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Families covered: Burdett (Burdet) of Burthwaite (Birthwayt), Burdett (Burdet) of Denby

BP1870 (Burdett, Bart of Burthwaite) reports "From an ancient pedigree, it would appear that this family is descended from Hugo de Burdett, lord of the Manor of Louseby, in Leicestershire, a noble Norman, who came into England with William the Conqueror, but at this distance of time, the connecting link cannot be distinctly traced."
Almericus de Burdett of Skelmanthorpe (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272)
m. Agnes de Denby or Deneby (dau of William de Denby by Cicely,dau of Adam de Holand)
1. Sir Nicholas Burdett of Rande, Lincolnshire
2. Robert de Burdett of Denby and High Holland
m. Idonea Baliol (dau of Sir Robert de Baliol by Margaret, dau of Sir Robert de Denby by Margaret, dau of Sir Robert de Holland, son of Sir Adam by Maud, dau of Gilbert de Notton)
  A. Aymer Burdett
  m. Isabel Langton (dau of ?? Langton of Newton & Walton, m2. Ralph Hyde)
  i. Nicholas Burdett (dsp)
ii. Richard Burdett
  m. Joan Storpe of Worcestershire
  a. Robert Burdett
  m. ?? Bradbourne (dau of Humphrey Bradbourne of Bradbourne)
  (1) Emery (Aymar or Almericus) Burdett of Denby, Yorkshire
  m. (1447-8) Anne Nevile (dau of Robert Nevile of Leversege)
  (A) Nicholas Burdett (a 1494)
  m. Elizabeth Wentworth (dau of Richard Wentworth of West Bretton)
  (i) Richard Burdett of Denby, Yorkshire
  m. Elizabeth Rokeley (dau of John Rokeley)
  (a) Aymat (Emery) Burdett of Denby
  m. Maud Saville (dau of Thomas Saville of Exley)
((1)) Henry Burdett of Denby (a 1585)
  m. Elizabeth Jackson (dau of Henry Jackson of London)
  ((A)) Richard Burdett (a 1612)
  m. Mary Bosvile (dau of Godfrey Bosvile of Gunthwaite)
  ((i)) George Burdett 'of Denby' (b c1581)
  m. Sara Browne (dau/heir of Edward Browne of Creswick)
((a)) Richard Burdett (b c1610)
  ((b)) Mary Burdett (d 08.11.1682) who apparently married ...
  m1. Richard Pilkington of Daw Green
  m2. (sp?) Sir Thomas Beaumont of Whitley Beaumont (bpt 26.01.1605, d 31.05.1668)
  ((ii)) Dorothy Burdett
  m. Thomas Wheatley of Woolley
  ((iii)) Mary Burdett
  m1. Edward Greene of Cawthorn
  m2. _ Ogden
  ((iv)) Arabella Burdett
  m. _ Bullock of Pontefract
  ((v))+ other issue - Bosvile, Richard, Jane
  ((B)) Ralph Burdett
  m. _ Blackborne
  ((i)) Henry Burdett (dsp)
  ((C)) Maude Burdett
  m. John Moxon
  ((D)) Elizabeth Burdett
  m. Jocelyn Turner
((E)) Mary Burdett
  m. William Thwaytes of Barnsley
  ((F)) Beatrix Burdett (dsp)
  m. John Blytheman
  ((G))+ other issue (dsp) - Henry, Alice, Susan
  ((2)) Richard Burdett of Royston
  m. Anne Peck of Wakefield (widow of ?? Page of Nottinghamshire)
  ((A)) Aymer Burdett
  ((B)) Ralph Burdett
  m. Barbara Foljambe (dau of Sir James Foljambe of Walton)
((C)) George Burdett
  m. _ Southwell of Wiltshire
  ((3)) Nicholas Burdett
  ((4)) John Burdett
  ((A))+ issue - Thomas, John
(b) Thomas Burdett of Burthwaite
  m. Isabell Wentworth (dau of Thomas Wentworth of West Bretton)
  ((1)) Francis Burdett of Burthwaite (a 1585)
  m. Elizabeth Rockley (dau of Robert Rockley of Rockley)
  ((A)) Francis Burdett of Burthwaite or Birthwayt (b c1578)
  m1. Catherine Boughton (dau of Edward Boughton of Causton)
  ((i))+ issue - Francis (dsp?), Aymer (dsp by 1612), Robert (dp?), Elizabeth (b c1603), Isabel (b c1604), Dorothy (dsp)
  m2. Jane Barton (dau of Ranulph Barton of Smithells)
((vii)) Francis Burdett of Burthwaite or Birthwayt (d 1644) - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Leigh (dau of Sir Ferdinando Leigh of Middleton)
  ((B)) Thomas Burdett
  ((C)) Robert Burdett (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Skipwith (dau of Stephen Skipwith of St. Albans)
  ((2)) Beatrix Burdett
  m. Thomas Barnby of Barnby Hall (a 1585)
((3)) Jane Burdett
  m1. Nicholas Saville (son of Nicholas)
  m2. Thomas Barnby
  ((4)) Frances Burdett
  m1. Francis Wortley of Wortley
  m2. Francis Foljambe of Aldwarke (d 1600)
  ((5)) Mary Burdett (bur 11.06.1623)
  m1. Thomas Savile (son of Nicholas, brother of Nicholas)
  m2. (William) Aldeborough of Aldeborough (bur 25.01.1627-8)
  (c) Alice Burdett
  m. (George) Woodrove or Woodruffe of Woolley (d 20.08.1592)
  (d) Isabel (or Grace) Burdett
  m. (Robert) Eland of Carlinghoe
  (e) Grace (or Elizabeth) Burdett
  m. _ Farley of Filey
  (f) Dorothy Burdett
  m. _ Birkhead of Cheshire
  (g) Elizabeth (or Isabel) Burdett
  m. _ Clayton of Clayton
  (h)+ other issue - Roger, Philip



Francis Burdett of Burthwaite or Birthwayt (d 1644) - continued above
m. Elizabeth Leigh (dau of Sir Ferdinando Leigh of Middleton)
1. Sir Francis Burdett, 1st Bart of Burthwaite (bpt 29.09.1642, d 1719)
  m. Frances Stephenson of Lincolnshire (bur 11.06.1679)
  A. Sir Francis Burdett, 2nd Bart of Burthwaite (b 02.08.1675)
  m(1). (31.07.1710) Elizabeth Wyndham (dau of Charles Wyndham of Stokesby)
  i. Sir Hugh Burdett, 3rd Bart of Burthwaite (d unm 1760, rector of Newington)
  ii. Sir Charles Burdett, 4th Bart of Burthwaite (b 22.05.1728, d 19.07.1803)
  m1. (29.11.1756) Jane Harrison (d 03.09.1764, dau of John Harrison)
  a.+ issue (not mentioned by BP1870, not mentioned by BP1934, presumably daughters)
  m2. (26.09.1770) Sarah Halsey (d 1812, dau of Joseph Halsey of Boston)
  b. Sir Charles Wyndham Burdett, 5th Bart of Burthwaite (b 19.07.1771, d unm 12.1839, Lt. Colonel)
c. George Saville Burdett (b 18.08.1774, d 21.10.1817, Major)
  m. Sophia Wilkins (d 21.10.1817, dau of Col. _ Wilkins)
  (1) child (d 21.10.1817)
  d. Jerome Burdett (b 27.09.1778, d 03.1817, Captain) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Bulleyn
  e. Sarah Burdett (d 04.04.1850)
  f. Elizabeth Burdett (d 22.02.1819)
  m. (14.01.1802) William Hugh Burgess of London
  iii.+ 12 others (dsp)
2. Frances Burdett
  m. Thomas Metcalfe
3.+ other issue - Magdalen, Elizabeth

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