Sewerby) (see Carlyle3) to have "sold most of his lands in England, and removing into Scotland, seated himself at Kinmount" after Edward I invaded Scotland.
  m. Margaret Bruce (dau of Sir Robert de Bruce, 6th Lord of Annandale)
(a) William de Carlyle (d before 24.07.1347)
  (b) John de Carlyle (d before 24.07.1347)
  ((1)) William de Carlyle probably father of ...
  ((A)) Sir John Carlyle (a 03.1432)
  BP1934 (Kirkpatrick) identifies an Elizabeth Kirkpatrick as having married Sir John Carlyle, "ancestor of the Lords Carlyle". The dates make it uncertain whether or not this referred to this John or his probable grandfather. Even if it was this John it is not certain that she was mother of ...
((i)) William Carlyle of Torthorwald (d before 10.11.1463) --
  m. Elizabeth Kirkpatrick (d before 1436, probably dau of Sir Duncan Kirkpatrick 'of that ilk') --
  (B) Eudo de Carlyle
  ii. Odard de Carlyle (d by 1212)
  a. Christian
  m. William de Ireby (d 12.1257)
  (1) Christian de Ireby (d c1305)
  m1. Thomas de Lascelles (d before 09.1260)
  m2. (before 1267) Adam de Gesemuthe
  m3. (by 1275, sp) Robert de Brus, 5th lord of Annandale (b 1210, d 1295)
  (2) Eva de Ireby
  b. Eva
  m1. (sp) Robert Lovell (d before 02.1242-3)
  m2. (before 13.10.1246) Alan de Chartres
  B. Richard
  i. Robert

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