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Families covered: Byrom of Byrom, Byrom of Kersall, Byrom of Manchester, Byrom of Salford

Raufe Byrom of Salford
m. Alice Starky of Pennington (a 01.1523-4)
1. Adam Byrom of Salford (d 25.07.1558)
  m1. ??
m2. _ Hunt (dau of _ Hunt of Hunt Hall)
  A. George Byrom of Salford (d 07.1558)
  m. _ Otho or Otes of New Hall
  i. Raufe Byrom of Salford (b c1555, bur 12.07.1598)
  m. Jane Bate of Knutsford (bur 23.03.1603-4)
  a. Raufe Byrom of Salford (bpt 1578, bur 31.05.1599)
  b. Adam Byrom of Salford (bpt 01.01.1585-6, d 31.01.1644) the first of this line mentioned by Dugdale
  m. Ellen Prestwich (dau of Edmund Prestwich of Hulme Hall, sister of Sir Thomas, Bart)
  (1) John Byrom of Salford (bpt 05.09.1619, bur 11.03.1677-8, Major, 3rd son)
  m. (before 24.09.1652) Mary Radcliffe (dau of William Radcliffe of Fox Denton, sister/coheir of Sir William of Foxdenton & Alexander)
  (A) Adam Byrom of Salford (b 25.07.1655, d unm bur 01.1683-4)
  (B) Mary Byron (d young)
  (2) Ellen Byrom (bpt 1609)
  m. Henry Salkeld of Northumbeland
  (3) Margaret Byrom (bpt 1610)
  m. Henry Bulkley of Standlow (Stanlow)
  (A) Margaret Bulkley (a 1684 in London)
  m. _ Aynsworth (d by 1684)
  (B) Elizabeth Bulkley (a 1684)
  m. John Jenkinson of Woodhouse
  (4) Penelope Byrom (bpt 1621, d 05.5.1684)
  m. (13.08.1650) Robert Hey of Monks Hall (son of Ellis of Chorley Hall by Ann, dau of Robert Holden of Holden)
  (5)+ other issue - Adam (bpt 24.11.1611, dvp unm bur 31.01.1641-2), Raphe (bpt 28.12.1612, d unm bur 16.04.1651, cleric), Edmund (bpt 31.08.1623, d unm), Mary (bpt 1613-4, bur 1614), Elizabeth(bpt 1614-5, d before 01.1679-80), Sarah (bpt 1617, bur 26.02.1638-9)
  c. Mary Byrom (bpt 1587)
  m. Thomas Shalcross of Cheshire
  d. Elizabeth Byrom (bpt 1593, a 1601)
  m. _ Ardern of Harden
e.+ other issue - George (bpt 1589, bur 1592), Humphrey (bpt 27.10.1592, a 1613), Edmund (a 1598, d unm), Margaret (bpt 09.01.1591-5, a 1601), Jane (bpt 28.12.1595, a 1601)
  ii. Thomas Byrom of Salford (bur 23.05.1605)
  m. Alice
  a. Thomas Byrom of Salford (bpt 20.09.1584, bur 30.04.1647)
  m. (18.01.1605/6) Anne Shacklock (bur 09.11.1647)
  b.+ other issue - John (bpt 10.09.1587, bur 07.03.1587-8), George (bpt 17.02.1588-9, a 1605), Henry (bpt 18.07.1591, a 1605), Joseph (bpt 20.10.1594, bur 18.01.1594), Adam (bpt 21.12.1595, a 1605), Raufe (bpt 26.02.1597-8, bur 18.5.1605), Susanna (bpt 17.07.1586, a 1605), Margaret (bpt 04.11.1599, a 1605), Elizabeth (bpt 08.05.1605)
  iii. Isabel (or Elizabeth) Byrom (a 1558)
  m. Laurence Standish (son/heir of Thurstan Standish of Burgh)
  iv.+ other issue (a 1558) - Elizabeth, Margaret
  B. Henry Byrom of Salford (d before 14.12.1580)
  The copy we have seen of the book (online) is not clear on the page which covers this line. Although we have identified most of the names without problem, some of the dates required guesswork so most have been omitted.
  m. Mary Beck (dau of Thomas Beck of Manchester by Anne)
  i. Robert Byrom of Salford (bur 05.05.1598)
  ii. Laurence Byrom of Salford (bur 26.06.1598) the first of this line mentioned by Dugdale
  m1. Cecily Wilson of Manchester
  a. Isabel Byrom (bpt 13.09.1581)
  m. (06.1611-2) Thurstan Knowles of Manchester
  b. Robert Byrom (bpt 18.01.1582-3)
  c. John Byrom (bpt 19.01.1583-4)
  m. (c11.1613?) Alice Smethhurst of Bury
  m2. Mary
  d. Edward Byrom of Manchester (d 06.1665)
  m. (c1615?) Ellen Worsley (dau of Thomas Worsley of Carr)
  (1) William Byrom of Manchester
  m. Rebecca Beswicke (dau of John Beswicke of Failsworth, sister of Rev. Charles of Radcliffe)
  (A) William Byrom of Manchester (dsp)
  m. Hannah
  (B) John Byrom of Manchester (bur 16.01.1688-9, younger son)
  m1. Mary Page (dau/coheir of William Page of Manchester by Ellen Letherbarrow)
  (i) William Byrom of Manchester
  (a) daughter
  m. _ Holland of London
  (b)+ other issue - Richard, William
  (ii) Mary Byrom
  m. John Pimlot of Manchester
  m2. (02.04.1687) Margaret Delves of Manchester (bur 06.07.1688)
  (C) Sarah Byrom
  m. John Scholfield
  (D)+ other issue - Josiah, Josiah, Samuel, Rebecca, Elizabeth
  (2) Edward Byrom of Manchester (b 1627, d before 15.01.1684-5)
m. Ann Crompton (dau of John Crompton (by Alice), m2. Roger Mekin of Manchester)
  (A) Edward Byrom of Kersal
  m. Dorothy Allen (dau of Capt. John Allen of Redivales by Anne, dau of Rev. Isaac Allen of Prestwich by Anne, dau of Richard Assheton of Chadderton)
  (i) Edward Byrom of Kersal & Manchester (d unm 17.05.1740)
  (ii) John Byrom of Kersal
  m. Elizabeth Byrom (dau/heir of Joseph Byrom of Byrom Hall) @@ below
  (a) Edward Byrom of Byrom, Kersall & Manchester (b 13.06.1724, d 04.1773)
  m. Eleanor Halsted (dau of William Halsted of Lyme)
  ((1)) Anne Byrom of Byrom & Kersall
  m. (1780) Henry Atherton of Lincoln's Inn (d 17.08.1816, son of Richard of Preston)
  ((A)) Eleanor Atherton of Byrom, Kersall & Manchester (d 1870)
  VCH (Lancashire, vol 4, Townships: Lowton) reports that Eleanor bequeathed most of her estate to Edward Fox, her godson, who took the name and arms of Byrom.
  ((B)) Lucy Atherton
  m. Richard Willis of Halsnead Park & Monks Hall
  ((2))+ other issue - Elizabeth, Felicia, Eleanora
  (b)+ other issue - John (d infant), Elizabeth, Anne, Ellen, Dorothy
(iii) Sarah Byrom
  m. Thomas Brearcliffe of Halifax (son of John of Halifax by Dorothy, dau of Richard Meadowcroft of Smethurst Hall by Jane, dau/coheir of Giles Ainsworth of Alsworth)
  (iv)+ other issue - Anne, Dorothy, Elizabeth, Ellen, Mary, Phoebe
  (B) Joseph Byrom of Manchester & Byrom Hall (b c1660, d 24.12.1733)
  Joseph bought Byrom Hall from Samuel Byrom of Byrom.
  m. Elizabeth Bradshaw (dau of Miles Bradshaw of Manchester)
  (i) Edward Byrom of Byrom Hall (d unm)
  (ii) Elizabeth Byrom
  m. John Byrom of Kersal @@ above
  (iii) Mary Byrom
  m. John Houghton of Bagulegh
  (iv)+ other issue - Joseph, Miles, Thomas, William, Adam, Samuel, John, Miles, Josiah, Ann
  (C)+ other issue - John, William, Ellen, Anne
  (3) Alice Byrom
  m1. Thomas Clarke of Northampton (sb Norfolk?)
  m2. Robert Hyde of North Walsham
  (4) Elizabeth Byrom
  m1. Thomas Marshe of Warrington
  m2. Samuel Wolley of Warrington
  (5) Sarah Byrom
  m. Francis Worthington of Manchester
  (6) Anne Byrom
  m1. John Bilby of Manchester
  m2. James Halliwell of Manchester
  (7)+ other issue - John of Manchester, Adam, Mary (bpt 31.08.1617), Anne, Ellen
  e. Thomas Byrom of Warrington, Lancashire (bpt 28.06.1588)
  (1) Thomas Byrom
  m1. Esther
  (A) Edward Byrom
  (B) Esther Byrom of Newton
  m. Thomas Ellison (rector of Ashton-under-Lyne)
  m2. Mary
  f.+ other issue - Catherine, Cecily, Elizabeth
  iii. Isabel Byrom (a 1558)
  C. Adam Byrom
  m. Cecilia Beck (dau of Thomas Beck of Manchester (by Anne), m2. James Holland of Salford, sister of Mary)
  i. Adam Byrom (dsp bur 12.11.1592)
  m. Elizabeth Torkinton (d c11.1634, sister of Rev. Francis Tortkinton of Ringmore, m2. _ Parkhurst)
  ii. Anne Byrom
  m. John Bolton of Salford (chapman)
  iii. Alice Byrom of Barlow Hall
  m. (09.11.1605) Humphrey Barlow
  iv.+ other issue - Margaret (bur 25.04.1589), Isabel of London, Elizabeth of Manchester
  D.+ other issue (a 1556) - Isabel, Margaret, Anne
2.+ other issue (a 01.1523-4) - Robert (priest), Raufe, Thomas, Elynor, Agnes, Margaret

Main source(s): 'The Byrom Pedigrees' by Rev. F.R. Raines with a little support from Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664, Byrom of Salford), Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664, Byrom of Manchester)
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