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Families covered: Blackwood of Fife, Blackwood of Edinburgh, Blackwood of Pitreavie
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'Published Family Histories' reports that the undermentioned John Blackwood of Bangor was "perhaps a cousin" of the undermentioned Adam and that "That they were of the same house is proved by the fact that John bore the same coat of arms as Adam, but with two mullets and a crescent instead of one mullet and a crescent." Provisionally, we show John & Adam as first cousins, with their shared grandfather being ...
?? Blackwood
1. William Blackwood of/near Dunfermline, Fife (d (Pinkie?) c1547)
  m. Helen Reid (niece of Robert Reid, Bishop of Orkney)
  A. Adam Blackwood in Paris (b 15369, d 1613)
  m. Catherine Courtinier of Poitiers
  'Published Family Histories' provides the above but jumps to the undermentioned George without making the connection, just mentioning that George, who settled in Edinburgh sometime around 1600, was of the Dunfermline or Fife family. The connection is given in Wikipedia.
  i. William Blackwood of Duddingston (a 1584, cleric)
a. George Blackwood of Edinburgh (d 1666)
  (1) Sir Robert Blackwood of Pitreavie, Dean of Guild then Lord Provost of Edinburgh (b 1624, d 1720)
  m. (c1695) Ann Stewart (d 1783)
  (A) Robert Blackwood of Pitreavie (d 1760) had issue
  m. Anne Stewart (dau of Charles Stewart of Dunearn) probably born after 1700, possibly wife of this Robert
  (B) Agnes Blackwood (b c1697, dsp 1777)
  m. Sir John Trelawney of Trelawney
  (C) Margaret Blackwood
  m. John Hay
  (2) ?? .Blackwood
  (A) Thomas Blackwood (d 1737)
  'Published Family Histories' indicates that Thomas might have been a generation later.
  (i) Alexander Blackwood (b 1736, d 1802)
  m. Janet Drysdale
  (a) William Blackwood of Edinburgh (b 1776, d 1834, 2nd son) had issue
  William "was founder of the great Edinburgh publishing house of William Blackwood & Sons".
(b)+ other issue (a 1802) - Thomas, John
  Thomas & John "resurrected the silk mercer business which had lapsed after the death of Sir Robert Blackwood in 1720, under the name of T&J Blackwood".
  (3) Janet Blackwood (a 1713) possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Hamilton in Maybole (d 08.1698)
  As reported on the Hamilton page, Janet was identified as sister of Sir Robert but her father was named Robert (or John) not George.
  (4) Jean Blackwood probably of this generation
m. (sp) Charles Mitchell 'of Pittedie' of Uresland & Edinburgh (d 11.11.1726)
  (5)+ other issue
  ii. Helen Blackwood
  m. (1622) Francois de la Mothe le Voyeur (b 08.1588, d 09.05.1672, writer (as "Orosius Tubero"), tutor to King Louis XIV)
  B. Henry Blackwood (d 1614, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Paris)
  i. Henry Blackwood (d 17.10.1634, Professor of Medicine & Surgery in Paris)
  C. George Blackwood (d 1671, lecturer in Paris, later a cleric)
2. ?? Blackwood
  A. John Blackwood of Bangor, co. Down (b 1591, d 22.05.1663, from Scotland to Ireland)
  m. Janet Clerke

Main source(s): 'Published Family Histories' (a report on the histories provided over the years by the Fife Family History Society), Wikipedia ('Robert Blackwood of Pitreavie' and connected articles)
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