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Families covered: Bisse of Batcombe, Bisse of Codicote, Bisse of Croscombe, Bisse of Pensford, Bisse of Spargrove, Bisse of Stoke St. Michael

Philip Bisse of Stoke St. Michael, Somerset (d before 14.05.1520)
m. Joan (a 01.1519)
1. John Bisse (d 18.05.1557)
  m. Juliana (d 04.1566)
  A. John Bisse of Pensford, Somerset (b by 1517?, d 05.11.1565)
  m. Margaret (a 04.1566)
  i. John Bisse of Peglinch in Wellos, Somerset (b by 1536, d 23.05.1593)
  m. ?? (a 05.1593)
  a. John Bisse of Corsley, Wiltshire (b by 1570, d 28.11.1600)
  m. Joan (d before 27.03.1620, possibly sister of William Awbrey)
  (1) John Bisse (b c01.1591, a 10.1619)
  m. Elizabeth (a 10.1619)
  (A) Elizabeth Bisse (a 10.1619) probably married ...
  m. James Trott of Mapleton (a 1634)
  (B)+ other issue (a 10.1619) - John, Mary, Bridget
  (2) Dorothy Bisse
  m. (before 23.10.1619) Thomas Warman
  (3)+ other issue - Edward (a 10.0619), son (a 11.1600)
  ii. Richard Bisse of Bristol (d before 10.12.1591, 3rd son)
  m1. Alice Hart (a 1579, dau of John Hart of Bristol)
  a. John Bisse (b after 11.1570, a 12.1591)
  m2. Katherine Gilbert (a 12.1591, dau of Henry Gilbert (by Margaret), widow of _ Bentall)
  iii. Philip Bisse (d before 21.10.1565, 5th son)
  a. Philip Bisse (a 10.0565)
  iv. Johan Bisse (a 11.1591)
  m. (after 10.1565) _ Phillippa
  v.+ other issue - William (a 11.1591), Lawrence (b after 10.1534, a 11.1595), Thomas (a 10.1565), Cicely (a 10.1565), Agnes (a 10.1565), Maud (a 10.1565)
  B. Richard Bisse of Publow, Somerset (d before 27.05.1560) probably of this generation
m. Frances (d c07.1587, possibly sister of John Lombowe, m2. Lawrence Baynerd)
  i. John Bisse of Pensford (d before 30.04.1589)
  m. _ Puttinge (d before 02.04.1585)
  ii. Lawrence Bisse of Shaftsbury, Dorset (d before 29.01.1579-80)
  m. Margery (a 01.1579-80)
  iii.+ other issue - Robert (a 01.1588-9), Richard (a 01.1588-9), Margaret (a 04.1589)
2. John Bisse of Stoke St. Michael (bur before 03.04.1567, 2nd John, 3rd son)
m. _ Wolfford
  A. John Bisse of Stoke St. Michael (d 25.02.1570-1) - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Cleve (a 02.1570-1, dau of William Cleve of Cokes)
  B. Philip Bisse (a 04.1567)
  C. James Bisse of Stoke St. Michael (dsp 02.06.1569)
  m. Agnes May (d before 03.04.1567)
  D. John Bisse of Croscombe, Somerset (d by 1557, 2nd of the name)
  m. Joan (d before 03.11.1558, possibly dau of _ Bother of Hartell)
  E. Richard Bisse of Croscombe (a 02.1570-1)
  m. Mary Carter (dau of Joseph Carter)
  F. Agnes Bisse
  m. (before 03.04.1567) _ Style
  G. Joan Bisse
  m. (before 03.04.1567) _ Heller
  H. Agnes Bisse (2nd of the name)
  m. (before 03.04.1567) _ Starre
  I. Alice Bisse
  m. _ Clarke
3.+ other issue - Robert (d c1546, Rector of Batcombe), Ralph (dsp), William (dsp)



John Bisse of Stoke St. Michael (d 25.02.1570-1) - continued above
m. Elizabeth Cleve (a 02.1570-1, dau of William Cleve of Cokes)
1. James Bisse of Batcombe (b c1546, d 30.12.1606)
  m. Eleanor Greene (a 07.1607, dau of Mathew Greene of Milton Clevedon by Catherine, dau of Hugh Fortescue of Filley)
  A. James Bisse of Batcombe, later of Foxcote (b c1568, d 08.08.1646)
m. Elizabeth Specott (d before 28.02.1643, dau of Humphrey Specott of Specott by Elizabeth, dau of John Walter of Brokesborne & widow of John Arscote of Tetcot)
  i. James Bisse (d 10.01.1593-4)
  ii. James Bisse of Batcombe (b c1595, d 07.04.1640)
  m. Mary Smithe (bpt 21.10.1599, a 06.1672, dau of John Smithes of Wrington by Joan Doddington of Doddington)
  a. James Bisse of Batcombe (b c1619, d unm 02.07.1652)
  b. Edward Bisse of Batcombe (d 18.01.1669-70)
  m. Constantine Mompresson (a 11.1693, dau of George Mompesson of Corton by Eleanor, dau of Robert Toppe of Knoyle)
  (1) James Bisse of Batcombe (b c1661, d before 09.10.1713)
  m. (1678) Grace Strangways (a 07.1717, dau/coheir of John Strangways of Marnhull, m2. John Wach (Wah) of Batcombe)
  (A)+ issue - James of St. Clement Danes (d c08.1736), Thomas (a 08.1713), George (a 07.1717)
  (2)+ other issue - Francis (a 1713), Edward (b 16.07.1681)
  c. Mary Bisse (a 07.1652)
  m. John Albin ( 07.1652, son of John of Brewton)
  d.+ other issue - John (d 14.08.1634), Elizabeth (a 1640), 6 others (a 1640)
  iii. Elizabeth Bisse (a 06.1647)
  m. (by 1623) Edward Orange (or Grange) of Foxcote (b c1583, d before 23.06.1641)
  iv. Eleanor Bisse of Batcombe (a 06.1647)
  m. (by 1623) Thomas Checke of Mottiston (d before 28.02.1643)
B. Edward Bisse of Spargrove in Batcombe (d c1645)
  m1. Elizabeth Upton bur 07.01.1629-30, dau/heir of Geoffrey Upton of Warminster (sister of George of Wells), widow of William Strode of Shepton Mallet)
  i. Edward Bisse of Spargrove (d before 03.02.1646-7, Colonel)
  m. Elizabeth Hawker (a 05.1655, dau/coheir of Thomas Hawker of Heytsbury by Lady, dau of William Fillioll of Marnhull)
  a. George Bisse of Spargrove, later of Englishcombe then Wells (d c1672)
m. Eleanor Mompesson (b 1625, d before 08.01.1688-9, dau of George Mompesson of Corton by Eleanor, dau of Robert Toppe of Knoyle)
  (1) Edward Bisse of Englishcombe & Wells, later of Frampton Cotterell (b 1647-8, d 20.04.1696)
  m. (c10.1670) Jane Symes (d 06.08.1704, dau of Henry Symes of Frampton Cotterell)
  (A) Amy Bisse (d before 22.05.1732)
  m. Gabriel Hale of Alderley then Cottles (b 22.12.1669, d 16.06.1718, son of Robert son of Sir Matthew, Lord Chief Justice)
  (B) Anne Bisse (d before 20.04.1696)
  (2) William Bisse of Wells (d before 20.04.1696, 3rd son)
  (A) George Bisse of Somerset (a 05.1732) probably the Captain George who was father of ...
  (i)+ issue (a 11.1715) - Thomas, George
  (3) Catherine Bisse (a 06.1692)
  m. (c01.1689) Sephen Wellsted of London (a 06.1692, MD)
  (4)+ other issue - George (dsp 16.03.1675), Henry (dsp before 07.07.1680), 2 daughters (a 1670)
  b. Edward Bisse possibly the Edward of Biddlesham who was father of ...
  (1) Edward Bisse (a 1672)
  c.+ other issue - Eleanor (b c1618, bpt 06.05.1619), Elizabeth (bpt 26.04.1620), Rebecca (bpt 10.09.1621), Mary (bpt 15.02.1626-7, a 09.1644), Lady (a 09.1644)
  ii. Upton Bisse (a 04.1659, Rector of Almsford)
  m. Rebecca Davison (a 01.1658-9, dau of Henry Davison)
  a. Edward Bisse of London then West Ham, Essex (b c1627, d 03.1690-1, draper, 3rd son)
  m. (before 09.06.1680) Elizabeth Vandenbrook (d 1694, dau/coheir of Solomon Vanderbrook of London by Abigail)
  (1) James Bisse of London then Codicote, Hertfordshire (b 08.1668, d 22.10.1748)
  m. (c10.1701) Anne Poyner (bpt 03.10.1678, bur 06.10.1742, dau of George Poyner of Codicote by Anne)
  (A) George Poyner Bisse of Codicote then New Windsor (d 17.01.1772, youngest son)
  (B) Rebecca Bisse (a 10.1737, 01.1772)
  m. _ Page (d before 01.1772)
  (C) Jane Bisse (bpt 05.02.1709, a 01.1772)
  m. _ Church (d before 01.1772)
  (D)+ other issue - Poyner (bpt 25.11.1702), George (bpt 26.03.1711, bur 28.03.1711), Anna Maria (bpt 15.09.1706, d unm before 12.03.1743), Elizabeth (b 01.01.1707, a 10.1737)
  (2) Edward Bisse (of London?) (bpt 25.01.1669-70, d before 02.05.1710)
  m. Sarah (a 05.1710)
  (3) Mary Bisse (bpt 04.04.1667, a 10.1737)
  m. (c10.1699) Thomas Chase (a 10.1737)
  (4) Rebecca Bisse (a 10.1737)
  m. _ Perriman
  (5)+ other issue - Elizabeth (a 11.1666), Jane of London (d unm before 22.11.1744)
  b.+ other issue including Philip (dvp unm before 20.40.1659), James (a 02.1659), Eleanor (b c1621), Elizabeth (b c1622)
  iii. Philip Bisse (a 01.1658-9, of the Middle Temple)
  m2. Anne (d c03.1646-7?)
  iv. Elizabeth Bisse (a 1647)
  m. William Hall
  v.+ other issue - John (d unm before 05.01.1658-9), Anne (d c03.1646-7?)
  C. Elizabeth Bisse
  m. Thomas Fort (son of Roger of Curry Rivell)
  D. Dorothy Bisse
  m. (c1600) Edmund Lacy of Shipham (d before 25.01.1618, m2. Elizabeth, dau of Robert Chiverell of Barton)
2. John Bisse of Stoke St. Michael (a 02.1570-1)
  m. Winifred Brooke
3.+ other issue (a 02.1570-1) - George, John (2nd), Thomas, Edward (had issue), Anne, Grace

Main source(s): MGH (NS2, vol 2 (1888), 'Pedigree of Bisse', p139+ & p145+) with just a little support from Visitation (Somerset, 1623, 'Bisse')
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