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Families covered: Bunny of Hurstbourne, Bunny of Ibdrope, Bunny of Newbury

(1) An abbreviated version of the following, based on BLG1952, was first uploaded to a Temporary page on 24.10.11. It was moved here following review & expansion using Elwes & Robinson and Berry.
(2) Elwes & Robinson identify the family's arms as "Arg., three goats' heads, erased sab.". Berry identifies them as "Argent a Chevron between three Goats Heads, erased Sable". Elwes & Robinson notes that: "This family owned Ibdrope, in the parish of Hurstbourne Tarrant, co. Hants, at a very early period; a deed, temp. K. John, proves this." and "From the similarity of the Christian names between these Bunnys and those of Yorkshire and Nottingham (see Bunny1), they are no doubt of one and the same origin, particularly as they bear precisely the same arms."
John Bunny
1. John Bunny of Ingville then Hurstbourne (bur 1597)
  m. Elizabeth (bur 1609)
  A. Robert Bunny (bpt 17.12.1572)
  m. (1602) Bridget Elton
  i. Richard Bunny of Ibdrope in Hurstbourne (bpt 1606, bur 18.04.1648) the first mentioned by Berry & BLG1952
  Until the generation of Joseph (below), BLG1952 gives few dates or younger children. Berry appears to have confused some of the dates and younger children between generations. Where there is contradiction between them, we follow Elwes & Robinson.
  a. Robert Bunny (bpt 1632 (not 20.06.1609), bur 1689)
  m. Mary Blandy
  (1) Edmund Bunny (bpt 23.12.1660, youngest child)
  m. Jane Buck (dau of William Buck of Welford by Joan)
  (A) Blandy Buck Bunny (d 22.02.1777)
  m1. Elizabeth mentioned only by Elwes & Robinson
  (i) John Bunny (bpt 13.10.1724)
  m2. Sarah Brice (bur 19.10.1764, dau of Richard Brice of Newbury)
  (ii) John Bunny
  John is not mentioned by Elwes & Robinson. BLG1952 shows John as father of Joseph. Berry shows him as Joseph's elder brother.
  m. Alice Pyke of Wherwell
  (a) Alice Bunny
(iii) Joseph Bunny 'of Newbury, Berkshire' (bur 27.01.1810)
  m1. Ann Mariot Bennett (d 1772, dau of Captain _ Bennett)
  (a) Brice Bunny (bur 20.10.119)
  ( b) Joseph Blandy Bunny (bpt 20.09.1767, bur 14.11.1834)
  m. Elizabeth Worsley (bur 25.03.1853, dau of Rev. Philip Worsley of Cheshunt)
  ((1))+ issue - Brice (bpt 13.05.1796, bur 24.11.1827), Joseph (bpt 12.10.1798), Withers (bpt 09.04.1800), Philip (bpt 09.07.1801, bur 01.06.1802), Philip (bpt 19.10.1802, bur 28.03.1803), Elizabeth (bpt 16.03.1804), Mary (bpt 21.05.1805, bur 12.01.1816), Anna (bpt 12.07.1807)
  (c) Mariot Bunny (bpt 20.03.1765)
  m. John Martineau of Stamford Hill (b 1758, d 1834)
  m2. Elizabeth Rigby (d 1836, dau of John Rigby of Chowbent)
  (d) Edward Brice of Speen Hill (bpt 11.04.1785, d 10.09.1867, younger son) had issue
  m. (29.06.1824) Emma Piggott (dau/coheir of James Piggott of Fitzhall, etc.)
  Their son married the daughter of Sarah, daughter of Henry St. John (son of Andrew St. John, Dean of Worcester), and assumed the name St. John.
  (e Jere Bunny of Newbury (bpt 30.01.1789) had issue
  m. (02-3.04.1813) Clara Slowell (d 16.11.1835, dau of James Slowell of Newbury)
  (f) Mary Ann Bunny (bpt 24.11.1782)
  m. Harry Browne
  (g)+ other issue - John Mort (bpt 08.12.1783), Sarah Elizabeth (bpt 15.10.1781, d unm bur 07.04.1804)
  (iv)+ other issue - Jere (dsp), Brice (d unm), Mary (d unm)shown by Berry but not by Elwes & Robinson
  (B)+ other issue - Edmund (bpt 24.11.1695), Joan (bpt 24.04.1688) shown by Elwes & Robinson but not by Berry
  (2)+ other issue - Richard (bpt 1647), Thomas (bpt 1651), Elizabeth (bpt 1654)
  Berry shows Robert's younger children as Robert (bpt 06.01.1644), Richard (bpt 15.06.1647, d young?), John (bpt 15.02.1648), Thomas (bpt 03.058.1631), Richard (bpt 26.03.1655), Mary (bpt 20.05.1638), Bridget (bpt 12.10.1640), Susanna (bpt 02.10.1642), Elizabeth (bpt 14.09.1654).
  b.+ other issue - Timothy (bpt 1645), Mary (bpt 1631), Christian (bpt 1636), Margaret (bpt 1641)
  Berry shows Richard's younger children as Agnes (bpt 02.09.1593?), Thomason (bpt 29.03.1601), Margaret (bpt 08.06.1603-4), Mary (bpt 01.11.1607).
  ii. William Bunny (bpt 1609) had issue
  m. Alice
  iii.+ other issue - Timothy (bpt 1611, had issue), Robert (bpt 1618), Alice (bpt 1603), Margaret (bpt 1604), Agnes (bpt 1613)
  B.+ other issue - John (bpt 1564), Richard of Ibdrope (bur 07.04.1647), Agnes (bpt 1585)

Main source(s): 'A History of the Castles, Mansions, and Manors of Western Sussex' (Dudley George Cary Elwes & Charles J. Robinson, 1876, CountyGen (Berry, Berkshire, p46+) with support from BLG1952 ('St. John of Slinfold')
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