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Families covered: Brerewood (or Brierwood) of Chester

Robert Brerewood or Brerwood or Brierwood, Sheriff of of Chester (a 1531, glover)
m. Lucy (m2. Robert Grice of Chester, m3. _ Haword)
1. Robert Brerewood or Brierwood, Mayor of Chester (d 29.05.1601)
  m1. (c1563) Elizabeth Horton (d 1580?, dau of Thomas Horton or Orton or Oulton of Chester)
A. John Brerewood or Brierwood of Chester (dvp)
  m. Mary Parry (d 27.09.1592, dau of Thomas (probably not John) Parry or Parrey of Nanarch (Esciviock))
  i. Sir Robert Brerewood, Sheriff of Chester (b c1587, d 08.09.1654, Recorder of Chester, King's Sergeant, Judge)
  m1. Anne Mainwaring (d 23.12.1630, dau of Sir Randall Mainwaring of Over Peover)
  Visitation ends after showing Robert as father by Anne of John, Robert, Jane & Elizabeth.
  a. John Brerewood of Chester (bpt 16.06.1616, d before 19.09.1701)
  m. (after 1652) Sidney Gamul (bur 16.02.1665-6, dau of Sir Francis Gamul of Chester)
  (1) Robert Brerewood of Chester (bpt 01.05.1656, bur 07.10.17412, Captain)
  m. (12.06.1678) Dorothy Whitley of Aston in Hawarden
  (A) John Brerewood of Chester (bpt 20.03.1678-9, bur 05.11.1724)
  m. (by 1718) Sophia Hopley (a 1724, dau of John Hopley of Chelsea)
  (i) John Brerewood of Chester (bur 24.08.1728)
  (ii) Christina (Christiana) Brerewood (b c1719, bur 31.01.1795_
  (B)+ other issue - Charlotte (bpt 13.06.1680), Grosvenor (bpt 14.12.1683)
  (2) Anne Brerewood (dsp by 1700)
  m. Samuel Walker
  (3) Christian Brerewood (bpt 14.10.1659, a 1724)
m. (03.07.1683) Thomas Kelsall of Trafford (a 1724)
  (4)+ other issue - Francis (bpt 23.01.1661-2, bur 25.04.1663), John (bpt 18.01.1665-6, bur 19.01.1665-6), Alice (bpt 30.06.1657, d young?), Sidney (bpt 30.06.1658, bur 06.09.1658), Sidney (bpt 14.01.1660-1, bur 03.06.1662), Lettice (bpt 15.07.1663, d unm bur 26.10.1724), Elizabeth (bpt 22.12.1664, bur 14.02.1664-5)
  b. Elizabeth Brerewood (bpt 31.10.1624, bur 21.05.1662)
  m. William Brocke of Upton
  c.+ other issue - Robert (bpt 02.206.1630, d before 08.1643), Thomas (bpt 25.06.1623, bur 01.03.1623-4), Jane (bpt 14.09.1621, a 1652)
  m2. Catherine Lee (bur 02.03.1691-2, dau of Sir Richard Lee of Lee & Darnhall)
  f. Thomas Brerewood or Brierwood f Horton (d c1730) not shown by Earwalker, the only child of Sir Robert (of either marriage) shown by Lipscomb & Gyll, the latter showing Thomas rather than his brother John as husband of Sydney Gamul
(1) Francis Brierwood of Horton & London (dsp 07.1781)
  m.Mary (a 1781)
  (2)+ other issue - Thomas (b c1695, dsp 1748, poet), Charles (dsp bur 26.121718), daughter
  g.+ other issue - Edward (bpt 13.10.1634, a 1654), Henry (bpt 10.01.1635-6, a 1652, possibly the incumbent of Holness Chapel, 1672-1677), William (bpt 05.07.1638, a 1652), Thomas (bpt 13.10.1640, bur 16.02.1640-1), Francis (bpt 17.10.1641, a 1652), Robert (bpt 01.08.1643, bur 23.10.1643), Elizabeth (bpt 30.01.1636-7, a 1652)
  ii. John Brerewood (bpt 27.12.1589)
  m. Sara Wall (dau of Robert Wall of Chester (alderman), sister of Richard of Chester)
  a. John Brerewood (d young)
  b. Priscilla Brerewood (a 1653)
  m. Gerrard Jones, Sheriff (a 1648)
  c. Sarah Brerewood (a 1652)
  m. Richard Dunbabyn of Chester
  iii. Jane (Joan) Brerewood (bpt 28.06.1587)
m. John Ratcliffe of Chester d 30.03.1633, (alderman)
  B. Edward Brerewood or Brierwood of London & Oxford (b c1565, dsp 04.11.1613)
  C. Elizabeth Brerewood (bur 02.10.1579)
  D. Alice Brerewood (bpt 24.09.1571, d 19.05.1604)
  m1. (07.12.1589) Robert Wall of Chester (son/heir of William (alderman))
  m2. Ralph Allen of Chester (d before 1604, alderman)
  Visitation, supported by Gyll, identifies Robert's 2nd wife as a dau of Thomas Parrey of Northoy (Parry of Cheshire), relict of Powell of Horsley. Earwalker identifies her as ...
  m2. (20.06.1579) Jane (d 08.1613, dau of Hugh Powell ap Davydd ap Powell)
2. ?? Brierwood
  A. John Brierwood (a 1613)
3. Cicely Brerewood (a 1617)
  m. _ Findlow
4. Elizabeth Brerewood (a 1671)
  m. _ Throppe
5. Mary Brerewood (d 1617)
  m. Humphrey Weston

Main source(s): 'The history of the church and parish of St. Mary-on-the-Hill' (J.P. Earwalker (edited by Rupert Morris, 1898), 'Brerewood of Chester', p256+) with input/support from Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, 'Brerewood of Chester'), Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 4, 'Pedigree of Brerewood', p511) and some from 'History of the Parish of Wraysbury ...' (Gordon Willoughby James Gyll of Wraysbury, 1842, 'Pedigree of Brierwood', p227)
[Much of the above was first launched on 27.10.15 within BZmisc11. It was moved here to facilitate review & expansion.]
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