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Families covered: Bysshe of Burstowe, Bysshe of Fen Place, Bysshe of Pyecombe, Bysshe of Smallfield, Bysshe of Worth

John Bysshe (a 1372)
m. Isabella (dau/heir of William, brother/heir of John, son/heir of John of Burstowe)
1. William de la Bysshe (a 1391, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Edmonds (dau/heir of Geffery Edmonds of Burstowe)
  A. Sir William de la Bysshe (a 1426, 1457)
  m. Elizabeth Wokindon of Essex
  i. John Bysshe of Burstowe, Surrey (a 1459) the first mentioned by Visitation (Surrey)
m. Joan La Zouch (dau/heir of Sir Olieuevus La Zouch)
  a. John Bysshe of Burstowe
  m. Joan Redingers (dau/heir of John Redingers or Redinghurst of Redinghurst)
(1) William Bysshe of Burstowe (a 1544)
  m. Sarah Wintershull (dau/heir of Robert Wintershull of Wintershull)
  (A) John Bysshe of Burstowe (a 1555)
  m. Mercy (probably not Mary) Courthorp (dau of John Courthorp of Kent)
  (i) Thomas Bysshe of Smallfield in Burstowe (2nd son)
  m. Anne Bysshe (dau of John Bysshe of Fen Place in Worth) @1@ below
  (a) Edward Bysshe of Burstowe (d 1655)
  m. Mary Turner (dau of John Turner of Ham)
  ((1)) Sir Edward Bysshe (a 1662, d 1679, Garter King of Arms)
  Visitation (Surrey, 1662-8, Bysshe) identifies Sir Edward's wife as ...
  m. Margret Greene (dau of John Greene of Boyshall, Serjeant-at-law)
  ((2)) Henry Bysshe of Buxsted, Sussex
  Henry is not mentioned by Berry but is identified in Visitation (Sussex, 1662, Bysshe of Buxted) as Edward & Mary's 2nd son and shown there as having the following family.
m. Anne James (dau of John James of Reygate)
  ((A))+ issue - Edward (b c1661, a 1667), Gilbert, Thomas, Anne, Katherine
  ((3)) George Bysshe of Burstowe
  George is not mentioned by Berry but is identified in Visitation (Surrey, 1662-8, Byshe) as Edward & Mary's 3rd son and shown there as having the following family.
  m. Sarah Greene (dau of Edward Greene)
  ((A))+ issue - Edward, John, George, William, Margaret
  ((4)) Elizabeth Bysshe possibly of this generation
  m. Richard Harris of Kingston & Bansted
  ((5))+ other issue - Thomas, John, Maria, Sarah, Ann, Jane
  (b) John Bysshe of Pycombe, Sussex (bur 23.05.1658, rector of Paycombe)
  The following is supported by Visitation (Sussex, 1662, Bysshe of Alborne) & Visitation (Sussex, 1662, Bysshe of Pyecombe).
  m. (c06.1622) Margaret Killingbeck (bur 24.06.1655, dau of Francis Killingbeck of Twinham, Yorkshire)
  ((1)) Christopher Bysshe of Alborne, Sussex (bpt 07.04.1629, d 1665)
  m. (14.09.1652) Mary Jennison (dau of John Jennison of Shermanbury)
  ((A)) John Bysshe (b 21.11.1656)
  ((B)) Thomas Bysshe (bpt 25.03.1659, d before 24.06.1720, vicar of Eastbourne)
  m. (27.02.1689) Elizabeth Woodyer (dau of Thomas Woodyer of Lindfield)
  ((2)) John Bysshe of Pycombe (bpt 30.01.1633, d 21.04.1680)
  m. Susanna Grace (bur 17.04.1714, dau of George Grace of Pycombe)
  ((A)) John Bysshe (bpt 15.09.1663, bur 24.07.1672)
  ((B)) William Bysshe (bpt 14.11.1665)
  m. (c12.1691) Ann Chatfield of Hurstpierpoint
  ((i)) Anne Bysshe (bpt 05.12.1700, d 20.07.1769)
  m. Thomas Norton of Portslade (b 1694-5, d 21.03.1785)
  ((3)) Thomas Bysshe of Jelvingham
  m. Martha Luxford (dau of Thomas Luxford)
((4)) Frances Bysshe
  m. (22.07.1645) Barnard Chatfield
  (c)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), David (dsp), William (dsp), Thomas (d unm 1633), Jane
  (ii) Walter Bysshe of Rygate, Sussex (4th son)
  m. Margaret Mathew (relict of William Sheffield)
  (a)+ issue - Walter, Erasmus, Robert, Ursula
  (iii) Erasmus Bysshe of Rygate (a 1625)
  m. Juliana Alchin (dau of Anthony Alchin, relict of Francis Richardson of Rygate)
  (a)+ issue (dsp) - John, Mercy
  (iv) Mercy Bysshe
  m. John Bysshe of Fen Place, Worth @2@ below
  (v) Ursula Bysshe
  m. John Codington or Cudington of Leigh
  (vi) Anna Bysshe
  m. Tobyas Kemp of Southamptonshire
  (vii)+ other issue - Richard (d unm), John of Bristol, Catherine Joanna
  b. William Bysshe of Burstowe
  m. _ Slifeild (dau of Thomas Slifeild of Slifeild)
  (1) Robert Bysshe of Worthe, Sussex
m. _ Bostock
  (A) John Bysshe of Fenn Place, Worthe (d 21.06.1582)
  The following is supported by Visitation (Sussex, 1662, Bysshe of Fenplace in Worth).
  m. Mercy Gylman (dau/heir of Thomas Gylman of Burstowe)
  (i) John Bysshe of Fen Place, Worth (b c1554, d by 1626)
  m. Mercy Bysshe (dau of John Bysshe of Burstowe) @2@ above
  (a) William Bysshe of Fen Place (d 24.04.1638)
m1. Margaret James (dau of Roger James of Reigate, sister of Sir Roger)
  ((1)) Roger Bysshe of Fen Place (b c1623, a 1662)
  m1. Ann Jermyn (dau of Philip Jermyn of Lordington, Serjeant-at-law)
  ((A))+ issue (dsp?) - Anne, Margaret
  m2. (06.01.1662-3) Ellen Parr (dau of Richard Parr of Camberwell)
  ((C)) Elizabeth Bysshe (bpt 03.08.1664, d 17.08.1726
  m. (c04.1686) Francis Wyatt of Trumans in /Horsted Keynes (d 18.07.1723)
  ((D)) Hellen Bysshe (bpt 16.04.1667)
  m. (c09.1692) John Shelley (bpt 27.01.1666, d 04.02.1739)
  ((2))+ other issue - Margaret, Sarah, Ursula
  The following comes from Visitation (Surrey, 1662-8, Bysshe).
  m2. Joan Decon (dau/heir of Roger Decon of London, relict of _ Sharow)
  ((5)) John Bysshe of Southwark, Surrey (a 1662)
  m. Martha Hampson (dau of Thomas Hampson of Bradwell)
  ((A)) Katherine Bysshe
  (b) Hester Bysshe (bur 14.11.1638)
  m. Edward Alfrey of Gulledge in East Grinstead (d 21.04.1642)
(c) Ursula Bysshe
  m. James Bysshe of Miswell @3@ just below
  (ii) Mathew Bysshe of Worth (d before 02.1625)
  The following comes from Visitation (Sussex, 1662, Bysshe of Portslade).
  (a) James Bysshe of Miswell
  m. Ursula Bysshe (dau of John Bysshe of Fenn Place) @3@ just above
  ((1)) James Bysshe of Portslade, Sussex (a 1663)
  m. Bridget Nicholas (dau of John Nicholas, relict of Abraham Edwards)
  ((A)) Frances Bysshe
  ((2)) Mathew Bysshe
  (iii) Anna Bysshe
  m. Thomas Bysshe of Burstowe @1@ above
  ii. Richard Bysshe (rector of Burstowe)
2.+ other issue - Sir Thomas, Michael

Main source(s): CountyGen (Sussex, Berry), Visitation (Surrey, 1530+1572+1623, Bysshe) with input/support as reported above
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