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Families covered: Blennerhasset of Ballycarty, Blennerhassett of Carlisle, Blennerhassett of Flimby

Alan de Blennerhassett, Mayor of Carlisle (Cumberland) (a 1388)
1. John de Blennerhassett (a 1381, 1394, MP for Carlisle)
  m. Johanna probably parents of ...
  A. Ralph de Blennerhassett (a 1413, dsp, MP for Carlisle)
  m. _ de Staffol (coheir of Staffield)
  B. Richard de Blennerhassett (Blenerhayset) of Carlisle
  m. _ Skelton (dau/coheir of Sir Clement Skelton of Great Orton by Joan, dau of Sir Gyles de Orton)
  i. John de Blennerhassett of Great Orton (Cunmberland), Mayor of Carlisle (d 1471/2)
BP1934 reports that from John descended the undermentioned Thomas. The wording in BIFR1976 seems less sure. However, BP2003 (Blennerhassett) repeats the view that John was ancestor of Thomas.
  a. ?? Blennerhassett
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  (1) ?? Blennerhassett
  (A) Thomas Blennerhassett (a 1543)
  (i) John Blennerhassett of Carlisle & Allonby (d 1578)
  m. Janet (or Joan) de Martindale (dau/coheir of James de Martindale of Newton-on-Sea) probably parents of ...
  (a) Thomas Blennerhassett of Flimby (a 1586) - continued below
  (ii) Jane Blennerhassett
  m. Sir John Lamplugh of Lamplugh
  ii. Ralph Blennerhasset (Blenerhayset or Bleverhassett) of Frenze (d 08.11.1475, 5th son)
  m. (c1422) Joan Lowdham (bc 1404, d 20.06.1501, dau of John Lowdham of Lowdham & Frenze)
  iii.+ other issue
2. Robert de Blennerhassett (a 1406, 1428)
3. Maria de Blennerhassett
  m. (1391) William de Aglionby of Tarraby



Thomas Blennerhassett of Flimby, Cumberland (a 1586) - continued above
BIFR1976 identifies Thomas as father of Robert and also notes that the following John was "perhaps" his son.
1. John Blennerhassett of Flimby
  m. Jane Senhouse (dau of John Senhouse of Ellenborough) probably parents of ...
  A. William Blennerhassett of Flimby
  i. Cuthbert Blennerhassett
a. William Blennerhassett of Flimby, Sheriff of Cumberland (b 1652, d 1687)
  m. (1671/2) Frances Musgrave (dau of Sir Edward Musgrave, 1st Bart of Hayton Castle) probably parents of ...
  (1) William Blennerhassett of Flimby
  m. (27.05.1723) Jane Wyvill (b c1697, d 1746, dau of Timothy Wyvill) probably parents of ...
  (A) William Blennerhassett in London, last of Flimby (author)
(B)+ other issue including Wyvill (Rev.)
2. Robert Blennerhassett of Ballycarty & Ballyseedy, Provost of Tralee (d before 1654, to Kerry, MP)
  m. Elisabeth Conway (dau of Capt. Jenkin Conway of Castle Conway, uncle of 1st Viscount Conway)
  A. John Blennerhassett of Ballycarty (d 1676, MP)
  m. Martha Lynn (dau of George Lynn of Southwick Hall by Isabel Forrest)
i. John Blennerhassett of Ballyseedy, Sheriff (d 04.12.1677)
  m. Elizabeth Denny (dau of Sir Edward Denny of Tralee Castle)
  ii. Robert Blennerhassett of Tralee, Sheriff (a 1634, a 1682, MP)
  m. Avice Conway (dau of Edward Conway of Castle Conway, cousin)
  iii. Thomas Blennerhassett of Lettur, co. Kerry
m. Ellen Stoughton (dau of Anthony Stoughton of Rattoo by Honora O'Brien)
  a. John Blennerhassett (d infant)
  b. Martha Blennerhassett (d 1744)
  m1. (1685) Frederick Mullins of Bellingolin (dvp 03.10.1695)
  m2. Henry Parr of Dingle & Tralee
  c. Honora Blennerhassett
m. Joseph Morris of Urly & Morlee
  d. Ellen Blennerhassett
  m. Charles Wren (son of Capt. Thomas of Littur)
  e. Elizabeth Blennerhassett
  m. Arthur O'Lavery of Moira (captain)
  f. Margaret Blennerhassett
  m. Lancelot Glanville
  g. Mary Blennerhassett
  m. John Sandes of Cloonbrane
iv. Mary Blennerhassett
  m. (before 1655) Thomas Wren of Littur (Captain)
  v. Alice Blennerhassett
  m. Edmund Conway of Cloghane
  vi. Lucy Blennerhassett
  m. (12.07.1655) John Walker (Lt.)
  C. Edward Blennerhassett, Sheriff of Kerry (a 1642)
  m. Mary Vauclier (dau of Edward Vauclier or Vanclair)
  i. Anne Blennerhassett
  m. John Baker of Castle Eve (Captain)
  C. Arthur Blennerhassett of Loughgur (Captain)
  m. Mary FitzGerald (dau of Garrett FitzGerald of Ballynard)
  D. Elizabeth Blennerhassett
  m. George Norton of Moyagh Castle (Captain)

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Blennerhassett), BP1934 (Blennerhassett)
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