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Families covered: Buchanan of Arnpryor (Arnprior), Buchanan of Bardowie, Buchanan of Bochlvyie (Buchlyvie), Buchanan of Brachern, Buchanan of Cashlie, Buchanan of Gartinstarrie, Buchanan of Leny, Buchanan of Spittal

John Buchanan, 1st of Arnpryor (or Arnprior), 'King of Kippen' (d Pinkie 10.09.1547)
m. Dorothea Levingstoun
1. Andrew Buchanan, 2nd of Arnpryor (d before 19.11.1560)
  m. (before 15.05.1545) Eupham Stirling
  A. John Buchanan, 3rd of Arnpryor (d 04.1598)
  m. Isabella Shaw
i. John Buchanan (d 1641 in Ireland)
  m. Margaret Livingstone
  a. William Buchanan had issue (in Ireland)
  b. David Buchanan
  c. Dorothy Buchanan
  m1. Robert Buchanan (of Leny family)
  m2. Captain Hublethorn, Governor of Waterford
  d. Alice Buchanan
  m. William Cuninghame of Drumbeg
e. Anna Buchanan
  m. Edward Cuninghame of Finnick Drummond
  ii. Andrew Buchanan
  iii. David Buchanan (dsp)
  iv. William Buchanan (dsp, minister)
  B. Walter Buchanan of Hiltoun (or Miltoun) of Bochlyvie
  i. John Buchanan of Hiltoun (or Miltoun) of Bochlyvie (d Glenfruin 1603)
  m. Margaret Buchanan of Brachern, Cashlie and Gartinstarrie (dau of Duncan Buchanan of Brachern, etc) @1@ below
  a. John Buchanan of Brachern, Cashlie and Gartinstarrie
  m1. Jonet Buchanan (d 11.1623, dau of Thomas Buchanan of Drummikill and Moss)
  (1) Duncan Buchanan of Cashlie and Gartinstarrie
  m. Katherine Napier
(A) John Buchanan of Gartinstarrie
  (i) James Buchanan of Gartinstarrie (a 1748)
  (ii) John Buchanan in Glasgow (maltman)
  (iii) Katrine Buchanan (a 01.1722)
  m. William Gairdner of Wester Balfunning
  (B) Andrew Buchanan of Nenboig and Provanstoun
  m2. (30.06.1624) Isobel Leckie (d before 02.1633, dau of Walter Leckie of Descheouris)
  (2) Jonet Buchanan
  m. (mcrt 30.03.1648) James Buchanan, fiar of Spittal (dvp 01.1662) @2@ below
  m3. Helen Forgie
  (3) Andrew Buchanan of Ballochneck
  (4) Elizabeth Buchanan
  m. Duncan Buchanan of Harpertoun
b. Andrew Buchanan had issue (in Ireland)
2. Walter Buchanan
3. Duncan Buchanan of Brachern
  A. Duncan Buchanan of Brachern, Cashlie and Gartinstarrie (a 1618)
  i. Margaret Buchanan of Brachern, Cashlie and Gartinstarrie
  m. John Buchanan of Hiltoun (or Miltoun) of Bochlyvie (d Glenfruin 1603) @1@ above



Walter Buchanan of Easter Catter, 1st of Spittal
m. Isabella Cunyngham (dau of Alexander Cunningham, 1st Earl of Glencairn)
1. Edward Buchanan, 2nd of Spittal
  m. Christian Galbraith (dau of Galbraith of Culruich)
  A. Robert Buchanan, 3rd of Spittal
  m. (c1570) Margaret Galbraith
i. Walter Buchanan, 4th of Spittal (d c1630)
  m1. (mcrt 07.10.1593) Jean Stirling (dau of John Stirling of Craigbarnet)
  m2. (before 1608) Margaret Lawson (dau of Galbraith of Belgair)
  Uncertain which wife was the mother of ...
  a. Edward Buchanan, 5th of Spittal (d 05.1669)
  m1. (before 1630) Helen Edmonstone (dau of Edmonstone of Balleum)
  (1) James Buchanan, fiar of Spittal (dvp 01.1662)
  m. (mcrt 30.03.1648) Janet Buchanan (dau of John Buchanan of Cashlie, etc) @2@ above
(A) Edward Buchanan, 6th of Spittal
  m. (mcrt 24.01.1673) Christian Mitchell (dau of Thomas Mitchell, minister of Kilmaronock)
  (i) John Buchanan, 7th of Spittal (d before 06.06.1733)
  m. (c1707) Margaret Muirhead (dau of Patrick Muirhead of Rashie Hill / Mill)
(a) Robert Buchanan, 8th of Spittal (dsp 1783, Colonel)
  (b) Peter Buchanan, 9th of Spittal (dsp 1791)
  m. Agnes Hamilton (dau of James Hamilton of Hutcheson)
  (c) Thomas Buchanan, 10th of Spittal and of Leny & Bardowie
  m1. Katharine Buchanan (dsp, dau of Henry Buchanan of Leny)
  m2. Elizabeth Hamilton (dau of John Hamilton of Bardowie)
  The following is supported by 'HamiltonHistory' (see Hamilton page, p101+).
  ((1)) Henry Buchanan (d unm)
  ((2)) John Buchanan-Hamilton of Spittal & Bardowie (b 1758, dsp 10.01.1818, Colonel)
  m. (1790/1795) Margaret Crawford (dau of Sir Hew Crawford of Jordanhill)
  ((3)) Robert Hamilton Buchanan (b 1760, d before 01.1818)
  m. Cornelia Tinker (dau of Commodore _ Tinker)
  ((A)) Robert Hamilton Buchanan (a 1804, d unm before 01.1818, Captain)
((4)) Francis Buchanan-Hamilton of Spittal, Bardowie & Leny, 'Chief of Clan Buchanan' (b 15.02.1762, d 15.06.1829)
  This is probably the Dr. Hamilton of Bardowie who argued with Anderson & Riddell about the original granting of the lands of Bardowie. See the note at the top of Hamilton22.
  m. Anne Brock (dau of Andrew Bock)
  ((A)) John Buchanan-Hamilton of Spittal, Bardowie and Leny (b 14.02.1822, d 16.05.1903) had issue
  m. (09.07.1845) Margaret Seton (d 05.07.1892, dau of George Seton, representative of Cariston family)
  ((B)) Catharine Buchanan-Hamilton (b 1819, d unm 1839)
  ((5)) Peter Buchanan (b 1767, d unm, Captain)
  ((6)) Elizabeth Buchanan (d c1824)
  m1. Robert Cunninghame-Graham of Gartmore
  m2. Robert Fairfoul of Strowie
  ((7)) Marion Buchanan (b 1766)
  m. J.H.S. Crawford of Cowdonhill
  (d) Christian Buchanan
  m. Robert Buchanan of Leny
  (ii) Thomas Buchanan
  m. _ Napier (dau of Napier of Ballachairn)
  (a) John Buchanan
  m. _ Primrose (dau of Sir Archibald Primrose, Bart)
  ((1)) Susan Buchanan
  (b) Christina Buchanan
  m. Thomas Napier of Glasgow
(iii) 2 daughters
  (B)+ other issue - John (Captain), Archibald (Captain), Andrew, Walter
  (2) John Buchanan (d Inverkeithing, Captain)
  m2. (mcrt 03.07.1646) Margaret Buchanan (dau of John Buchanan, 2nd of Ross)
  (3) daughter
  m. Cunningham of Trinbeg
  (4)+ other issue - Robert, Edward
  b. Janet Buchanan
  m. Walter Buchanan of Drummikill and Moss (d before 30.10.1582)
  ii. Christian Buchanan
  m.(mcrt 17.01.1607) Andrew Wod
  B. George Buchanan ancestor of Buchanans in Arrachybeg
2.+ other issue - Patrick (a 04.1546), John (a 04.1559)

Main source(s):
(1) "Strathendrick and its Inhabitants from Early Times" by John Guthrie Smith (published in Glasgow, 1896)
(2) For Buchanan of Spittal (in support of 'Strathendrick'): BLG1952 (Murray-Buchanan of Leny)
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