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Families covered: Bray of Bray, Bray(e) of Eaton Braye, Bray of Harleston

BE1883 identifies the arms of this family as "Arg., a chev., betweeb three eagles' legs, erased à la quisé, sa.".
William, Sr de Bray (a 1066) succeeded by ...
1. Sir Robert de Bray (ranger of Sancy Forest, Northamptonshire)
  A. Auncell de Bray mentioned by Visitation
  i. John de Bray
  B. Sir James de Bray (a temp Richard I who r. 1189-1199)
  i. Anselm de Bray
  a. William de Bray
  (1) Thomas de Bray
  m1. ??
  (A) John Bray
  (i) Thomas Bray (dsp)
  m(2). Alice Braxby or Braveby
(B) William Bray
  (i) Edmond Bray
  (a) Sir Richard Bray (a 1463, PC or physician)
  Visitation shows all Sir Richard's children by a Grace Troughton but BLG1886, BP1934 & BE1883 all show his marriages as shown below. The following is supported (just a little) by MGH (NS1, vol 1 (1844), p62) which starts with Richard but does not show the marriage to Margaret Sandes, showing the elder John as by Johanna Troughton.
  m1. Margaret Sandes (dau of John (sb. William?) Sandes of Furness Fell)
  ((1)) Sir John Bray
((A)) Margery Bray (d 03.1538/9)
  m. William Sandys, 1st Lord of The Vyne (b c1470, d 12.1540)
  m2. Johanna Troughton
  ((2)) Sir Reginald Bray (dsp 05.08.1503, Treasurer to King Henry VII)
  ((3)) John (not Richard) Bray of Eaton Braye and/or Stoke Dabernon (2nd John)
((A)) Edmund Bray or Braye, 1st Lord (b c1484, d 18.10.1539)
  m. Jane Hallighwell (d 24.10.1558, dau of Sir Richard Hallighwell or Halywell of Holwell by Jane Norbury)
  ((i)) John Braye, 2nd Lord (b c1523, dsp 19.11.1557)
  m. Anne Talbot (d 03.02.1584, dau of Francis Talbot, 5th Earl of Shrewsbury)
  ((ii)) Anne Braye (d 01.11.1558)
m. (before 1526) George Brooke, 9th Lord Cobham (b c1497, d 29.09.1558)
  ((iii)) Elizabeth Braye (d 1573)
  m1. Sir Ralph Verney of Pendley and Middle Claydon (d 1546)
  A descendant from this marriage succesfully claimed the barony in 1839.
  m2. Sir Richard Catesby of Legers Ashby
  m3. William Clark
  m4. Henry Phillips
((iv)) Frideswide Braye
  m. Sir Percival Hart of Lullingstone
  ((v)) Mary Braye (d 1569)
  m. Sir Robert Peckham
((vi)) Dorothy Braye (b c1530, d 31.10.1605)
  m. (c1548) Edmund Brydges, 2nd Lord Chandos of Sudeley (b before 1522, d 11.03.1572/3)
  ((vii)) Frances Braye (d 1592)
  m. Thomas Lyfield of Stoke d'Auberon
((a)) Jane Lyfield
  m. Sir Thomas Vincent of Bernack & Stoke D'Abernon (d 14.12.1613)
  ((vii)) Jane Braye (d young)
  ((B)) Sir Edward Bray of Vachery Park & Shere, Sheriff of Surrey and Sussex (d 01.12.1558)
  m1. (div) Elizabeth Lovell (dau of Henry Lovell of Lorting)
  m2. Beatrix Shirley (dau of Raffe Shirley, widow of Elderton)
  m3. Jane Brown (dau of Sir Matthew Brown)
  ((C)) Reginald Bray of Barrington
  m. Anne Monington (dau of Richard Monington of Barrington)
  ((D)) Elizabeth Bray
m. Sir John Norris
  ((4)) Lucy Bray
  m1. Richard Andrews (of Frisfolke), Hampshire
  ((A)) Richard Andrews
  m. Katherin Welsh (dau of Thomas Welsh, Baron of the Exchequer)
  ((i))+ issue - Katherine, Constance
  m2. Roger Walwyn
  ((5)) Joane Bray
  m. Isack ap Rhys
  (b) Edmond Bray
  (C)+ other issue - Alice, Joane



Baker identifies the arms of this family as "Vairy Argent and Azure three bends Gules" which indicates that it may not have been connected to the family above despite also apparently orgininating from Northamptonshire.
Osbert de Harleston
1. Henry de Bray of Harleston (d 25.08.1280)
  m. Emma (dau/heir of ?? by Quena, dau of Brixtan de Armenters in Harleston)
  A. John de Bray of Harleston (d 08.08.1282)
  m. Matilda (dau/coheir of Richard of Harleston, m2. Adam Werror)
  i. Henry de Bray of Harleston (b 31.01.1269-70, a 1329)
  m. (22.04.1284) Mabil
  a. Alice de Bray (b 06.09.1286)
  m. (20.11.1308) John Dyve of Brampton & Harleston (d 1334)
  ii. Beatrice Bray
  m. Richard Bent
  B. Nicholas Bray (d 25.08.1287)
  i. Thomas de Bray (d 04.05.1328)
  a. Nicholas de Bray (b c1319)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 06.03.05) : BLG1886 (Bray of Shere) with input from BP1934 (Braye), TCP (Braye) and support from BE1883 (Braye), Visitation (Sussex, 1530+1633-4, Bray)
(2) For lower section (uploaded 28.10.19) : 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton' (George Baker, vol 1, 1830, 'Bray and Dyve of Harleston', p169)
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