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Families covered: Byne of Carshalton, Byne (Bynde) of Rowdell, Byne of Satterleigh

Thomas Bynde of Byne of Rowdell in Washington, Sussex (d before 15.09.1519)
m. Joan (probably dau of Threele of Loxwood)
1. William Bynde or Byne of Rowdell & Ardingly, Sussex (d before 25.02.1558/9) the first mentioned by Visitations, Berry
  m. Alice Culpeper (d before 22.06.1578, dau of Richard Culpeper of Wakehurst by Joan, dau of Richard Naylor (alderman of London) by Elizabeth)
  A. John Bynde of Rowdell (b 1537, bur 24.07.1600)
m. (25.05.1573) Elizabeth Bowyer (b 10.06.1553, d before 06.02.1629/30, dau of John Bowyer of Lincoln's Inn & Camberwell (by Elizabeth, dau of Robert Draper of Camberwell), m2. Richard Stanley of Fittleworth)
  i. Sir John Byne of Rowdell (b c1576, bur 28.01.1640/1, of Lincoln's Inn)
  m. Audrey Weaver (bur 14.03.1641/2, dau of Richard Weaver of Lingfield)
  a. Edmund Byne of Rowdell (bpt 02.09.1602, bur 22.10.1646)
m. (26.10.1631) Elizabeth Goring (dau of Henry Goring of Highden by Mary, dau of Sir Thomas Eversfield)
  (1) John Byne of Rowdell (bpt 08.10.1635, bur 31.12.1661, MP)
  m. (14.01.1656/7) Susanna Hodgson (b 20.06.1631, d c1670, dau of Goldsmith Hodgson of Framfield (by Elizabeth, dau of Ninian Borde of Lindfield), m2. Sir Francis Guybon of Thursford)
  (A) Susanna Byne (bpt 17.04.1659)
  m. (16.06.1677) Sir George Walker of Bushey Hall, Bart
  (B) Frances Byne (bpt 16.09.1660,bur 17.04.1704)
  m1. (c05.1681) Robert Heath of Piddinghoe & Lewes
m2. (18.12.1683) Henry Pelham (d 01.04.1721)
  (C) Elizabeth Byne mentioned by Berry but not by 'The Genealogist'
  m. _ Sadler
  (D) Margaret Byne mentioned by Berry but not by 'The Genealogist'
  m. _ Weldon
  (E)+ other issue - Mary (bpt 16.12.1657, bur 13.01.1658/9), Mary (bpt 25.06.1661, d young)
(2) Frances Byne (bpt 21.09.1641, d before 07.1676)
  m. (09.1663) Sir John Godolphin of St. Martin's in the Fields
  (3)+ other issue - Henry (bpt 08.02.1636/7, d unm bur 09.08.1662), Adria (d young)
  b. John Byne of Ashurst then Thakeham, Sussex (bpt 02.10.1603, bur 03.04.1658)
  m. (10.07.1634) Elizabeth Bridger (bpt 22.05.1616, d 1682, dau of Henry Bridger of Peppers by Jane Ravenscroft)
  (1) Henry Byne of Sele (Beeding), Sussex (bpt 06.09.1646, d 09.1688)
  m. Elizabeth Scrase (a 10.1688, dau of William Scrase of Annington by Frances Valiant)
  (A) Frances Byne
  m. Edmund Nugent
  (2) William Byne of The White Horse, St. Clement Danes (bpt 28.01.1651, d before 12.12.1710, hosier, 4th son)
  m. (c01.1673/4) Sarah Pengry (a 12.1710)
  (A) Mary Byne
  m. _ Turner
  (B) Elizabeth Byne
  m. William Egerton
  (C)+ other issue (d unm?) - Martha (d before 08.04.1745, , Charlotte (d before 04.09.1764), Anna Maria
  (3) Jane Byne (bpt 19.05.1635)
  m. Stephen Greenwell
  (4) Elizabeth Byne (bpt 29.04.1643)
  m. _ Smalley
  (5) Audrey or Adria Byne (bpt 04.11.1655)
  m1. _ Lee
  m2. _ Elliott
  (6)+ other issue - Edmund (bpt 21.09.1647, d unm), John (bpt 30.06.1649, d unm), Elizabeth (bpt 02.08.1636, d infant), Mary (bpt 06.12.1638, bur 04.07.1657), Honour (bpt 25.01.1639/40, d young), Frances (bpt 29.04.1641, bur 02.12.1656)
  c. Jane Byne (bpt 21.10.1604, bur 02.01.1626/7)
  m. (07.01.1618/9) Francis Muschamp
  d.+ other issue - Catherine (bpt 25.10.1607, bur 23.09.1614), Elizabeth (bpt 04.01.1621/2, d unm bur 15.09.1671)
  ii. James Byne (3rd son)
  m. (24.04.1622) Elizabeth Temple
  iii. Edward Byne (d before 02.1622/3)
  m. (02.05.1618) Joyce Edney of London (d 1643, widow of _ Mayhew, John Cownden of Southwark & Benjamin Bowyer)
  a.+ issue - Edward (bpt 08.10.1618, bur 17.10.1661), John (d before 22.09.1692)
  iv. Edmond Byne
m. Frances Bowyer (dau of Gregory Bowyer, brother of Elizabeth)
  v. Elizabeth Byne shown by Berry a generation later m. Sir John Norton
  m. (03.06.1599) Sir Thomas Norton
  vi.+ other issue - William (d unm bur 30.0.1625), daughter
  B. James Byne of Carshalton, Surrey (bur 05.01.1625/6, 4th son)
  m. (21.02.1589/90) Sanetia/Sence Fromonde (bpt 16.01.1566/7, bur 02.10.1629, dau of John Fromonde of Carshalton, sister/coheir of John of Carshalton)
  i. Henry Byne of Carshalton (bpt 15.02.1607/8, bur 23.09.1654, 2nd son)
  m. Anne Bray (dau of Owen Bray of Chobham)
a. Henry Byne of Carshalton & Claygate (bpt 12.02.1628/9, bur 02.08.1697, of Clifford's Inn)
  m. Susanna Roper (bur 15.04.1675, dau of Abel Roper)
  (1) Henry Byne of Carshalton (bpt 18.11.1665, bur 02.04.1724, of the Inner Temple)
  m. (04.08.1685) Elizabeth Herring (bur 19.01.1687/8, dau of Henry Herring of London by Alice)
  (A)+ issue (dvp) - James (bpt 22.12.1687, bur 07.03.1704/5), Alicia (bpt 27.05.1686, bur 20.06.1686)
  (2) Charles Byne (bpt 23.02.1671/2, bur 17.07.1725, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Nelme (dau of John Nelme by Martha Byne) @1@ below
  (A)+ issue (d unm) - Elizabth (b 14.01.1715/6, bur 05.02.1715/6), Ann (b 19.02.1717/8, bur 26.04.1737)
  (3) Susanna Byne (bpt 24.02.1667/8)
  m. (c04.1691) Edward Bearcroft of Clement's Inn
  (4) Ann Byne (bpt 30.09.1669, bur 19.11.1691)
  m. (01.09.1687) Philip Bridall of Lincoln's Inn
  (A) Ann Bridall (d 10.04.1769)
  m. Rev. Henry Byne @2@ just below
  (5)+ other issue - Abel (bpt 02.02.1666/7, bur 09.08.1681), James (bpt 06.04.1673, bur 16.05.1674), Joyce (bpt 07.04.1675, bur 15.04.1675)
b. Richard Byne of Southwark (bur 16.06.1685, grocer, youngest son)
  m. (c05.1681) Rachel Lea
(1) Henry Byne (b 1681, bur 06.12.1731, vicar of Ponteland)
  m. Ann Bridall (dau of Philip Bridall) @2@ just above
  (A) Henry Byne of Morpeth (b 14.12.1713, d 1760)
  m. _ Ward
  (i) Henry Byne of Carshalton, Sheriff of Surrey (b 1746, dsp bur 25.06.1816)
  m. (1770) Anne Hesketh (dau of Sir Robert Hesketh of Rufford, Bart)
  (ii) Anne Byne
  m. John Skerrett (Lt. General)
  (a) John Byne Skerrett (b 1777-8, d Bergen 03.1814, Maj. General)
  (iii) daughter
  (B) Charles Byne (bpt 03.06.1720, d 1791, Captain)
  m1. Susanna Bew (dau of Robert Bew)
  (i) Charles Byne
  m. Jane of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (dau/widow of _ Fowler)
  (a) Henry Byne, later of Satterleigh & Kingsnympton, Devon (b 1771, d 15.10.1821, Captain)
  m1. Mary Ann Wade (dau of Lt. Col. William Wade)
  ((1)) George Poyntz Byne (b 1794, d 01.08.1866) had issue
  m. (25.08.1818) Margaret Blackburn (d 1857, dau of Quentin Blackburn)
  ((2))+ other issue (d unm) - Henrietta Poyntz (b 1794, d 15.01.1822), Georgiana, Angelina
  m2. _ Gerard
  ((5))+ other issue - Edward, Edmund
  m3. (23.09.1801) Mary Frances Thomas (d 03.06.1854, dau of Prokter Thomas of Drake's Place, heiress of Satterleigh, etc.)
  ((7)) Poyntz Charles Byne (b 1810, dsp 08.01.1873)
  m. Elizabeth Charlton (dau of Captain _ Charlton RN)
  ((8)) Henry Mordaunt Martin Byne of Satterleigh (bpt 18.04.1813, d 08.07.1866) had issue
  m. Isabella Jane Cormack (d 31.07.1854, dau of Henry Cormack of Bristol)
((9)) Elizabeth Byne (d 11.03.1881)
  m. William Tucker of Exeter
  ((10))+ other issue (d unm) - Frederick (d young), Beatrice
(b) Anne Isabella Augusta Byne (b 14.08.1780, d 04.08.1864)
  m. (09.1807) Richard Bawden (rector of Warkleigh)
  m2. Grace Montgomery (dsp 15.06.1751, dau of Alexander, 9th Earl of Eglinton)
  m3. Frances Basil (dau of Edmund Basil)
  (i) Anna Maria Byne
  m. (05.01.1796) Townsend Forester (cleric)
  (i)+ other issue - Charles (Captain), George, Edward, Edmund (bpt 25.03.1775), Martin Harland (bpt 25.07.1776, d 1804), Fanny, daughter
  (C) Isabella Byne (d 30.01.1797)
m. (29.11.1758) Ralph Carr of Dunston Hill & Hedgley
  (D)+ other issue - Ann (b c1724, d 1741), Elizabeth (b c1726, d 1741)
  c. Hester Byne (bpt 01.12.1611)
  m. (c12.1667) Zachary Symes of London (haberdasher)
  d. Martha Byne (bur 08.07.1686)
  m. (c01.1683/4) John Nelme (bur 19.05.1703, rector of Beddington, vicar of Carshalton)
  (1) Elizabeth Nelme (bur 20.04.1751, only child)
  m1. Charles Byne (bpt 23.02.1671/2, bur 17.07.1725) @1@ above
  m2. (25.01.1727/8) William Hollier (vicar of Carshalton)
  e.+ other children - Owen (bpt 04.08.1630, d unm bur 07.12.1686), James (bpt 06.12.1631, d young), Edmund (bpt 21.10.1633, d unm bur 03.03.1727/8), Thomas (bpt 27.02.1639/40, d unm), Anne (bpt 18.01.1635/6, bur 20.03.1635/6), Mary (bpt 30.05.1637), Elizabeth (bpt 10.1638), Dorothy (bpt 08.02.1642/3), Ann, Regina
ii. Katherine Byne (bur 30.05.1623)
  m. (27.11.1610) Robert Raunce of Wycombe
  iii. Elizabeth Byne (bpt 17.06.1602)
  m. Thomas Thompson of Stratham (Rouge Dragon Pursuivant of Arms)
  iv.+ other issue - Edmund (bpt 22.01.1597/8, bur 21.03.1598/9), Emma (bpt 21.01.1595/6, d young)
  C. Katherine Byne (dsp bur 12.07.1609)
  m. (25.05.1573) Sir Edmond Bowyer of Camberwell, Sheriff of Surrey & Sussex (d 18.02.1626/7, MP)
  D. Emma Byne (Bynd) (bur 26.12.1624)
  m1. (17.05.1580) Edward Snow of Alfarthing Manor & Checksands (d 1587)
  m2. (02.07.1588) John Bowyer of Camberwell
  E.+ other issue (d unm) - Edward (bur 04.01.1596/7), Thomas (bur 29.10.1613), Cicely (bur 27.09.1590), Mary (dvm)
2. Elizabeth Byne
3. Mary Byne
  m. _ Williams

Main source(s): 'The Genealogist' (New Series, H.W. Forsyth Harwood, vol XXIII (1907), 'The Bynes of Rowdell in Washington, co. Sussex' (p1+) & 'The Bynes of Carshalton, co. Surrey' (p213+)) with some support from CountyGen (Sussex, Berry, p186) and a little from Visitation (Surrey, 1530+1572+1623, Bynd), Visitation (Sussex, 1663-4, Byne)
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