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Families covered: Boudier of Jersey

The following family did not move from Normandy to Jersey until the early 8th century. We assume that the following has anglicised various of the first names.
John (Jean) Boudier
1. James Boudier (a 1478
  m. Guillemine Aelier
  A. John Boudier
  B. William Boudier (a 1525)
  i. Peter Boudier
  a. John Boudier ("ennobled 1585")
  (1) John Boudier
  (2) James Boudier
  (A) Anthony Boudier
  (B) James Boudier
  (i) Philip Boudier
  (a) Estienne (Stephen) Boudier (d 1746, "settled in Jersey")
  m. (1721) Ann Payn
  ((1)) John Boudier (b 1721, d 1796, 2nd son?)
  m1. (1748) Madeleine Ahier
  ((A)) John Boudier (dsp)
  m2. Elizabeth Falle
  ((B)) John Boudier (rector of S. Ouen)
  m. Elizabeth Keystling (dasu of John Keystling of Wellingbro')
  ((i)) John Boudier (cleric) had issue
  m. Marianne Rooke (dau of George Rooke)
  ((ii))+ other issue - 3 sons (dsp), Catherine, Elizabethm daughter (dsp)
  ((C)) Edward Boudier
  m. Anne Mallet
  ((D)) Joshua Boudier
  m. Esther Le Gallais
  ((i)) John Boudier
  ((ii)) Joshua Boudier had issue (1 daughter)
  m. Anne Bishop
  ((E)) Anne Boudier
m. Philip Thacker
  ((F)) Esther Boudier
  m. John Coutanche
  ((i)) Esther Coutanche
  m. J. Chevalier
  ((i)) Nancy Coutanche
  m. S. Pike
  ((iii)) Elizabeth Coutanche
  m. J. Aubin
  ((iv)) Jane Coutanche
  m. Edward Mourant
  ((G)) Philip Boudier
  m. Anne Le Gresley
  ((H)) Elizaeth Boudier
  m. Philip Hubert
  ((I))+ other issue - Francis, Estienne, Nicholas, Mary
  ((2))+ other issue - Francis, Anne
  b. Peter Boudier d'Aignaux ("Noble homme")
  c. David Boudier du Bose
  m. Jane Dupre
  ii. William Boudier de la Buissonaire

Main source(s): 'An Armorial of Jersey' (J. Bertrand Payne, 1859, 'Pedigree of Boudier', p49)
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