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Families covered: Bryers (or Breres) of Chorley, Bryers (or Breres) of Walton, Blathwayt of Dyrham Park, Blathwayt of London, Barr of Beith Kirk, Boville of Letheringham

The following is the first generation shown by the Visitations. Richard St. George starts with John of Chorley, father of Lawrance & Henry by dau/heir of _ Garston of Walton by dau/heir of _ Crosse by dau/coheir of Roger Walton of Walton. Dugdale, who does not mention Chorley at all, shows Lawrence only, not Henry, identifying his parents as ...
Roger Bryers (or Breres) of (Chorley &) Walton, Lancashire
m. Blanch Crosse (dau/heir of Richard Crosse of Liverpool (sister of Margaret who m. ?? Garston)
1. Lawrence Bryers (or Breres) of Walton
  m. Elizabeth Gillibrand (dau of ?? Gillibrand of Chorley)
A. Roger Bryers of Walton
  m. Anne Harrington (dau of ?? Harrington of Hyton)
  i. Lawrence Bryers of Walton (d c1613)
  m. Elizabeth Molineux (dau of Richard Molineux of Hawkley)
  a. Roger Bryers of Walton (b c1604, a 03.1664)
  m1. Margery Fazakerley (dau of Robert Fazakerley of Walton)
  (1) Lawrence Bryers (dsp c1662)
  m. Mary Clifton (dau of St. Cuthbert Clifton of Litham, widow of William Latham of Mosborrow)
  (2) Robert Bryers (b c1632, a 03.1664)
  m. Mary Molineux (dau of John Molineux of Newhall)
  m2. Alice Holme of Maghull
  b.+ other issue - Lawrence in Liverpool, Thomas, Robert
  ii.+ other issue - Edward, Robert
  B. John Bryers of Adlington, Lancashire
  C. Andrew Bryers (or Breres) of the Isle of Wight
  i.+ issue - William, Richard, John
2. Henry Bryers (or Breres) of Chorley
  m. _ Bowlinge of Chorley
  A. Alexander Breres of Chorley
  m. Ellyn Gellybrand (dau of Thomas Gellybrand of Chorley) duplication with above?
  i. John Breres of Marton (3rd son)
  m. Catherine Shawe (dau of Thomas Shawe of Carnock)
  ii. Edmond Breres of Brockhall
  m. Eliza Tyldesley (dau of Thomas Tyldesley (Attorney General of Lancashire)
  a.+ issue - Alexander (b c1601), Thomas, Edward, Tyldesley, Fleetwood, Ann
  iii.+ other issue - Henry of Preston, Thomas of Bolton



Thomas Blathwayt of London
m1. Margaret (d 1601)
1. William Blathwayt (bpt 08.1594, d 1653-4, of the Middle Temple)
m. (10.1642) Anne Povey (dau of Justinian Povey (by Anne Keterick), m2. Thomas Vivian)
  A. William Blathwayt of London (b c1649, d 08.1717, Secretary of State)
  m. (23.12.1686) Mary Wynter (d 11.1691, dau/heir of John Wynter of Dyrham Park)
  i. William Blathwayt of Dyrham Park, Gloucestershire (b 1688)
  m. (1718) Thomasina Ambrose (d 1774, dau of Jonathan Ambrose of London)
  a. William Blathwayt of Dyrham Park (b 1719, d 05.1787)
  m1. (09.10.1747) Penelope Jenkinson (d 07.1755, dau of Sir Robert Jenkinson, Bart)
  (1) William Blathwayt of Dyrham Park (b 1751, dsp 05.1806)
  m. (07.1790) Frances Scott (d 1844, dau of William Scott of Great Barr, m2. Admiral Douglas)
(2) Penelope Blathwayt (bpt 21.07.1755)
  m. Jeremiah Crane of Lilliput
  (A) William Crane, later Blathwayt (dsp 1839)
  (3)+ other issue - James (b 1754, d unm 1788, Captain), Penelope (bpt 31.01.1748-9, bur 01.02.1748-9)
  m2. (08.03.1758) Elizabeth Clark (d 08.1764, widow of _ Le Pepre)
  (5) George William Blathwayt (b 1756, d 1806, rector of Dyrham)
m. (1795) Isabella Pye (dau of Charles Pye of Wadley)
  (A) George William Blathwayt of Lengridge & Porlokc (Somerset) & Dyrham Park, Sheriff of Somerset (b 25.02.1797, d 14.05.1871, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. (21.01.1822) Mary Anne Vesey (d 23.09.1875, dau of Rev. Thomas Agmondisham Vesey of Magherafelt)
  (B) Anne Sophia Blathwayt (b 18.09.1802, d 1861)
  m. Thomas Curtis of Berkhampstead
  (C)+ other issue - Wynter (b 1801, d 1818), Frances (b 22.07.1804, d 19.07.1888)
  m3. Mary Creighton of London (b c1723, dsp 30.11.1823)
  ii. Anne Blathwayt
  m. Edward Southwell of King's Weston
  B. Frances Blathwayt (bur 09.03.1707) probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Vivian of Trewan (bpt 13.11.1645, dsp bur 08.06.1716)
  C.+ other issue
2.+ other issue
m2. Mary (dsp 1614)
m3. Alice (d before 16.02.1648)



William Barr of Beith Kirk
1. Robert Barr of Trearne (a 1683)
  m. Janet Logan of Townehead of Kilwinning (a 1683)
  A. Robert Barr (bpt 1673, d young)
  B. Agnes Barr
  m. James Buntine (of family of Ardoch)
  C. Barbara Barr
  m. (before 1691) Hugh Thomson (minister of Kilmaurs)
  i. Barbara Thomson (b 1691)
  D. Martha Barr
  m. _ Barclay of Warrix
  E. Mary Barr (dsp)
  m. Neil Snodgrass of Auchlodmont (Town Clerk of Paisley)
2. William Barr of Beith Kirk
  A. Jonet Barr
  m. (1705) Robert Barr (son of William)
3. Mary Barr
  m. John Glassford or Glassfuird (son of John of Dugalstoun)
4. Martha Barr
  m. _ Baird



Sir William Boville of Suffolk & Norfolk
1. William Boville of Letheringham, Suffolk
  m. Basilia de Glanville (dau of Sir Bartholomew de Glanville of Bromholm & Bacton)
  A. John Boville of Letheringham (dsp(ms))
  B. (Sir) William Boville of Letheringham (d 1264)
  m. IsabelCarbonell
  i. William Boville of Letheringham (a 1310)
  m. Joan Creke (dau of Sir James Creke alias Glancille)
  a. Sir William Boville of Letheringham (d 1319
  m. Joan (niece of Sir Herbert d'Alion or d'Allison)
(1) John (or William) Boville of Letheringham
  John's wife is shown as Petronilla, dau of Sir Robert de Eccles. Visitation (Huntingdonshire, 1613, 'Wingfeild') identifies her as ...
  m. Parnell Scales (dau of Sir Robert Scales of Norfolk)
  (A) Margaret (or Margery) Boville
  BP1934 (Powerscourt) identifies Margaret as dau/heir of Sir William. We follow the Glanville book because VCH (Suffolk, vol 2, The Priory of Letheringham) confirms that John was her father.
  m1. Sir William Carbonel of Badingham the Glanville book names him Sir J. Carbonell
  (i) Sir Robert Carbonel (d 14.09.1397)
  (a) Sir John Carbonel
  ((1)) Sir Richard Carbonel (d 1429)
  (ii)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Robert (dsp), Elizabeth
  m2. Sir Thomas Wingfield of Letheringham (d c1378)
  (2) Margery Boville
  m. Sir Thomas le Latimer
  (3) Nicholaa Boville
  m. Simon FitzRichard
  (A) Richard FitzRichard (a 1347)
  b.+ other issue - John (dvp), Margaret
  ii. Sir John Boville (a 1277)

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