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Families covered: Boteler of Bydenham (Biddenham), Boteler of Kirton (Kyrton)

(1) The connection for the ancestry of the following Thomas is speculative.
(2) Visitation (1566) shows the first few generations in brackets and then, as reported below, provides contradictory information on the parentage of Richard, father of the Lord Mayor. It appears that it was the following Thomas who married the Kirton heiress.
Thomas Boteler of Bydenham, Bedfordshire (a 1313)
m. Grace Kirton (dau/heir of Alan de Kirton, sister/heir of Walter)
1. John Boteler of Bydenham & Stathenden
  m. Joane Mouldesworth (dau of Walter Mouldesworth)
  A. John Boteler (dsp)
  B. William Boteler
  i. Richard Boteler of Bydenham
  Visitation (1566) identifies Richard's wife as a daughter of Allen Kyrton of Bedenham but provides a note which reports that there was a Grace, dau of Alane Kyrton of Bydenham (sister/heir to Walter who dsp), who married a Thomas who was father of Richard father of this Richard. VCH supports the view that it was a Thomas Boteler who, "towards the end of the 14th century", acquired a "capital messuage" in Biddenham by his marriage with Grace, dau/heir of Alan de Kirton.
  a. Sir William Boteler of Bydenham, Lord Mayor of London (a 1515)
  m. _ Basforde of London
  (1) William Boteler of Kyrton in Bydenham or Biddenham (d 1554-5)
m1. Brigitte Abridges (dau of Sir John Abridges, alderman of London)
  (A) Emme Boteler
  m. Arthur Derycotte of London
  m2. Anne Pecocke (dau of Thomas Pecocke of Coggeshall)
  (B) William Boteler of Kyrton in Biddenham (a 1586, d 1601)
  m1. Dorothy Sargar (dau of Robert Sargar of Mowlsey)
  m2. Ursula Smyth (dau of Thomas Smyth of Ostinghanger)
  (i) Sir Thomas Boteler of Kirton (in Biddenham) (d 1625)
  m. Anne Farrar (dau of Francis Farrar of Harwood)
(a) William Boteler of Kirton in Biddenham (a 1634, d 1671)
  m. Hellen Nodes (dau of George Nodes of Shephalbury)
  Visitation (1634) ends by showing the following children as born by 1634: Thomas (b c1629), Helen (b c1631), Anne (b c1632) & William. VCH suggests that he died leaving 3 daughters as his co-heirs, naming the husbands of Helen & Mary as Sir Pynsent Chernock and William Farrer respectively. However, her dates show that the Helen, dau/coheir of William Boteler of Biddenham, who married Sir Pynsent Chernocke must have been a generation later so William's coheirs must have been his granddaughters rather than his daughters.
  ((1)) William Boteler 'of Biddenham' (dvp?, 2nd son)
((A)) Helen Boteler (bpt 09.01.1672, d 11.1741)
  m. (09.06.1691) Sir Pynsent Chernocke, 3rd Bart of Hulcote (d 02.09.1734)
  ((B)) Mary Boteler (a 1671)
  m. William Farrer
  ((C)) daughter
  ((2))+ other issue (a 1634) - Thomas (b c1629, dvp?), Helen (b c1631), Anne (b c1632, a 1671)
(b) Martha Boteler
  m. John Keeling of the Inner Temple = Sir John Kelynge of Southill, Lord Chief Justice
  ((1)) Elizabeth Kelynge apparently of this generation
  m. John Orlebar of the Middle Temple
  (c)+ other issue - Thomas of Lincolnes Inn, Francis, John, son, Anne, daughter
  (ii) Oliver Boteler of Bornend in Wooton, Bedfordshire
  m. Judeth Hawes (dau of Robert Hawes, alderman of Bedford)
  (a) Ursula Boteler presumably the Ursula who married ...
  m. George Orlebar of Poddington
  (b)+ other issue (a 1634) - George (b c1621), Oliver
  (iii) Alice Boteler
  m. Edward Osborne of the Inner Temple
  (iv) Katherin Boteler
  m. John Kinersley of Wardend
  (v) Elizabeth Boteler
  m. Richard Taylor of Lincolnes Inn
  (C) Anne Boteler
  m. John Gonnell of London
(D) Margaret Boteler
  m1. Peter Sare of Hyde
  m2. Walter Clerke (son of John of London)
  (E) Mary Boteler
  m. John Newton of Axmouthe or Eymouth
  (F) Martha Boteler (bur 15.01.1616-7)
  m. John Booth of Killingholme
  (G)+ other issue - Robert, John
  (2)+ other issue - John (dsp), 3 daughters
  b. Richard (not Thomas) Boteler 'of London' (youngest son)
  (1) Margaret Boteler (d 02.06.1575)
  m1. Andrew Francis of London (d before 09.03.1542/3, clothworker)
  m2/3. Robert Chertsey (alderman of London)
  m3/2. Sir David Brooke (Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer)
  m4. (c1561, sp) Edward, Lord North (b c1496, d 31.12.1564)
  c.+ 3 sons

Main source(s): Visitation (Bedfordshire, 1566+1582+1634, Boteler of Biddenham) with a little input from VCH (Bedfordshire, vol 3, 'Parishes: Biddenham')
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