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Families covered: Brinkhurst of Byssam, Brinkhurst (Brinckhurst) of Great Marlow
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John Brinkhurst of Byssam, Berkshire
m. _ Gray (dau of Adam Gray)
1. John Brinkhurst or Blinkhurst in Germany (dsp)
  m1. Elizabeth Blundell
  m2. Jane Woodford of Brightwell
2. Robert Brinkhurst on London (died in Germany)
  A. Robert or Rupert Brinkhurst in Germany
  i. John Brinkhurst in Germany (dsp)
3. Richard Brinkehurst of Bissam
  m. Mary Newbery (dau of William Newbery of Malpas)
  A. John Brinkhurst of The More in Great Marlow
  m1. Elizabeth Poulton (dau of John (sb Francis?) Poulton of Barton)
m2. Mary Finch (dau of John Finch of Grove (Grovehurst?))
  i.+ issue - John (b c1618?), Charles (dsp by 1634), Susan, Mary
  Visitation ends with this generation. Presumably John (or one of his half-brothers) was father of ...
  a. ?? Brinkhurst presumed intermediary generation
  (1) John Brinkhurst or Brinckhurst of The More in Great Marlow, later of Preston (d 19.07.1726)
  m1. (by 1700) Mary Curson (d 17.07.1710, dau of Sir John Curson, 2nd Bart of Waterperry)
  (A) John Brinckhurst (dsp 08.1750)
  (B) Catherine Brinckhurst of Waterperry (b c1700, d unm 03.08.1776)
  (C) Frances Brinckhurst
  m1. Thomas Barnewall (d by 03.1769)
(i) John Barnewall, later Barnewall-Curson of Waterperry (d unm 1787)
  m2. Christopher Cusack mentioned in MGH (NS3, vol 1 (1896, #7, September 1895), 'Devolution of the Waterperry Estate', p213)
  (D) Jane Penelope Brinckhurst (dsp before 1765)
  m. Sir Richard Gaydon
  m2. ?? of Oxford
  (E) Anne Brinkhurst (b c1726, dsp 16.01.1771)
  m. (28.02.1766) Henry Roper, 10th Lord Teynham (b c1708, d 21.04.1781)
  (F) Charlotte Brinckhurst
  m. (before 1735) Lancelot Lyttelton or Lyttleton of Lichfield
  (i) Mary Lyttleton (b c1734, d 15.07.1834)
  m. (27.06.1765) Francis Roper (b 25.01.1738, d 13.08.1793)
  (ii) Barbara Lyttleton (d 10.04.1805) presumed sister of Mary
  m. (21.03.1766) Philip Roper (b 13.10.1739, d 01.01.1831, brother of Francis)
  m3. Mary Hanford (dau of John Hanford of Welleshull)
  v.+ other issue - Charles, George

Main source(s): Visitation (Buckinghamshire, 1634, 'Brinkhurst of Great Marlow'), TCP (vol XII/1, 'Teynham')
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