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Families covered: Carew of Beddington, Carew of Bickley, Carew of Carew, Carew of Mohun's Ottery, Carew of Mulsford (Moulesford), Carew of (Great) Purley

Otto or Odo FitzWilliam of Carru Castle
m. Margaret (dau of Richard son of Tancred)
1. William de Carru or Carrew & Moulesford (d 1230-1) possibly brother rather than father of ...
  m. Avice (dau/heir of Digon of Odreon)
  A. William (sb Nicholas?) de Carru or Carrew
'Deanery of Trigg Minor' (Sir John Maclean, vol 2, 1876, Table VIII, 'Royal Descent of Prideaux', p240) shows this generation (son of William son of Odo) as Nicholas father (by Katherine Courcy) of Nicohlas (d 1236) father (by Avicia, sister/heir of John son of Hugh Peverell) of William father of Nicholas (d 1312) father (by Amicia Tuit) of john (d 1324, m2. Joan Talbot).That shows quite a few differences!
  m. Katherine Courcye (dau/coheir of Myles, Lord Courcye)
  i. William de Carew of Carew & Moulesford (d 1279)
  a. Nicholas de Carew of Carew (d 1297)
  m. Aice Tuitt (dau/heir of Richard Tuitt of Marston, m2. William Appledore of Appledryffeld)
  (1) Sir Nicholas Carew, lord of Carew & Mulsford (d 1311) - continued below
  m. Amicia Peverell (dau of Hugh Peverell, sister/heir of Sir John of Ermington)
  (2)+ other issue - David, Maude
  ii.+ other issue (dsp) - Maurice, Robert
  B. William Carru
  C. daughter
  m. Adam Montgomery
2.+ other issue - Solomon, Stephen, Walter, Thomas, Robert, Thomas, Morice



Sir Nicholas Carew, lord of Carew & Mulsford (d 1311) - continued above
Visitation (Surrey) suggests that Nicholas's wife was Allice, dau of Lord Martin of Devon. However, Lord Martin appears not to have had a daughter Allice. Provisionally, we follow Vivian in identifying her as ...
m. Amicia Peverell (dau of Hugh Peverell, sister/heir of Sir John of Ermington)
1. Thomas Carew of Carew (d by 1332, eldest son?)
2. Sir John Carew of Carew and Mulsford (d 26.06.1324)
  m1. Alianore de Mohun (b 01.08.1280, dau of William de Mohun of Mohun Ottery)
  A. Nicholas Carew of Carew (dsp 20.06.1324)
  m. Elinor (dau of Richard, Lord Talbot)
  m2. Joan Talbot (dau of Sir Gilbert Talbot, m2. John Dartmouth)
  B. Sir John Carew of Carew and Mulsford, Lord Deputy of Ireland (d 1363)
  m1. Margaret Mohun (dau of John Mohun, 1st Lord of Dunster)
  i. Sir Leonard Carew of Carew and Mulsford (b c1343, d 1371/04.10.1369)
m. Alice FitzAlan (dau of Sir Edmond FitzAlan of Arundel)
  a. Thomas (or John) Carew of Carew and Mulsford (d 1431)
  m. Elizabeth Bonville (dau of Sir William Bonville of Shute)
  (1) Sir Nicholas Carew of Carew (d 1446)
  m. Joan Courtenay (dau of Sir Hugh Courtenay of Haccombe, m2. Sir Robert Vere)
(A) Sir Thomas Carew of Mohun's Ottery (d by 1448)
  m. Joan Carminow (dau of Thomas Carminow)
  (i) Sir Nicholas Carew of Mohun's Ottery (b c1401, d 1470) this generation omitted by BE1883
  m. Margaret Dynham (dau of Sir John Dynham, sister/coheir of Lord John)
  (a) Sir Edmund Carew of Mohun's Ottery (b c1464, d 24.06.1513)
  m. Katharine Huddersfield (dau/heir of Sir William Huddersfield or Huddesfield, Attorney General)
((1)) Sir William Carew of Mohun's Ottery
  m. Joane Courtenay (dau of Sir William Courtenay of Powderham)
  ((A)) Sir George Carew of Mohun's Ottery (dsp Mary Rose 20.07.1545)
  m1. Thomasin Pollard (dau of Sir Lewis Pollard)
  m2. Mary Norreys (dau of Henry Norreys, sister of Lord Henry)
  ((B)) Sir Philip Carew (d before 1545)
  ((C)) Sir Peter Carew (b c1512, dsp by 1575)
  m. Margaret Skypwith (dau of Sir William Skywith, widow of George, Lord Tailboys)
  ((D)) Thomasine or Cicily Carew
  m. Thomas Kirkham of Blackadon
((2/3)) George Carew (d 06.1583, Archdeacon of Totnes, Dean of Bristol, Exeter, Windsor, etc)
  m. Ann Harvey (d 27-8.08.1605, dau of Sir Nicholas Harvey)
  ((A)) Sir Peter Carew (d 25.08.1580)
  m. Awdrye Gardiner (dau of William Gardiner of Buckinghamshire, m2. Sir Edmund Verney)
  ((i)) Anne Carew
  BE1883 shows Anne as daughter of Earl George but TCP confirms that George dspl. Visitation (Sussex, Apsley) supports Vivian in showing Anne as dau/heir of Sir Peter Carew.
  m1. (sp) William Wilford of Kent
  m2. Sir Alan Apsley (a 1625, Lieutenant of the Tower of London)
  ((B)) George Carew, Earl of Totness (b 29.05.1555, d 27.03.1629)
  m. (31.05.1580) Joyce Clopton (bpt 17.09.1562, d 14.01.1636/7, dau of William Clopton of Clopton)
  ((i)) Peter Carew (dvpsp young)
partner unknown
  ((ii)) Sir Thomas Stafford (d 1654-5)
  ((C)) Edmund Carew (d infant)
  ((C)) Mary Carew (b 1549-50, bur 11.09.1604)
  m. Walter Dowrish of Dowrish (a 1565)
  ((3/2)) Thomas Carew of Bickley, Devon (d 02.02.1545-6)
  m1. Elizabeth Courtenay (dau/heir of John Courtenay of Bickley)
  ((A)) John Carew 'of Bickley' (b c1514, a 1575, dsp)
  m1/2. Katherine Stukeley
  m2/1. _ St. Clair (dau of Gilbert St. Clair)
((B)) Humphrey Carew of Bickley (a 1575) shown by Vivian (Cornwall) as son of Elizabeth Smarte but by Vivian (Devon) as of this marriage
  m. Agnes Hurst (dau of William Hurst, widow of George Bodley of Dunscomb)
  ((i)) Peter Carew of Bickley (a 1620)
  Peter's wife is identified by Vivian (Cornwall, 1887) as a dau of George Cary but by Vivian (Devon, 1895) as ...
  m. Elizabeth Chudleighe of Ashton
  ((a)) Sir Henry Carew of Bickley (b c1599, a 1640, 2nd son)
  m. Dorothy Mohun (b c1604, a 1640, dau of Sir Reginald Mohun, Bart of Boconnoc)
  (((1))) Elizabeth Carew
m. (1653) Sir Thomas Carew, 1st Bart of Haccombe (bpt 21.06.1632, d 09.1673)
  (((2))) Dorothy Carew
  m1. John Chichester of Hall (dsp)
  m2. (25.06.1685) Henry Chichester of Sherwill
  ((b)) Elizabeth Carew
  m. Richard Erisye of Cornwall
  ((c))+ other issue - Edmond (a 1616, dsp), Peter (dsp), Dorothy, Mary, Bridget (bur 23.11.1341)
  ((ii))+ other issue - John (bpt 03.04.1562, dsp), Elizabeth (a 1616)
  ((C)) Katherine Carew
m. Thomas Sturry
  m2. Elizabeth Smarte
  ((D))+ other issue - Humphrey (a 1575), William of Bickleigh (d before 07.06.1617), Anne
  ((4)) Sir Gawen Carew of Wood (dsp before 30.06.1585)
  m1. Anne Brandon (sister of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, widow of Sir John Shilston)
  m2. Mary Wotton of Kent (widow of Sir Henry Guildford)
  m3. Elizabeth Norwiche (dau of Sir John Norwiche)
  ((5)) Dorothy Carew
  m1. John Stowell or Stewell of Somerset
  m2. Sir Hugh Pollard
((6)) Katherine Carew
  m. Sir Philip (not John) Champernowne (d 1545)
  ((7))+ other issue - Anne (a 1565, nun), Isabelle (nun)
  (b) Sir John Carew (d 1512)
  m1/2. _ Willoughby (dau of _ Willoughby de Broke)
  m2/1. _ Champernon
  (c) Jane Carew
  m. Robert Cary of Cockington
  (B) Sir Nicholas Carew of Haccombe
  m. Anna (probably not Elizabeth) Croker (dau of Sir John Croker of Lydeard)
  (C) Alexander Carew of Antony (d 1519/20.09.1492, 4th son)
  m. Isabel Hatch (dau of John Hatch of Woodleigh)
  (D) Sir William Carew of Bury, Wickband, etc (d c06.1501)
  m. Jane or Margaret Catworth (dau/coheir of Thomas Catworth, Lord Mayor of London)
  (E) Jane Carew
  m. _ Talbot of Cornwall
  (F) Elizabeth Carew
  m. John Challons
(G)+ other issue - Hugh of Lynham (dsp), Florence (nunb)
  (2) Hugh Carew
  b. William Carew (b c1367)
  ii. John Carew (dvpsp)
  m. Agnes Martin (dau of Sir William Martin)
  iii.+ other issue - Nicholas (dvpsp), William, Edward
  m2. Elizabeth Corbit
  C. Joan Carew
  m. Sir Guy de Brian (d by 1349)
3. Nicholas Carew of Beddington & Great Purley (d 1390, youngest son)
m. Lucy Willoughby (dau/heir of Sir Richard Willoughby of Beddington, widow of Sir Thomas Huscort or Huscarle of Purley Magna)
  The following comes from Visitation (Surrey) although that shows this Nicholas as son of Thomas son of Nicholas. Vivian omits that Thomas and shows him as of this generation.
  A. Nicholas Carew of Beddington & Great Purley, Sheriff of Surrey & Sussex (b c1356, d 1432, MP)
  m1. (by 05.1374?) Isabel (dau of Alice de la Mare of Delamers) named in HoP ('Nicholas Carew") as mother of at least ...
i. Sir Nicholas Carew of Beddington & Great Purley (d 1467-8 (sb 1458?))
  m. Margaret Fiennes (dau of Sir Roger Fiennes by Elizabeth Holland) shown in 'Tudor' as wife of Sir Nicholas and mother of ...
  a. James Carew of Beddington
  m. Ellinor Hoo (dau of Sir Thomas Hoo)
  (1) Sir Richard Carew of Beddington, Sheriff of Surrey (a 1502)
  m. Malin or Maud (dau of Sir Robert Twiniho (of) Oxenbrig)
  (A) Sir Nicholas Carew of Beddington
  m. Elizabeth Bryan (dau of Sir Thomas Bryan)
  (i) Sir Francis Carew of Beddington (dsp 1607?)
  (ii) Anne Carew
  m1. Sir Nicholas Throckmorton of Paulerspury (b 1515, d 1571)
  Their younger son inherited Beddington and changed his name to Carew.
  m2. Adrian Stokes
(iii) Mabell or Isabella Carew
  m. William Saunders of Ewell
  (iv) Elizabeth Carew
  m. _ Hall
  (c) Mary Carew
  m. Sir Arthur Darcy of Brumham (d 1561)
  (B) Anne Carew
  m. Nicholas Leigh of Adington
  (C) Margaret Carew probably of this generation
  m. John St. John of Lydiard Tregoze and Farley-Chamberlayne (b 1504-5, d 05.04.1576)
  (D) Mary Carew probably of this generation
  m. Sir William Pelham
  (E) Elizabeth Carew (d 04.02.1532) probably of this generation
m. Thomas Fettiplace of Compton Beauchamp
  (F)+ other issue - Francis, daughter
  b. Nicholas Carew of Great Purley (d 1466)
  The following comes from VCH (Berkshire, vol 3, 'Parishes: Purley') & VCH (Surrey, vol 3, 'Parishes: Nutfield'). The former shows that Nicholas obtained Great Purley from his father Nicholas who obtained it from his father Nicholas who obtained it from his father Nicholas who obtained it from his stepson Thomas Huscarle.
  m. Margaret Langford (dau of Edward Langford)
  (1) Nicholas Carew of Great Purley (b c09.1463, dsp c1485)
  (2) Sanchea Carew (d by 1514)
  m. Sir Thomas Iwardby
  (3) Elizabeth Carew
m. Walter Twynho
  (4) Anne Carew
  m. Christopher Tropnell or Tropenell
  ii.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Isabel names shown on various web sites
  m2. (by 07.1398?) Mercy Hayme (d 1453, dau of Stephen Hayme of Winchester by Christine)
  iv. Thomas Carew of Great Purley 'of Beddington' shown on various web sites as son of Isabel de la Mare but by VCH as son of Mercy Haym(e).
  m. Agnes Hayton (dau of Thomas Hayton) named on various web sites
  The following comes from VCH (Berkshire, vol 3, 'Parishes: Purley').
  a. Mercy or Maria Carew
  m. Richard Forde
  b. Joan Carew (d 1470)
  m. William Saunders (d 1481)
  v.+ "at least" 7 sons and 8 daughters
4.+ other issue - Sir William (d by 1361), David

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Carew', p133+), Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Carew of Antony', p67+), BP1912/1934 (Carew), BE1883 (Carew of Clopton and Totness) with some support from BLG1886 (Carew of Antony), TCP (Totness), Visitation (Surrey, 1530+1572+1623, Carew) with input/support as reported above
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