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Families covered: Bellingham of Bellingham, Bellingham of Bromby, Bellingham of Burnishead (Burneside), Bellingham of Erringham, Bellingham of Lymister (Lynester), Bellingham of Manton, Bellingham of New Timber

BEB1841 (Bellingham of Hilsington) starts with the Sir Robert Bellingham who married Elizabeth Tunstall, identifying him as 10th in descent from ...
Alan de Bellingham (a 'tempore Conquestoris' ie temp William I who r. 1066-1087)
1. ?? de Bellingham
  Visitation (Sussex) starts with the following Richard. The dates make it appear that there should be another generation between him and the above Alan but the generations given set the Sir Robert Bellingham who married Elizabeth Tunstall as 10th in descent from Alan.
  A. Richard Bellingham (a 1189)
i. Endo Bellingham
  a. Roger Bellingham
  (1) John Bellingham
  (A) Robert 'de Bello Campo' of Bellingham
  (i) Robert Bellingham
  (a) Richard Bellingham
  ((1)) Robert Bellingham
  ((A)) Sir Robert Bellingham (d 12.03.1476) - continued below
  In due course we hope to find a reliable source against which to compare the above-shown ancestry for Sir Robert. The Tripod web site referred to below provides 4 genrations before him, showing him as son of Sir Robert son (by Anne Barburne) of Robert son (by Margaret de Burnsheads) of Richard son of William, but that site appears to have been based largely on the IGI which is not known for its reliability regarding early generations.
  m. Elizabeth Tunstall (dau of Sir Richard Tunstall of Thurland Castle)



Sir Robert Bellingham of Burnishead (d 12.03.1476) - continued above
m. Elizabeth Tunstall (dau of Sir Richard Tunstall of Thurland Castle)
1. Sir Henry Bellingham of Burnishead or Burneshead
  Maddison indicates that Sir Henry was the ancestor of the Bellinghams of Levens as well as Burnishead but, following BP1934 (Bellingham), we show the Levens branch as headed by his younger brother Alan. The following comes from the Tripod web site identified below.
  m. Katharine Leybourne (dau of Sir Robert Leybourne of Cunswick)
A. Sir Roger Bellingham of Burnishead or Burneshead (d 18.07.1533)
  m. Mabel Middleton (dau of Thomas Middleton of Middleton by Isabel Musgrave)
  i. Sir Robert Bellingham of Burneshead or Burneside
  m. Anne Pickering (dau of Sir James Pickering)
  a. Dorothy Bellingham
  m. (c1530) Anthony Duckett
  b. Elizabeth Bellingham
  m. Cuthbert Hutton of Hutton John
  c. Katharine Bellingham
  m1. (19.10.1541) Sir Richard Assheton of Middleton (d11.01.1549)
  m2. (sp) Sir William Radclyffe of Ordshall (d 12.10.1568)
  m3. (c1570) Sir William Davenport
  d. Thomasine Bellingham
  m. William Thornborough
  ii. Margaret Bellingham
  m. Sir Christopher Curwen of Workington
  iii.+ other issue - Richard, Joan
B.+ other issue - Nicholas, Gilbert, John/James (had issue), Walter, Anne (m. Richard Kirkby), Mabel (m. John Lownd), Margaret
2. Richard Bellingham of Manton (bur 12.01.1490-1)
  The following comes from Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees.
  m. Jane Harbert (dau of John Harbert)
A. Thomas Bellingham
  m1. _ Wacelyn (dau of John Wacelyn of Bromby)
  i. Richard Bellingham of Manton 'of Bromby' (d 05.10.1558)
  m. Jane Eure (a 1558, dau of Robert Eure or Evers of Belton)
  a. Robert Bellingham of Bromby (b c1536, d 26.01.1615-6)
  m. Alice Lodington (a 1557, dau of Stephen Lodington of Scotton)
  (1) William Bellingham of Manton and Bromby (b c1555, d before 11.06.1620)
  m. Frances Amcotts (dau of Alexander Amcotts of Aisthorpe)
  (A) Richard Bellingham, Governor of Massachusetts (d 07.12.1672)
  m. Elizabeth Backhouse (dau of Samuel Backhouse of Swallowfield)
  (i) Samuel Bellingham (a 1700)
  m1. Lucia Goldesborough (dau of John Goldesborough)
  (a)+ issue - Samuel (a 1666), Elizabeth (a 1700)
  m2. Elizabeth Savage (d 03.02.1698-9)
  m2. (1641) Penelope Pelham (d 28.05.1702, sister of Herbert Pelham)
  (ii)+ other issue - John of Harvard (a 1661), James (b 03.05.1646), Hannah (bpt 14.08.1642), Grace (d 03.09.1654)
  (2) Troth Bellingham
  m. Thomas Santon of Santon
  (3) Katharine Bellingham
  m. William Gannock of Sibsey
  (4) Isabella Bellingham
  m. Jerome Markham of Kirkby Moorside
  (5)+ other issue - John of Bromby (d 08/9.1608), Thomas (dsp)
  b. Katharine Bellingham
  m. Nicholas Barnaby
c.+ other issue - Henry (a 1558), Robert (a 1558), Richard (a 1558), Thomas (a 1558), Christopher (a 1558), Edmund (a 1558), Tristram (a 1558), Jane, Judith, Maud
  ii. Alice Bellingham
  m. Robert Oliver
  iii.+ other issue - Robert, Thomas
  m2. _ Hotham
3. Roger or Robert Bellingham (d 18.07.1533) reported in the Tripod web site
  m. Margaret Aske (dau of Sir Robert Aske by Elizabeth Cliffe)
  A. Henry Bellingham
4. Thomas Bellingham of Lymister
The following comes from Visitation (Sussex).
  m. Jane Wiltshire (dau of Sir John Wiltshire of Heydon)
  A. Raffe Bellingham of Lymister (d 02.03.1531-2)
The following comes from Visitation (Sussex) and the Tripod site identified below.
  m1. Anne Devenish (dau of Sir John Devenish)
  i. John Bellingham of Lymister or Lynester
  m1. (c1520) Anne Palmer (dau (sb sister?) of Sir Edward Palmer)
  a. Joan Bellingham
  m. Leonard Holland of Calles
  m2. (c1524) Bridget Wetnell or Whettenhall
  b. Raffe Bellingham (dsp)
  m(2). Blanch Vychan (Vaughan) reported by Visitation
  c. Richard Bellingham (dsp)
  d. Margaret Bellingham
  m. Richard Boys of Haukherst (d 1605)
  m3. (c1530) Margery
  e.+ other issue - Thomas, Blanch, Mary
  ii.+ other issue - William, Sir Edward
  m2. Blanch Vaughan reported by the Tripod site
  B. Richard Bellingham of New Timber
  m1. Parnell Cheney (dau of John Cheney of Crall, sister of Thomas of Newtimber)
  i. Edward Bellingham of New Timber (d c1589)
  (1) Visitation gives rise to confusion as to the allocation of Edward's children between the marriages. It shows them under one wife and then indicates that they were by the other wife. The following may be the wrong way round!
(2) The following is partly supported by VCH (Sussex, vol 7, Parishes: Newtimber).
m1. Barbara Banester (dau of Edward Banester of Jestwooll/Testwood?)
  a. Richard Bellingham of New Timber (d 1592)
  m. Mary Whaley (dau of Richard Whaley or Whalley of Nottinghamshire)
  (1) Sir Edward Bellingham of New Timber (d 1640)
  Visitation (Sussex, Bellingham) ends showing Sir Edward as father of Thomas by Troth Foliambe. Visitation (Sussex, 1662, Woodcock of Lewes) shows that he was also married to Susan Ayliffe.
  m1. Troth Foliambe
  (A) Thomas Bellingham of Newtimber or New Timber (d 1648-9)
  Probably of this generation, and presumed to have been of this marriage, were ...
  (B) Ursula Bellingham (bur 27.06.1670, eldest dau) mentioned by Visitation (Sussex, 1662, Woodcock of Lewes)
  m. (c10.1613) Thomas Woodcock of Newtimber (d 13.09.1665)
  (C) Mary Bellingham mentioned by Visitation (Sussex, 1662, Coepeper of Wakehurst in Ardingley)
  m. Edward Colepeper (bpt 02.1604-5)
  (D) Jane Bellingham (d 1646, coheir)
  m. Edward Slaughter of Cheney's Court (b 1603, bur 16.01.1686)
m2. Susan Ayliffe (dau of Sir John Ayliffe, widow of Thomas Woodcock of London)
  (2) Mary Bellingham reported in the Tripod site
  m. John Bellingham of Erringham (d 01.12.1613) @@ below
  m2. Elizabeth Wodds (dau of John Wodds of Hamsey)
  b. Edward Bellingham (2nd son of this marriage)
  m. Mary Warde
  c.+ other issue - Henry of Chichester, George, John
  Probably of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is not known, was ...
f. Mary Bellingham
  m. Agmondesham Muschamp of Rowbarnes & East Horsley (b c1580)
  m2. Mary Everard (dau of John Everard of Abone)
  ii. Edward Bellingham of Putney
  a. Sir Edward Bellingham
  C. Edward Bellingham of Erringham
  The following comes from the Tripod site identified below.
  m. Jane Shelley (dau of John Shelley of Michelgrove)
  i. Sir Edward Bellingham (d 10.04.1550)
  ii. John Bellingham of Erringham (d 01.11.1540)
m. Joan Delves (bur 28.08.1553)
  a. John Bellingham of Erringham (d 06.11.1576)
  m. Anne Hill (dau of Richard Hill)
  Visitation (Sussex) has a section that starts with Thomas of Erringham, shown as father of ...
  (1) John Bellingham of Erringham (d 01.12.1613)
  m. Mary Bellingham (dau of Richard Bellingham of New Timber of Mary Whalley) @@ above
  (A) Richard Bellingham of Erringham (d 20.08.1625)
m. Jane Bowyer (dau of Thomas Bowyer of Lethome, sister of Sir Thomas, Bart)
  (i) Thomas Bellingham of Erringham
  m. Margaret Shelley (dau of Henry Shelley of Patcham)
  (ii) James Bellingham
  (B) Mary Bellingham
  m. Sir Thomas Springett
  (C) Anne Bellingham probably the Anne who married ...
  m. John Shelley
  (D)+ other issue - Francis, John
  (2) Mary Bellingham
  m(1/2). Sciaunt Bennett husband reported by Visitation
  m(2/1). Thomas Fenner husband reported by the Tripod site
(3) Elizabeth Bellingham
  m. Francis Cotton of Roch Court
  (4)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Anne (d 1624, m. John Shelley)
  b. Elizabeth Bellingham
  m. (21.08.1566) Walter Hendley
  D. Jane Bellingham reported in the Tripod site
  m. Ralph Shirley
5. Alan Bellingham of Levens (Treasurer of Berwick, 8th/youngest son)
  m. Elizabeth Gilpin (dau of William Gilpin of Kentmore)
The following comes from the Tripod site identified below.
6. Nicholas Bellingham
  m. Margaret Ogle (dau of Sir Robert Ogle)
7. Anne Bellingham
  m. Thomas Scott
8. Isabel Bellingham
  m. James Leybourne
9. Jane Bellingham
  m. Roger Lancaster
10. Mabel Bellingham
  m. Sir Richard Dukett
11.+ other issue - Alexander, William, Elizabeth

Main source(s): Visitation (Sussex, 1530+1633-4, Bellingham or Belingham), www.members.tripod.com/bellinghamroot/bellingh/index.htm, Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees 1906 (Bellingham of Manton and Bromby)
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