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Families covered: Burton of Carshalton, Burton of Coventry

Nichols reports a certification by Jonathan Burton of Kinsbury (Warwickshire), brother of Cassibelan of Lindley, that he acknowledged Humphry Burton of Coventry "to be my kinsman and a branch of our family" and goes on to suggest that "it is probable that they were descended from Richard Burton, of Chesterfield" (see here).
Humphrey Burton of Stoke, Staffordshire
1. Humphrey Burton of Coventry, Warwickshire
  A. Humphrey Burton of Coventry (b 1594, a 1682, 'coroner of Coventry')
m. Joan Norton (dau of Simon Norton of Coventry & sister of Sir Thomas, Bart)
  i. Simon Burton of Coventry (b c1642, a 1682, coroner of Coventry)
  ii. Humphrey Burton of Caresley in Coventry (b c1655, a 1682)
  m1. Bridget Troughton (dau of John Troughton of Coventry)
  a.+ issue (a 1682) - Humphrey (b c1675), John (b c1676), Bridget (b c1677)
  m2. Juudith Boun (dau of Abraham Doun of Coundon)
  d. Simon Burton of Warwick then London (a 1720)
  m. ?? (relict of _ Snell)
  (1) James Burton of Lockeridge (a 1809, dsp)
  m. _ Cibber (dau of Theophilus Cibber)
  e. Judith Burton
  m. Joseph Smyth of Corley
  f.+ other issue - John (b c1690, d 1774, headmaster of Winchester Shcool), Elizabeth (d unm)
  iii. Prudence Burton
  m. Jervas Bryan of Birmingham (clerk)
  iv. Joan Burton
  m. William Green of Coventry
  v. Ellen Burton
  m. Nathaniel Wanley of Coventry (clerk)
  vi. Mary Burton
  m. Thomas Wadock of Corley
  vii. Anne Burton
  m. Richard Philips of London



Visitation identifies the Burton section of the 6-section arms of this family (the others being Ridward, Southcote, Hampton with the 2nd & 6th unidentified) and as "Ermine, a fesse sable, a chief chequy or and of the second".
Henry Burton of Carshalton, Surrey
m. Joane Ellingbrige (d 24.12.1524, dau of John Ellingbrig, widow of Richard Fromonds)
1. Nicholas Burton of Carshalton (2nd son) presumed to be the Nicholas of Carshalton who is the first mentioned by Visitation (Surrey, 'Burton')
  A. Richard Burton of Carshalton
  m. Anne Hampton (dau /coheir of Bernard Bampton (Clerk of the Council) by Catherine, dau of Walter Walshone (of the Privy Chamber))
  i. Sir Henry Burton of Carshalton (a 1623)
  m1. Winifrid Lodbrooke (dau of Jonas Lodbrooke of London, widow of John Theker)
  a. Henry Burton (b c1609, a 1623)
  m2. Judith Calthrop (dau of Sir Martin Calthrop of Hidding, widow of Sir Martin Barnham of Kent)
  ii. Bernard Burton of Croydon
m. Martha Bray (dau/heir of John Bray of Surrey, widow of John Guilpen)
  iii. Anne Burton
  m. Richard Fenton of Modingley
  iv.+ other issue - Charles, Arthur (dsp), Mary (dsp)
  B. Nicholas Burton of Carshalton (a 1623_
  C. William Burton (a 1623, "Docter of Phissick")
  m. _ Ball of Cambridge
  D. Mabell Burton
  m. (07.06.1576) Thomas Howard, 1st Viscount of Bindon (b c1520, d 28.01.1581/2)
  E. Mary Burton
  m. Robert Fowle (Captain in Ireland)
2.+ other issue - Richard, Anne, Margaret, Bridgett, Dorothy

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 4, part 2, 1811, p644)
(2) For lower section (originally uploaded 16.02.20 within a Temporary page) : Visitation (Surrey, 1530+1572+1623,'Burton') with the first 2 generations from the Ellinbridg section of Visitation (Surrey, 1530+1572+1623, 'Fromonde')
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