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Families covered: Brookes of Ellingthorpe (Ellenthorpe), Brooke of Gateforth, Brookes of Shelton, Brookes of York

Robert Brook
1. ?? Brook or Brookes
  A. Percival Brookes of York (d before 09.11.1629)
i. James Brookes or Brooke of London, later of Ellingthorpe (Ellenthorpe) & York (b c1594, d 1675) the first mentioned by BEB1841 & TCB
  m. Priscilla Jackson (a 12.1691)
  a. Sir John Brookes of York 'of Ellingthorp' 'of Nortoin', 1st Bart (d 18.11.1691, of Gray's Inn, MP)
  m. (c1670) Mary Waller (dau of Sir Hardress Waller by Elizabeth, dau/coheir of Sir John Dowdall)
  (1) Sir James Brookes of York & Shelton (Salop), 2nd Bart (b c1675, d 03.1735/28.08.1742)
  BEB1841 identifies Sir James's wife as Bridget Wright (d 20.12.1778, dau of _ Wright of Hammersmith). FMG also identifies her as that but adds a note that "The person there improperly described was a dau. of John Wright who had been Attorney General in Jamaica." Provisionally we follow TCB which identifies her as ...
  m. Bridget Walker
  (A) Sir Job (probably not John) Brookes of York & Shelton, 3rd Bart (d unm 26.01.1770)
  (B) Montague Brookes (d unm 07.04.1767)
  (2) John Brookes of Breade, Sussex
m1. Damaris Mulbank or Milbank of Sussex
  (A) Honora Brookes (dsp 20.12.1778)
  m. (after 1741) John Jenkins
  m2. Mary of Breade (Mrs. Lulham)
  (3) Elizabeth Brookes
  m1. William Bethel of Swinden, Yorkshire (bur 21.10.1687)
  m2. ?? Harrison of Copgrove
  (4) Priscilla Brookes (d 1722)
  m. (13.07.1682) Rowland Place of Dinsdale
  (5) Mary Brookes
  m. William Proctor (alderman of Newcastle-on-Tyne)
  (A) Anthony Proctor of Berwick
(6) Jane Brookes
  m. William Pigot of Kilkenny
  (7) Honoretta Brookes
  m. John Pratt of Dublin
  (8) Debora Brookes not mentioned by the Main Sources below, reported as of this generation by Lodge (1754, vol 2, p115)
  m. (25.11.1701) William FitzMaurice of Gallane
  (9)+ other issue - Thomas in London, Henry (b c1669, d 03.03.1760), Anne (d unm)
  b. Anne Brookes
  m. Sir William Wyvile of Constable Burton, Bart (b 1645, d 1684)
  ii. Mary Brookes
  m. _ Jaques
  a.+ issue (a 1616) - William, Richard, Robert
  iii.+ other issue - Benjamin, Leonard, Francis, William, Christopher, Thomas, Sarah
  B. ?? Brook
  i. Robert Brook of Hunslet



Calisthenes Brooke of Gateforth, Yorkshire (bur 30.11.1658)
m. Ann Remington (dau of William Remington)
1. Humphry Brooke (b c1620, d 16.01.1658)
  m. Mary Gower (dau of Doyley Gower)
  A. Humphry Brooke of Gateforth (bpt 19.01.1658-9, d 23.12.1686)
2. Gabriel Brooke (bpt 15.11.1639, d 04.08.1712)
m. (03.03.1662-3) Faith Gower (d 23.06.1721, dau of Doyley Gower)
  A. Calisthenes Brooke of Gateforth (bpt 21.03.1664-5, d 07.1737)
  m. (10.058.1693) Frances Ashton (bur 01.1726)
  i. Walter Brooke 'of Gateford & Burton Hall' (b 04.07.1695, d 15/21.11.1722)
  m. (1720) Mary Catherine Hammond (d 1721, dau of William Hammond of Scarthingwell)
  a. Frances Brooke (b 25.09.1720, d 07.11.1720)
  b. Catherine Brooke (d 28.10.1756)
m. (1737) Edward Hawke, 1st Lord Hawke of Towton (b 21.02.1716, d 17.10.1781)
  ii. Henry Brooke (d 1754, 3rd son?)
  m. (17.10.1727) Sarah Elizabeth Thomlinson
  iii. Elizabeth Brooke (bpt 1705)
  m. _ Marshall
  iv. Faith Brooke (bpt 04.02.1406, sps)
  m. Fairfax Norcliffe (Captain, brother of Thomas of Langton)
  v.+ other issue - Humphry (bpt 24.09.1696), Frances (bpt 1711), Mary (bpt 1715)
  B. Humphry Brooke (bpt 17.12.1668, dsp 1727)
  m. Mary (widow of _ Thomlinson)
  C. Anne Brooke (b c1661, d 1750)
  m1. _ Wood
  m2. _ Blythe
3.+ other issue - Catherine, Alice (d young), Anne, Frances



Gabriel Brooke (b 1710-1, d 12.04.1781)
m. Theodosia Pockley (bpt 02.08.1715, bur 31.07.1753, dau of Robert Pockley of Brayton by Theodosia, dau of Richard Osbaldeston of Hunmanby)
1. Humphry Brooke, later Osbaldeston of Hunmanby (bpt 24.11.1745, d 1835)
  m. (11/13.08.1772) Catharine Pennington (dau of Sir Joseph Pennington, Bart)
  A. Catherine Osbaldeston
  m. (25.04.1795) _ Hutchinson of Wold Newton (Lt. Colonel)
  B. Theodosia Osbaldeston, later Brooke (d unm 1851)
2. Theodosia Brooke
  m. William Hudson (d Bunker's Hill, Captain)
3. Faith Brooke
  m. John Nicol
  A. Samuel William Nicol of York (d unm)
  B. daughter
  m. Richard Robson of Doncaster
4. Frances Brooke (b 1742-3, bur 20.05.1746)
5. Elizaeth Brooke
  m. Robert Hudson
6. Mary Brooke
  m. Thomas Pearson Firman

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