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Families covered: Blake of Bunwell, Blake of Comb, Blake of Scottow, Jex-Blake of Swanton Abbotts

John Blake of Comb, Devon
m. Elizabeth Lugar (dau/heir of Robert Lugar of Modburye)
1. John Blake of Comb
  m. S*** Weeke (dau of John Wooke of Widicomb)
  A. John Blake of Comb (a 1620)
  m1. Elizabeth Slanning (dau of John Slanning of Ley)
  i. John Blake
  m. Dorothy Wood (dau of John Wood)
  a.+ issue (a 1620) - John (b c1608), George, Nicholas, Edward, Susan, Elizabeth, Jane
  ii. Mary Blake
  m. Roger Ford of Brixton
  m2. Mary Fortescue (dau of Humphrey Fortescue of Spurwaye)
  iii. Ferdinand Blake
  m. Martha Berry
  iv. Prisilla Blake
  m. Nicholas Peirse of Plimpton
  m3. Grace Cock (dau of John Cock of Cambelford)



John Blake of Bunwell, Norfolk (b 1583, bur 04.08.1646)
m. Martha
1. John Blake of Bunwell (b 1622, d 08.1686)
  m1. (1644) Anne Welles (dau of John Welles (Wethes or Wethy))
  A. Thomas Blake
m. Jane
  i. John Blake of Bunwell
  m. Judith (relict of Jonas Walpole of Long Stratton)
  a.+ 1 son + 3 daughters
  ii. Thomas Blake of New Buckenham
  m. Mary Fulcher
  iii. Robert Blake of Roydon
  B. Samuel Blake (dvpsp)
  C. Robert Blake of Scottow (b 07.12.1655, d 1729)
  m. (1681) Margaret Durrant (b 03.03.1653, d 08.05.1724, dau of William Durrant of Scottow)
  i. Robert Blake of Westwick (b 1685, d 1733)
  m. Mary Phillips (b 1694, d 1758, dau of William Phillips of North Walsham)
  a. Margaret Blake (b 1734, dsps 1760)
  m. James Atkinson (Rector of Barton & Sloley)
  b.+ other issue - Robert (d 1742), Thomas (d 1743), Margaret (d 1748)
  ii. Thomas Blake of Scottow (b 07.11.1689, d 25.08.1738))
m. Elizabeth Jex (d 12.02.1786, dau of John Jex of Lowestoft by Mary or Elizabeh, dau/coheir of William Coulson of Swanton Abbot)
  a. Thomas Blake of Scottow (b 18.06.1726, d 26.06.1806)
  m. (23.07.1754) Judith Clarke (b 1726, d 1762, dau of William Clarke of Loddon)
  (1) Thomas Blake 'of Scottow' of Norwich (b 22.06.1755, d 27.09.1813)
  m1. Margaret Weston (d 1781, dau/heir of Rev. Thomas Weston of Cookley & Halesworth)
  m2. Theodora Columbine (d 26.07.1801, dau of David Columbine of Norwich)
  (A) Robert Blake, later Blake-Humfrey of Wroxham House (b 23.11.1795, a 1848, 2nd son) had issue
  m. Charlotte Harvey (dau of Lt. Colonel John Harvey of Thorpe-next-Norwich)
  Their son "assumed the name of Mason in lieu of Blake-Humfrey".
  (B) Henry William Blake (b 22.121798, d 28.11.1857, Rector of Thurning) had issue
  m1. Louisa Day (dau of Rev. Charles Day of Horsford)
  m2. (sp?) Mary Hartland (dau of Major _ Hartland)
  (C) Theodora Martha Blake (b 1786)
m. Robert Fountaine Elwin (d 1848, Rector in Norwich and Wilby & Hargham)
  (D) Maria Margaret Blake (b 1790, d 1820)
  m. George Howes (Rector of Spixworth)
(E)+ other issue - Thomas of Horstead (b 13.03.1790, a 1820), Francis John of Norwich (b 1801, d 30.11.1875), Judith Elizabeth (b 1794)
  (2) William Blake, later Jex-Blake of Swanton Abbotts, Norfolk (b 31.05.1758, d 03.1842/12.02.1843)
  m. (21.12.1785) Catharine Ferrier (d 1838, dau of Robert Ferrier of Starston)
  (A) William Jex Blake, later Jex-Blake of The Hall, Swanton Abbotts (b 23.11.1786, d 23.10.1857, cleric) had issue
  m. (11.06.1811) Maria Lubbock (d 27.04.1857, dau of William Lubbock, sister of Sir John William, Bart)
  (B) Robert Ferrier Blake (b 05.03.1789, rector of Great Dunham) had issue
  m. (20.10.1828) Elinor Sarah Elizabeth Hoey (dau of William Hoey of Dungastown)
  (C) Thomas Blake of London (b 17.12.1790) had issue
  m1. (01.1821) Elizabeth Palmer (d 06.07.1821, dau/heir of William Palmer)
  m2. (1824) Maria Emily Cubitt (dau of Thomas Cubitt of Honing Hall)
  (D) Elizabeth Blake
  m. Rev. John Gunton
  (E)+ other issue - Judith (d young), Catherine Charlotte (d unm 1855)
  b.+ other issue - William of Swanton Abbot (b 1729, d 01.01.1800), Mary of Scottow (d unm 1806)
  m2. (c1682, sp) Susanna Stubling (dau of John Stubling or Stebbing of Stoke)

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