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Families covered: Browne of Beechworth (Bettsworth or Betchworth) Castle

Sir Anthony Browne (a 1377)
1. Sir Robert Browne of Beechworth
  A. Sir Thomas Browne of Beechworth Castle, Sheriff of Kent (b 1402, d 20.07.1460, Treasurer to King Henry VI, MP) dates from Wikipedia
  m. Eleanor FitzAlan (dau/heir of Sir Thomas FitzAlan of Beechwood, m2. Sir Thomas Vaughan)
i. Sir George Browne of Beechworth Castle, Sheriff of Kent (d 1483)
  BE1883 shows Anthony as the eldest son, followed by George then Robert. BEB1841 & Commoners show George as the eldest, followed by William, Robert then Anthony. As George inherited Beechworth, we follow BEB1841 & Commoners.
  m. Elizabeth Paston (dau of Sir William Paston, widow of Robert, son of Robert, Lord Poynings (not widow of Richard, Lord Poynings))
  a. Richard Browne
  m. _ Sands
  (1)+ 2 sons
  b. William Browne
  (1)+ 2 sons - Richard, Edmond
  c. Sir Matthew Browne of Beechworth, Sheriff of Surrey (a 1530)
  m. Fridiswide Guildford (dau of Sir Richard Guildford of Hemsted)
(1) Henry Browne of Beechworth (dvp)
  m1. Mary Fitzherbert (dau of John Fitzherbert)
  m2. Catherine Shelley (dau of Sir William Shelley of Michel Grove)
  (A) Sir Thomas Browne of Beechworth Castle
  BE1883 shows the marriages as first to Helen Harding, second to Mabel FitzWilliams. We follow BEB1844 (supported by Commoners) which seems more likely given that Thomas's son Matthew was his successor at Beechworth.
  m1. Mabel FitzWilliams (dau of Sir William FitzWilliams)
  (i) Sir Matthew Browne of Beechworth Castle (d 04.08.1603)
  m. Jane Vincent (dau of Sir Thomas Vincent of Stoke Dabernon)
  (a) Sir Ambrose Browne, Sheriff of Surrey & Sussex, 1st Bart of Beechworth Castle (d 16.08.1661, MP)
  m. (01.10.1607) Elizabeth Adam (bur 1719.10.1657, dau of William Adam of Saffron Waldro (Walden))
  Apart from Adam, BE1883 and BEB1844/Commoners disagree on their children.
  ((1)) Sir Adam Browne, 2nd Bart (d 03.11.1690)
  m. (before 1651) Philippa Cooper (d 20.05.1701, dau of Sir John Cooper, 1st Bart of Winbourn St. Giles, by Anne, dau of Sir Anthony Ashley, Bart)
  ((A)) Ambrose Browne (b c1659, dvp unm but 24.07.1688)
  ((B)) Margaret Browne of Beechworth (dsp)
  m. (1691) William Fenwick, Sheriff of Surrey (dsp 1726)
  ((2)) Ambrose Browne (dvp unm) shown by BEB1844
((3)) daughter shown by BEB1844
  m. John Browne of Buckland
  ((4)) daughter shown by BEB1844
  m. _ Jevon
  ((5))+ other issue - Edward (d 1622), Thomas (a 1623), Mabel (d unm) shown by BE1883
  (b) Jane Browne
  BE1883 shows Jane as daughter rather than sister of Sir Ambrose but BP1934 (Kemp) identifies her as Sir Matthew's daughter.
  m. Sir Robert Kempe, 1st Bart of Gissing (d 20.08.1647)
  (ii) Elizabeth Browne
  m. Robert Honywood of Kent
  (iii) Jane Browne
  m. (1576) Sir Oliff Leigh of Addington
  m2. Helen Harding (dau of William Harding)
  (vi) Richard Browne
  m. Margaret Astyn (dau of James Astyn of Westerham)
  (a) John Browne of Shingleton
  m. Elizabeth Scott (dau of Edward Scott of Scott's Hall)
(b) Cecilia Browne (d 09.1677)
  m1. Francis Knollys
  m2. Richard Whithead
  (c) Margaret Browne
  m. Walter Bourchier of Barnesley
  (d)+ other issue - Thomas, Robert, Elizabeth, Anne
  (2) Jane Browne
  m. Sir Edward Bray (d 1558)
  (3) Catherine (or Elizabeth) Browne
  m. John Poyntz of Alderley, Sheriff of Surrey (d 29.11.1544)
  (4) Ann Browne probably of this generation
m. Thomas Dannett of London
  ii. William Browne (dsp(s?))
  a. ?? Browne of Tavistock "This line in extinct."
  iii. Sir Robert Browne of Luddenham, Kent
  m. Mary Mallet (dau of Sir William Mallet)
  a. Eleanor Browne
  Visitation (Kent, 1574, 'Kempe') suggests that Eleanor married Sir William Kempe before Sir Thomas Fogge. Provisionally, we follow BE1883, BE1844 & Commoners which show the marriages the other way round.
  m1. Sir Thomas Fogge of Assheforde (d 1512)
  m2. Sir William Kempe of Olantye
  iv. Sir Anthony Browne, Governor of Queenborough Castle (d 1505/6, Standard bearer of England)
  m. Lucy Nevill (dau of Sir John Nevill, Earl of Northumberland, Marquess of Montagu or Montacute)
  v. Katherine (Catherine) Browne
  m. (1471) Humphrey Sackville of Buckhurst (b 1426, d 24.01.1488)
2. Sir Stephen Browne,Sheriff then Lord Mayor of London (b 1395, d 1462-4, grocer, MP)
  Wikipedia ("Stephen Browne") suggests that Stephen's father may have been named John but confirms that Robert, father of Sir Thomas, was his brother. Wikipedia reports that he had the following family.
  m1. Julia m2. Alice m3. Rose (d by 1464) not clear which wife was mother of ...
  A. John Browne
  m. Agnes (m2. Peter (Piers) Peckham of London)

Main source(s): BEB1844 ('Browne of Beechworth'), TCB (vol 2, 'Browne of Bettsworth Castle', p28+) and some input/support from the section on 'Family of Browne' within Commoners (vol 3, 'Poyntz of Cowdray Place', p539+), BE1883 ('Browne of Montacute or Montagu')
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