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Families covered: Campbell of Barquharrie, Campbell of Cesnock (Cessnock), Campbell of Mayfield, Campbell of Treesbank

George Campbell of Cesnock (d Flodden 1513)
m. Janet Montgomerie (dau of Hugh Montgomerie, 1st Earl of Eglintoun)
1. John Campbell of Cesnock
  m. (1533) Janet Campbell (dau of Sir Hugh Campbell of Loudoun)
  A. George Campbell of Cesnock (d 1578)
  i. George Campbell of Cesnock (a 1597)
Commoners reports that George m1.Agnes Cunninghame m2. Anna Ker. However, Paterson reports that, whilst this was what had been reported in the earlier work by Robertson, "There is good reason to believe, however, that they were two different persons", not least the "the long interval between the succession and the death of the party". Provisionally, we follow Paterson in showing 2 generations at this point. HJHeraldry shows just one.
  m. Agnes Cunninghame (a 1597, "of the Caprington family")
  a. George Campbell of Cesnock (d before 27.05.1630)
  m. Anna Ker (a 1630, dau of Daniel Ker of Kersland)
  (1) Sir Hugh (Hew) Campbell of Cesnock (b c1615, d 20.09.1686, MP, Lord Justice Clerk, Lord of Session)
m. Elizabeth Campbell (dau/coheir of George Campbell, Master of Loudoun)
  (A) Sir George Campbell of Cesnock (bpt 17.03.1639, d c1697 (1704?), Lord Justicce Clerk)
  m. (1665) Anna (Mrs McMouran, "heiress of an estate in Fife")
  (i) Mary Campbell (dsp)
  m. William Gordon of Earlstoun
(ii) Margaret Campbell
  m. (1697) Alexander Hume, 2nd Earl of Marchmont (b 1675, d 1740)
  Alexander inherited Cesnock and assumed the name Hume-Campbell.
  (iii) Christian Campbell
  m. Francis Pringle (doctor)
  (B) James Campbell of Treesbank (b by 1640, a 1730)
  The following is supported by BLG1879 ('Campbell of Treesbank'), 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 2, 1852, p412+) & HJHeraldry (Campbell, vol 2, 'Treesbank', p83+).
  m. (mcrt 16.12.1672) Jean Mure (dau of Sir William Mure of Rowallan)
(i) George Campbell of Treesbank
  m. (1708) Anne Boswell (dau of David Boswell of Auchinleck, sister of Margaret)
  (a) James Campbell of Treesbank (d 1776)
  m1. (1763-4) Helen McCredie (dau of Andrew McCredie of Pierceton)
  ((1)) Jean Campbell (d 08.1789)
  m. (1787) Robert Reid of Adamton
  m2. (1768) Mary Montgomery (dau of David Montgomery of Lainshaw by Veronica, dau of James Boswell of Auchinleck)
((2)) George James Campbell of Treesbank (d 11.1815)
  m. (1797) Elizabeth Montgomery Beaumont (dau of Elizabeth (heiress of Lainshaw), sister (sb half-sister) of Sir James Montgomery Cunninghame of Corse Hill, cousin)
  ((A)) George James Campbell of Treesbank (b 07.1800) had issue
  m1. (12.1822) Elizabeth McKerell Reid (d 1826, dau of Colonel John Reid by Elizabeth, dau of John McKerell of Hillhouse)
  m2. (08.1829) Catharine Indiana Jones (dau of Major _ Jones)
  ((B))+ other issue - John, David, Jane Maxwell, Elizabeth Montgomery, Mary, Anne
  ((3)) David Campbell (Colonel)
  (b) Jean Campbell
  m. (1746) George Reid of Barwharrie (minister of Ochiltree)
(c)+ other issue (d unm) - John (minister of Riccartoun), Anne
  (ii) Anne Campbell
  m. _ Cunninghame
  (iii) Mary Campbell (d unm 1752)
  (C) Hugh Campbell of Barquharrie, Ayrshire (Captain)
  Paterson notes that "It is somewhat doubtful whether Captain Hugh was a son or grandson of Sir Hew. If a son, he must have been nearly 60 years of age when he married, in 1702." The following comes from BLG1862 ('Campbell of Barquharrie') which repeats the claim that Hugh was 3rd son of Sir Hugh by Elizabeth Campbell. That and the following is supported by HJHeraldry (Campbell, vol 2, 'Barquharrie and Mayfield', p59+).
  m. (05.06.1702) Margaret Boswell (dau of David Boswell of Auchinleck)
  (i) Hugh Campbell of Barquharrie & Mayfield
  m. (10.01.1727) Margaret Henderson (dau of David Henderson of Tinnochside)
  (a) Bruce Campbell of Barquharrie & Mayfield (b c1733, d 02.1813, 3rd son)
  m. (02.1772) Annabella Wilson (dau of James Wilson of Kilmarnock)
  ((1)) Hugh Bruce Campbell of Barquharrie (d 05.01.1824, Captain) had issue
m. (18.12.1797) Sophia Barber (dau of Thomas Barber of Greasley)
  ((2)) Euphemia Campbell (d 1817)
  m. Hugh Wilson of Kilmarnock (cousin)
  ((3))+ other issue - Bruce (b 25.05.1775, d unm, Captain), Alexander (b 23.09.1779, d unm 10.1805, Captain), John of Sornbeg (b 11.03.1785, d unm 22.08.1844), William (b 04.05.1788, d 01.1830), Marianna (d 04.1825)
  (b)+ other issue (dsp) - Hugh (dsp), Claud (dsp)
  Mentioned by HJHeraldry but not clear if also by Margaret Henderson was ...
  (a) Hume Campbell (b 15.01.1742)
  (D) John Campbell
  Commoners (vol 2, 'Campbell of Fairfield', p362), supported by BLG1879 ('Campbell of Fairfield'), shows John as ancestor of the Campbells of Whitehaugh then Fairfield. Paterson shows John as 'of Whitehaugh' but adds a note that "This is questionable." We follow BLG1952 ('Campbell of Fairfield') in showing a different John Campbell as ancestor of that family.
  (E) Elizabeth Campbell possibly of this generation
  m. Hugh Campbell of Kingancleuch (a 1654)
  (2) Sarah Campbell
  m. Mungo Farquhar of Littleshaw

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 2, 'Campbell of Cesnock and Treesbank' (p359+) & 'Campbell of Barquharrie and Sornbeg' (p158+)) with support for the Cesnock line from 'History of the County of Ayr' (vol 2, 1852 publication based on work by James Paterson, p68+) and just a little from HJHeraldry (Campbell, vol 2, 'Cessnock', p88+) and with other input/support as reported above
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