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Families covered: Broomhead (Bromhead) of Nether Bradfield, Broomhead of Revel Grange, Broomhead of Sheffield, Broomhead of Stannington

Thomas Bromhead of Nether Bradfield, Yorkshire
m. Elizabeth Brammal (dau of Thomas Brammal of Thornsett) presumed parents of ...
1. Charles Bromhead of Nether Bradfield (b c1570)
  A. Robert Bromhead of Nether Bradfield (dvp?)
  m. (1629) Ellen Barber (sister of Roger Barber of Woodseats-under-Mann)
  i. Henry Bromhead of Nether Bradfield (b c1634, a 1670)
  a. John Bromhead (a 1694)
2. Richard Bromhead of Thornsett (d c1625)
  m. Emote Tomson (dau/coheir of John Tomson of Thornsett)
  A. Richard Bromhead of Nether Bradfield (a 1638)
  m. Beatrice Bromhead (dau of Thomas Bromhead)
  i. Richard Bromhead of Nether Bradfield (a 1685)
a. Richard Bromhead (a 1685) presumed father of ...
  (1) Richard Broomhead of Nether Bradfield
  m. (22.06.1710) Ann Stead (bpt 23.06.1687, dau of Nicholas Steade of Onesacre)
  (A) Richard Broomhead of Stannington (b 26.12.1713)
m. (19.11.1742) Ann Revel (b 20.09.1713, dau/heir of Thomas Revel of Stannington)
  (i) Richard Broomhead of Revel Grange, Stannington (b 07.10.1746, d c1805)
  m. _ Spooner (d by 1824, dau of _ Spooner of Crooks Mor, m2. George Priestley of Stannington)
  (a) Richard Broomhead of Revel Grange, Stannington (a 1822, d unm)
  (b) Sarah Broomhead
  m. William Shirley of Sheffield (m2. _ Burdekin)
  (c) Theresa Broomhead
  m1. (after 1821) Francis Wright (son of _ of Anstan)
  m2. Francis Sutton
  (d) Elizabeth Broomhead (dsp 1826)
  m. John Sykes Bramhall of Sheffield
  (e)+ other issue (d unm) - Mary Anne, Anne (d 182*)
  (ii) Mary Broomhead (b 15.08.1753)
  m. _ Brown
  (iii)+ other issue - Revel (b 04.08.1748), Rowland in Manchester (b 16.08.1751, d 10.1820, priest), Elizabeth (b 10.01.1745)
  (B) Mary Broomhead
m. _ Gillot
  (C) Anne Broomhead
  m. Thomas Welden
  (D)+ other issue - Benjamin, Thomas
  (2) Ann Bromhead (b 1662, d 1741)
  m1. William Revel of Darnal
  m2. James Hill of Aston
  b. Ann Bromhead possibly of this generation
  m. Richard Carr (b 1639, d c12.1688)
  ii. Anne Bromhead
m. Francis Dungworth
  iii. Emote Bromhead
  m. William Revel
  iv. Gertrude Bromhead (bur 21.07.1686)
  m1. Edmund Hobson of Smalfield
m2. Thomas Steade of Onesacre (bpt 25.12.1619, bur 19.07.1686)
  v. Eleanor Bromhead
  m. Richard Bacon of Ughill Woodside
  B. Nicholas Bromhead of Thornsett (a 1638, dsp)
  m. Catherine (a 1638)
  C. Anne Bromhead
  m. (1597) Richard Carr of Birley Edge
  D. Elizabeth Bromhead
  m. (before 11.05.1613) George Loxley of Nether Bradfield
  E. Ellen Bromhead
  m. (28.10.1619) Ralph Greaves of Ughill Woodside
  F. daughter
  m. _ Sampson



James (John?) Broomhead
1. Henry Broomhead of Sheffield (cutler)
  m. (12.11.1689) Mary Bright (dau of Thomas Bright of Brincliffe Edge)
  A. Henry Broomhead of Sheffield (cutler)
  m. (15.10.1717) Hannah Nawe (bpt 15.04.1695, dau of Lewis Nawe of Sheffield Park)
i. Samuel Broomhead of Sheffield (b 1721-2, dsp 19.08.1786, cutler)
  m. Mary Birkinshaw (b 1709-10, d 28.05.1783, dau of John Birkinshaw (by Susanna Spooner), widow of Thomas Ward of Sheffield)
  ii. Joseph Broomhead of Sheffield (cutler)
  m. Sarah Yeomans (dau of Richard Yeomans of Sheffield)
  a. Elizabeth Broomhead
  m. William Greaves of London
  b. Sarah Broomhead
  m. Thomas Rutherford of Sheffield
  (1)+ issue - George, Alexander, Sarah, Mary
  c. Arabella Broomhead
  m. Thomas Pearson of Sheffield (wine merchant)
  iii. Benjamin Broomhead of Sheffield (a 05.1795)
  m. Elizabeth Clayton (a 1810, dau of Caleb Clayton of Sheffield)
  a. Benjamin Broomhead of Sheffield (d unm)
  b. Joseph Broomhead (a 1810, "went abroad")
m. _ Brookes (dau of Ebenezer Brookes of High Field)
  c. Elizabeth Broomhead
  m. Edward Taylor of Dodworth
  iv. Helen Broomhead
  m. John Linfit of Sheffield
  a. Ann Linfit (b 1746-7, d 07.09.1778)
  m. Joseph Ward of Sheffield
  v. Hannah Broomhead
  m. John Howarth of Sheffield
  a. Hannah Howarth
  m. _ Jennings
  b. Ann Howarth
  m. _ Holdham
  B.+ other issue - Thomas, Mary, Barbara (bpt 07.01.1696-7)

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