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Families covered: Blaker of Brighton, Blaker of Buckingham, Blaker of Old Shoreham, Blaker of Portslade

Edward Blaker of Portslade, Sussex (d before 17.11.1571)
m. Christian (d before 09.04.1579)
1. Edward Blaker of Portslade (d before 03.12.1594) the first mentioned by Berry
  m. Anne Fowler (d 1598, dau of Robert Fowler of Portslade)
  A. Edward Blaker of Portslade (bpt 06.05.1570, d 10.1653)
  m1. (11.10.1596) Anne Dappe (dsp 28.12.1627, dau of William Dappe of Newick)
  m2. (c04.1625) Susan Scrase (d 20.06.1678, dau of Tuppin (not Tupper) Scrase, m2. Rev. Edward Burton)
  i. Edward Blaker of Buckingham, Old Shoreham, Sheriff of Sussex (bpt 10.01.1629-30, d 13.09.1678, MP)
  m. Dorothy Goring (bpt 02.09.1628, bur 04.02.1683-4, dau of Henry Goring of Highden, m2. Robert Hall of Old Shoreham)
  a. Edward Blaker (d 1723)
  m. Ann (d 1712)
  (1) Edward Blaker of Old Shoreham (b 1687, d 28.10.1745)
  m. Elizabeth (b c1695, d 16.12.1755)
  (A) Edward Blaker of Old Shoreham (b 1725-6, d 20.05.1757)
  (B)+ other issue - Elizabeth (d 1276), Shadrach (d 1726)
  (2) William Blaker (b 1692, d 29.07.1751)
  m. Ann (d 03.01.1769, m2. H. Bridger)
  (3) Nathaniel Blaker (b 1699, d 10.07.1764, youngest son)
  m. Katherine Friend (b c1695, d 15.11.1762)
  (A) Nathaniel Blaker of Portslade (b 03.12.1742, d 06.05.1815)
  m. (26.07.1769) Elizabeth Rogers (b 16.10.1745, d 17.05.1815, dau of William Rogers of Patcham)
  (i) Nathaniel Blaker of Pangdean (b 20.11.1772)
  m. Anna Hodson (dau of Anthony William Hodson of Westmeston)
  (a)+ issue - Nathaniel (b 22.09.1800), John (b 1803, d 1820), George (b 07.03.1805), Anna (b 09.01.1802), Harriet (b 1807, d 1824), Elizabeth (b 1809, d 1824), Mary (b 16.07.1811)
  (ii) John Blaker of Lewes (b 11.04.1774)
  m. (31.10.1797) Sarah Hardwick (dau of WIlliam Hardwick of Hangleton Place)
  (a) Sarah Blaker (b 12.05.1799)
  m. George Turner
  (b)+ other issue - John (b 20.11.1804), Edgar (b 17.04.1808), Elizabeth, b 1801, d 1825), Mary Ann (b 07.03.1802), Cordelia (b 1806, d 1827), Emily (b 1810, d 1825), Fanny (b 26.03.1812)
  (iii) George Blaker of Patcham (b 30.09.1778) had issue (2 daughters)
  m. (16.10.1810) Anna Kemp (dau of Sir Bine Kemp of Saddlescomb)
  (iv) Edward Blaker of Brighton (b 26.03.1780) had issue
  m. (01.02.1810) Anna Kemp Marchant (dau of John Marchant of Perching)
  (v) Harry Blaker of Brighton (b 26.10.1784, 6th son) had issue
  m. (30.01.1816) Sarah Arabella Mills (dau of John Mills of Brighton)
  (vi) Elizabeth Blaker (b 20.07.1770)
  m. Thomas Turner of Old Land, Keymer
  (vii) Barbara Blaker (b 19.07.1771)
  m. Rev. Samuel Clarke of Plumpton
  (viii)+ other issue - Thomas of Portslade (b 17.11.1782, a 1828, d unm?), Chrales (b 23.11.1786, d unm 12.04.1827), Catherine (b 17.06.1775, a 1828, d unm?), Cordelia (b 07.09.1788, a 1828, d unm?), Anna (b 19.03.1777, d unm 02.04.1811)
  (B) Katherine Blaker (b 11.12.1738, d unm 06.09.1809)
(C) Anna Blaker (b 20.04.1740, d 12.04.1815)
  m. Henry Kipping of Brighton
  (4)+ other issue - John of Steyning (b 1695, d 1769), Susanna (b 1683), Ann (b 1690, d 05.09.1726), Sarah (b 1697)
  ii. William Blaker of Buckingham, Old Shoreham, Sheriff of Sussex (bpt 09.02.1631-2, d 06.10.1703)
  m1. Anne
  a. Susanna Blaker (d 09.05.1690)
  m. (19.10.1682) John Monke of Old Shoreham (b c1659, d 1701)
  m2. Mabel Davis (widow of William Vinall of Kingston Bowsey)
  iii. Richard Blaker (bpt 19.05.1633)
  m1. Mary Cowper (dau of Thomas Cowper of Strood in Slinfold)
  m2. Mary Backshell (dau of John Backshell of Beeding)
  a.+ issue including Mary
  iv. Susan Blaker
  m. Edward Alfrey of Gulledge, East Grinstead
  v. Mary Blaker
  m. George Cooke of Goring
  vi. Frances Blaker
  m. William Bridges
  B. Henry Blaker (d 1655, 4th son)
  m. Ann (d 1655)
  C.+ other issue - John, Thomas

Main source(s): Visitation (Sussex, 1662 (with additions), 'Blaker of Buckingham in Old Shoreham'), CountyGen (Berry, Sussex, p86+) with just a little support from a web site (here, with thanks to a contributor (CV, 13.04.16) for bringing this to our attention)
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