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Families covered: Bower of Bridlington, Bower of Scorton, Bower of Welham

The coat of arms of the following family is based on a 'human leg' on black.
John Bower of Bridlington, Yorkshire (bur 06.11.1569)
m. Agnes (bur 06.04.1568)
1. John Bower of Bridlington (d 02.03.1590)
  m1. (30.01.1568) Emma Skynner
  A. John Bower of Bridlington (bpt 15.07.1570, bur 06.12.1611) the first mentioned by BLG1858
  m. (18.05.1592) Jean Bonefylde (bpt 28.02.1568)
  i. William Bower of Bridlington (bpt 14.05.1598) the first mentioned by Walker
  Walker shows William's wife and mother of John & Edward as Priscilla. BLG1858 does not name any wives for William. BLG1952 identifies her as the following Thomasine so, noting the dates, we presume that Priscilla was William's second wife, not mother of ...
m1. Thomasine Bowes (bur 17.09.1657)
  a. John Bower of Bridlington
  m. (10.06.1652) Catherine Bower (dau of William Bower of Cloughton, widow of _ Rogers)
  (1) William Bower of Bridlington (b 1654, d 09.05.1707)
  m1. (19.10.1676) Sarah Belt (b 1659-60, d 23.04.1690, dau of Jasper Belt of Pocklington/Bossal, son of Sir Robert of Bossall)
  (A) William Bower
  partner(s) unknown
  (i)+ 3 daughters
  (B) Leonard Bower of Scorton (b 26.04.1682, d c1762)
  m. (08.1720) Elizabeth Woolfe (dau of Richard Woolfe of Bridlington Quay)
  (i) John Bower of Scorton (b 1730, 2nd son)
  m. (10.07.1759) Philadelphia Cuthbertson (dau of George Cuthbertson of Newcastle-on-Tyne)
  (a) Robert Bower of Welham, Yorkshire (b 02.02.1767, Major)
  m. Elizabeth Amy Clubbe (d 17.01.1802, dau/heir of John Clubbe of Ipswich)
  ((1)) Robert Bower of Welham (b 1798, d 11.05.1869) had issue
  m. (23.06.1824) Helen Hall (dau of John Hall of Scorborough)
  ((2)) John William Bower (rector of Barmston) had issue
  m. (03.09.1828) Eugenia Hall (dau of John Hall of Scorborough)
  ((3))+ other issue - George Henry (rector of Rossington), Elizabeth Amy, Sarah Anne
  (b)+ other issue
  (ii) Hannah Bower
  m. (17.09.1751) George Cuthbertson of Newcastle-on-Tyne (son of George?)
  (iii) Sarah Bower
  m. Montgomery Agnew of Bishop Auckland (General)
  (iv)+ other issue - William (dsp), daughter
(C) Jasper Bower (d unm)
  (D) Sarah Bowe
  m. Thomas Goulton of Bessingby
  (E) Catherine Bower
  m. Francis Goulton
  (F) Jane Bowe
  m. _ Harle of Shields
  m2. Catherine Trotter (dau of Edward Trotter of Skelton Castle by Mary, dau of Sir John Lowther, Bart)
  (G) Henry Bower of York, later of Killerby Hall (d unm 26.04.1770)
  (H) George Bower of Bridlington (b 1703)
  m. Henrietta Freeman (dau of Samuel Freeman of Dublin, relict of William Hebblethwaite) # see here ##
  (i) Freeman Bower of Killerby Hall & Bawtry (d 29.07.1786)
  m1. Margaret Burdon (dau of Richard Burdon of Doncaster)
  (a) Edward Trotter Bower (d infant)
  m2. (18.01.1777) Mary Pearson (dau/coheir of Nathaniel Pearson of Tyers Hill by Priscilla, sister/coheir of Thomas Rayney of Tyers Hill)
  (b) Frances Mary Bower (b 03.11.1779)
m. Henry Watkins (vicar of Silkstone & Beckingham)
  (c) Henrietta Priscilla Bower (b 23.01.1781)
  m. James Jackson of Doncaster
  (d)+ other issue - Freeman (b 08.11.1777, d 21.11.1777), Henry of Tickhill & Doncaster (b 26.10.1778, d unm 26.02.1842), Catherine (b 28.07.1783, d 08.09.1783), Eliza (b 22.01.1785, d 15.02.1785), Wilhelmina Elizabeth (b 04.12.1786)
  (ii)+ other issue (d young) - Edward, John
  (I) Robert Bower of Sleights & Welham (b 1705, dsp 1777)
  m. Tabitha Burdett (dau/coheir of Richard Burdett of Sleights by Idonea, dau of Fiennes Twistleton of Broughton Castle)
  (J) Mary Bower
  m1. (1727) Peter Whitton, Lord Mayor of York (druggist)
  m2. (1742) George Perrott (a 1775, Baron of the Exchequer)
  (K)+ other issue - Edward (d unm 1777), John
  (2) John Bower of The Quay, Bridlington (b 1657-8, d 05.1719)
  m. (22.10.1685) Lydia Skinner
  (A) Edward Bower of Bridlington Quay
  m. (07.11.1721) Elizabeth Wolfe (dau of David Wolfe)
  (i) John Bower (2nd son?)
  (a)+ 1 son + 1 daughter
  (ii) Elizabeth Bower
m. Richard Kentish of Bridlington (b 1733-4, d 16.07.1767, surgeon)
  (iii)+ other issue - Edward (b 1739), Lydia (b 1723-4, d 07.1757)
  (B) William Bower of Bridlington Quay (d 01.1726)
  m. (08.08.1722) Jane Staveley
  (3) Robert Samuel Bower
  (4) Catherine Bower
  m. (15.12.1687) John Temperton
  (5) Priscilla Bower
  m. (10/01.08.1700) Ralph Creyke of Marton
  (6) daughter
  m. _ Coultas
  (7) daughter
  m. _ Fell
  b. Edward Bower
  m. (21.10.1658) Prudence Crosby (dau of Thomas Crosby of Holme, widow of William Bower of The Quay)
  (1) Thomas Bower (d infant)
  (2) Priscilla Bower (b 19.01.1660)
  m. (13.12.1683) Robert Squire (son of William of Ullskelf)
  m2. Priscilla (b c1603, d 08.1698)
  m2. (05.01.1576) Margaret Watson
  B.+ other issue

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Bower formerly of Welham), BLG1858 (Bower of Welham), Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, 'Bower of Clowton (Cloughton) and Bridlington')
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