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Families covered: Birkbeck of Deep Gill, Birkbeck of Norfolk, Birkbeck of Orton, Birkbeck of Settle

Hunter (in FMG) spells the family name as 'Birbeck'. We follow Dugdale in using the more common 'Birkbeck'.
Thomas Birkbeck of Orton, Westmorland ("of the Family of Morton-Tinmouth")
m. _ Wharton
1. Edward Birkbeck of Orton (rector of Staveley in Derbyshire)
  m1. (14.07.1609) Anne Kay (bur 02.08.1616, dau/heir of William Kay of Woodsome)
  A. Thomas Birkbeck of Sheffield (bpt 20.11.1611, d 08.07.1674)
m. (07.10.1639) Sarah Creswick (bur 11.10.1674, dau of James Creswick of Sheffield)
  i. Sarah Birkbeck
  m. (10.06.1672) Richard Kitson (clerk)
  ii.+ other issue - Thomas (bur 29.08.1645), Samuel (b 1649-50, a 1666)
  B. Peter Birkbeck (b c1615, a 1666, rector of Castleford)
  m. Mary Nelson (dau/heir of Thomas Nelson (Nalson) of Altofts (by Grace, dau of Christopher Saxton of Dunningley), son of Richard of Altofts by Alice, dau of ?? Beckwith of Aghton (Ackton))
  i. Mary Birkbeck
  m. William Smithson of Methley
  ii.+ other issue - Thomas (b c1648, a 1666, 3rd son), Edward, Barbara (d young), others (d infant - Thomas, Peter, John, Jane, Elizabeth, Sarah)
  C. Anne Birkbeck
  m1. (29.10.1640) Cotton Faram of Doncaster
  m2. William Walesby of Nottingham
  D.+ other issue - Edward (bpt 01.06.1613, dsp), Judith (bpt 04.10.1610, d young?)
  m2. Barbara Kay
2. Robert Birkbeck



BP1895 notes that the following family "were an old Westmorland family. Birkbeck Fells is an extensive lordship in that county, situated in the three parishes of Orton, Crosby Ravensworth, and Shap." It is therefore possible that they were connected to the above family.
William Birkbeck of Deep Gill in Mallerstang Forest (d 08.1698)
m. (21.05.1677) Isabel Bell
1. William Birkbeck of Deep Gill then Settle (d 02.08.1751) the first mentioned by MGH
  m. (11.09.1703) Sarah Armistead (dau of Richard Armistead)
  A. William Birkbeck (b 30.06.1705, d 15.09.1772)
  m1. (05.03.1730) Sarah Morris (dau of Richard Morris of Rugeley)
  i. Morris Birkbeck (b 1734)
  m. (1762) Hannah Bradford of Lancaster(d 1764)
  The following is supported by MGH ('Addenda to Birkbeck of Settle', p133+). .
  a. Morris Birkbeck (b 1764, d 1825)
  m. Prudence Bush of Wandsworth
  (1) Richard Birkbeck had issue
  m. Anne Wood
  (2) Morris Birkbeck (b 10.02.1799, d 01.09.1862) had issue
  m. (18.02.1837) Bertha Emgelland (b 10.0.1811 in Hamburg)
  (3) Samuel Bradford Birkbeck in Mexico (d 1868) had issue
  m. ?? ("a Spanish Mexican lady")
  (4) Charles Birkbeck (dsp c1867)
  m. Josifita ("a Spanish Mexican lady")
  (5) Harriet Birkbeck (d unm young)
  (6) Elizabeth Birkbeck in USA
  m. (1822) Gilbert Titus Pell
  (7) Prudence Birkbeck (b 10.1800, d 03.08.1833)
  m. (1823) Francis Hanks
  ii. Sarah Birkbeck (b 1732/3)
  m. (1764) John Fell (b 1723-4, d 07.06.1803, son of Stephen & Margaret of Ulverston)
  a. Jane Fell (b 1768)
  m. William Hustler of Bradford (b 1766-7, d 06.04.1802), son of John & Christiana
  (1) John Hustler (b 1797) had issue
m. (30.08.1821) Phoebe Travel Fuller (dau of Travel Fuller of Great Yarmouth by Phebe)
  (2)+ other issue - William Fell (b 1798/9), Sarah (b 08.08.1800)
  b.+ other issue - William (b 1766, d 1787), Margaet (b 1765)
  iii.+ other issue - Priscilla (b 1731, d 1733), Esther (b 1737, d 1741)
  m2. (02.03.1744) Deborah Wilson (b 1722, d 1781, dau of John Wilson by Deborah)
  v. William Birkbeck 'of Settle' (b 1745, d 24.11.1805)
  m. (01.07.1771) Sarah Braithwaite (b 16.05.1750, d 01.06.1790, dau of George Braithwaite by Alice Foster)@
  a. Wlliam Birkbeck (b 10.04.1772, d 07.01.1838) had issue
  m. (1796) Rachel Gough (b 29.01.1770, d 20.05.1846, dau of Nathan Gough)
  b. George Birkbeck (b 10.01.1776, d 01.12.1841, originator of Mechanics' Institutes) had issue
  m1. (15.05.1805) Catherine Llloyd (d 17.04.1806, dau of Sampson Lloyd by Rachel)
m2. (06.1817) Anna Margaret Gardner (dau of Henry Gardner of Liverpool)
  c. Alice Birkbeck (b 10.01.1774, d 25.06.1850)
  m. (16.10.1805) Benjamin Hornor (b 05.08.1771, d 25.03.1836, son of Edward by Jane Empson)
  d.+ other issue - Isaac (b 06.03.1779, d 07.03.1783), Foster (b 06.09.1783, d 27.04.1787)
  vi. John Birkbeck of King's Lynn, Norfolk (b 09.08.1747, d 19.06.1808, banker)
  m. (02.08.1780) Martha Gurney (b 1751, d 11.12.1822, dau of Henry Gurney of Norwich)
  a. Henry Birkbeck of Keswick Old Hall, Norfolk (b 02.08.1787, d 25.10/12.1848) had issue
  m1. (08/10.03.1820) Jane Gurney (b 1789, d 20/1.02.1821, dau of Joseph Gurney of Lakenham Grove)
m2. (31.07.1823) Elizabeth Lucy Barclay (d 07.12.1874, dau of Robert Barclay)
  b. Jane Birkbeck (b 1789, d 10.06.1822)
  m. (10.09.1817) Joseph John Gurney of Earlham Hall (b 1788/9, d 04.01.1847, m2. Mary Fowler, m3. Eliza Kirkbride)
  vii.+ other issue - Thomas (b 1748), Richard (b 1750, d 1771), Thomas (b 1753, d 1759), James (b 1755, d 1763), Deborah (b 1756)
  B. John Birkbeck of Settle (b 1722, d 1761, 3rd son)
  m. (1748) Sarah Wilson (b 1727, d 1773, dau of John Wilson by Deborah)
  i. John Birkbeck of Settle (b 1749, d 25.06.1810)
  m. (1779) Mary Dillworth (b 1753, d 07.04.1830)
  a. John Birkbeck (b 1781, d 27.07.1844, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (11.05.1815) Margaret Ion 9b 1790, d 17.06.1865, dau of John Ion of Dent by Elizabeth)
  b. Esther Birkbeck (b 1783, d 15.06.1844)
  m. (26.02.1824) Joseph Dockray (b 02.09.1781, d 22.09.1855, son of David of Lancaster by Eshter)
  c. Hannah Birkbeck (b 1788, d 21.03.1863)
  m. (18.12.1810) John Jowitt Nevins (b 1786, d 29.05.1870, son of Pim Nevins by Elizabeth)
  d.+ other issue - Dillworth (b/d 1780), Dillworth (b 1789, d 1794), Mary (b 1785, d 1786)
  ii. Wilson Birkbeck (b 1754, d 02.06.1812, 3rd son)
m1. (1782) Hannah Plumstead (b 1758, d 1791, dau of Robert Plumstead of London by Hannah)
  a. Robert Plumstead Birkbeck (b 1783, d 01.09.1801)
  m2. (16.12.1801, sp) Grizzle Hoare (b 1757, dau of Samuel Hoare (by Grizzle), m2. William Allen of Hammersmith)
  iii. Benjamin Birkbeck (b 1757, d 27.09.1819)
  m. (1784) Jane English (b 1758, d 1793, dau of Nathaniel English b7 Jane)
  a.+ issue (d unm) - Nathaniel (b 1786, d 01.09.1834), John English (b 1788, d 1789), Edward (b 1790, d 1814), Jane (b/d 1789)
  iv. Sarah Birkbeck (b 1761, d 30.10.1833)
  m. (1799) Francis Fox (b 1765, d 18.09.1812, son of Francis & Sarah of Plymouth)
  a. Francis William Fox (b 06.12.1803, d 25.04.1804)
  b. Sarah Fox (b 01.01.1802)
  m. (06.04.1825) William Dillworth Crewdson
  v.+ other issue (d unm) - Joseph (b 1752, d 1820), Edward (b 1759, d 1769), Deborah (b 1756)
  C. Jane Birkbeck
  m. Josiah Forster
  D.+ other issue - Richard (b 1711, d 1727), Sarah (b 1720, d 1728)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Dugdale, Yorkshire, 1666, 'Birkbeck of Sheffeild and Castleford'), FMG (vol 2, MS339, 'Birbeck-Nalson')
(2) For lower section (expanded 25.02.21): 'Pedigree of Wilson of High Wray and Kendal (and the families connected with them)' (Joseph Foster, 1871, 'Birkbeck of Settle', p37+) with a little support from BLG1952 ('Birkbeck of Westacre'), BP1895 ('Birkbeck')
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