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Families covered: Boothby of Chingford, Boothby of Friday Hill, Boothby of Weston

Thomas Boothby of Friday Hill, Chingford, Essex (d 16.10.1625)
BEB1841 suggests that Thpomas m1. Anne Grafton m2. Elizabeth Wright but MGH, which gives relevant dates, shows the marriages the other way round.
m1. (c1584) Elizabeth Wright (bur 20.09.1592)
1. Robert Boothby of Weston & Friday Hill (bpt 12.121591, d 23.03.1641/2, 2nd son)
  m. (18.08.1621) Mary Hyer (d before 12.1641, dau of George Hyer of Sheen)
  A. Sir Thomas Boothby of Friday Hill, 1st Bart (b c1621, bur 20.08.1661)
  m. (c1644) Elizabeth Styles (d 23.02.1674, dau of Sir Nicholas Styles of Westerham & Wateringbury Park)
  i. Sir Thomas Boothby of Friday Hill, 2nd Bart (bpt 11.07.1645, d unm 01.12.1669)
  ii. Elizabeth Boothby (bpt 11.12.1647, d before 02.1674)
  m. Hugh Wood
  a. Edward Moriah Wood
iii.+ other issue - Humphrey (bpt 08.11.1646, bur 10.05.16648), Robert (b 1648, d young (bur 25.07.1659?)), Mary (b c1649, bur 08.10.1656)
  B. William Boothby of Weston, Surrey (a 1674, 4th son?)
  m. ?? (possibly dau of Herbert Aubrey)
  i. Robert Boothby of Friday Hill & Chingford (b c1661, d 01.12.1733)
  m. (c09.1689) Sarah Jackson (dau of Samuel Jackson of Bricher)
  a. Thomas Boothby of Friday Hill (b 1696, d 28.05.1735)
  m. (25.11.1731) Frances Worthington (b 1712, d 09.02.1804, m2. Benjamin Moyer) ## see here ##
  (1) Robert Boothby of Friday Hill (b c1730, d 11.10.1774, captain)
  (2) Frances Boothby
  m. John Charnock
  (A) John Charnock (d 16.05.1807)
  b. Sarah Boothby (b c1697)
  ii.+ other issue - William, Elizabeth
  C. Anne Boothby
  m. _ Stone
  D. Catherine Boothby
  m. _ Browne
  E.+ other issue - George of Brockhenhurst (b c1623, d unm before 15.04.1599), Robert of Chingford (b c1624, d unm before 24.09.1655), Henry of Weston (b c1630, a 1669), Martha, Mary (a 1653)
2. Anne Boothby (bpt 06.05.1586)
  m. Matthew Bedell of London (m1. ??)
3. Elizabeth Boothby (bpt 25.09.1588)
  m. Humphrey Styles of Westerham (bpt 01.11.1581, m1. ??)
4.+ other issue - Thomas (b c1590, bur 25.04.1632), Elizabeth (bpt 23.04.1587, d infant)
m2. (02.04.1594) Ann Wood of Stafford (d 15.12.1622, widow of _ Grafton)
6. William Boothby of Westerham (bpt 11.12.1597, d unm before 24.07.1676)
7. Richard Boothby of St. Dunstan's (bpt 10.04.1599, d unm before 22.12.1669)
8. Walter Boothby of Tottenham (b c1660, d before 12.03.1668-9)
  The following is mostly supported by Visitation (Foster, Middlesex, 1663, 'Boothby of Tottenham').
  m. Catherine Whitham (dau of George Whitham, 'sister/coheir of Henry')
  A. Rebecca Boothby (bpt 13.03.1633)
  m. John Jolliffe of London
  B. Frances Boothby
  m. Ed. Brewester
  C. Mary Boothby (bpt 06.11.1638)
  m. (16.02.1676) William Saltmarsh (vicar)
  D. Martha Boothby
  m. (1677) Lawrence Moyer
  E.+ other issue - Isaac of London (b c1646), George (bpt 24.06.1629, bur 26.06.1629), Anne/Hannah (bpt 28.02.1639)
9. Mary Boothby (bpt 15.05.1595, d 08.07.1628)
  m. Simon Edmonds
10. Martha Boothby (bpt 27.08.1596, d 1652)
  m. (17.04.1620) Francis Flyer (grandson of Richard Flyer of Uttoxeter)

Main source(s): MGH (NS5 vol 1 (1916), p188+) with some support from BEB1841 ('Boothby of Chingford') and a little from TCB (vol 3, 'Boothby of Friday Hill, Chingford', p127+)
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