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Families covered: Beaumont (Bellomont) of Beaumont, Beaumont of Buchan, Beaumont of Tymmore, Beaumont of Wednesbury

BE1883 (Beaumont - Viscounts Beaumont) reports as follows: "The original descent of this noble family does not appear to have been clearly ascertained. Some authorities deduce it from Lewis, son of Charles, Earl of Anjou, a younger son of Lewis VIII., king of France; some from Lewis de Brienne, 2nd son of John de Brienne, the last king of Jerusalem; and some from the Viscounts Beaumont, of Normandy." Vivian, in his work on the Devonshire Visitations, supports the descent from Lewis of France, We show the descent from the house of Brienne that is reported by BP1934 and GenEU, noting that the Lewis (Louis) mentioned by BE1883 married Agnes de Beaumont, sister of the last Viscount Beaumont and heiress of Beaumont-au-Maine. According to GenEU, the only Lewis (Louis) son of Charles, Count of Anjou, died in infancy.
Henry de Beaumont, 1st Lord, Earl of Buchan, Justiciar of Scotland (d c03.1340)
m. (before 14.03.1310) Alicia Comyn, Countess of Buchan (dau of Sir Alexander Comyn)
1. John Beaumont, 2nd Lord (b 1317/8, d 05.1342)
  m. (before 06.1337) Eleanor Plantagenet (b 1311/c1316, d 11.01.1372, dau of Henry Plantagenet, 3rd Earl of Lancaster, Earl of Leicester)
  A. Henry Beaumont, 3rd Lord (b 1339/40, d 25.07.1369)
  m. (by 1370) Margaret de Vere (d 15.06.1398, dau of John de Vere, 7th Earl of Oxford)
  i. John Beaumont, 4th Lord (b 1360/1, d 09.09.1396)
  m. Catherine Everingham (d 1426, dau of Thomas de Everingham of Laxton)
a. Henry Beaumont, 5th Lord (b 1379/80, d 06.1413)
  m. (before 07.1405) Elizabeth Willoughby (d before 12.11.1428, dau of William Willoughby, 5th Lord of Eresby)
  (1) John Beaumont, 1st Viscount, Constable and Chamberlain (d Northampton 10.07.1460)
  m1. Elizabeth Phelip (dau of Sir William Phelip, Lord Bardolph)
  (A) Henry Beaumont (dvp after 10.08.1441)
  (B) William Beaumont, 2nd Viscount (dsp 19.12.1507)
  m1. (before 04.05.1461, div before 1477) Joan Stafford (dau of Humphrey Stafford, 1st Duke of Buckingham)
  m2. (24.04.1486) Elizabeth Scrope (d 26.06.1537, dau of Richard Scrope of Bolton family)
  (C) Joan Beaumont (d 05.08.1466)
  m1. John Lovel, Lord of Titchmarsh (d 09.01.1464-5)
  Ancestors of the extant Barons Beaumont.
  m2. (after 11.11.1465) Sir William Stanley
m2. (after 1442) Katherine Nevill (d after 1483, dau of Ralph Nevill, 1st Earl of Northumberland)
  (2) Henry Beaumont of Wednesbury & Tymmore (b 1411, d by 1447/8)
BE1883 identifies Henry as ancestor of the Beaumonts of Wednesbury. GenEU shows him as 'of Thorne' (sb Tymmore?), married (c1439) to Joan Heronvill (a 1460), and father of Sir Henry, father of Constance by Elizabeth Sutton. BLG1886 (Babington of Cossington) identifies John (father of 3 daughters) as grandson of Henry, 5th Lord. We follow Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, Beaumont of Harkstead), the source for most of the following, in showing that John a generation later and this Henry's wife as ...
  m. Joan Leventhorpe of Wednesbury
  (A) Sir Henry Beaumont of Wednesbury & Tymmore (d 16.11.1471)
  m. Eleanor (not Elizabeth) Sutton (d c1513, dau of John Sutton, Lord Dudley)
  (i) John Beaumont of Wednesbury & Tymmore (d 21.09.1526)
  m. Elizabeth Mytton (dau of John Mytton)
  (a) Agnes or Jane Beaumont (b c1520, d before 1545)
  m. William Babington of Wednesbury and Terrymor (d 1536)
(b) Dorothy Beaumont
  m. Humphrey Comberford of Comberford & Tanworth (d 1555)
  (c) Eleanor Beaumont (b c1523)
  m. Humphrey Babington of Rothley Temple (d 22.11.1544)
  (ii) James Beaumont of Wednesbury
  m. Margaret Tendring (probably dau of _ Tendring of Harkstead Manor)
  (a) John Beaumont of Harkstead Manor (a 1536)
m. Anne Browne (dau of John Browne of Rookwood Hall by Audrey, dau of Sir Henry Vere of Adddington)
  ((1)) John Beaumont
  (iii) Constance Beaumont (b c1467)
  m. John Mitton (b c1460, d c1513)
  (3) Elizabeth Beaumont (d 07.1447)
  m1. (c1418) William Deincourt, 6th Lord (dsp 1422)
  m2. (c1427) Sir Richard Hastings (d 1436)
  m3. Sir Thomas Neville
  (4)+ other issue - Katherine, Margery, Margaret, Elinora
b. Thomas Beaumont, lord of Basquerville (d 1457)
  m. (1458) Philippe Maureward (dau/heir of Sir Thomas Maureward)
  c. Elizabeth (or Cicely) Beaumont (b 1389)
  m. (before 1411) William, 3rd Lord Botreaux (b 20.02.1388/9, d 16.05.1462)
  d.+ other issue - Richard, Eliniora (nun)
  ii. Eleanor Beaumont
  m. Richard de Molines
  iii. Catherine Beaumont
  m. Sir John Stourton of Stourton, Sheriff of Dorset and Somerset (a 1381)
2. Richard Beaumont
3. John Beaumont
4. Thomas Beaumont of Bolton Percy possibly father of ...
  A. Joice Beaumont
  m. Theobald Granville of Kilkhampton (b c1326, d c1377)
5. Elizabeth Beaumont (d 27.10.1400)
  m. (c1330) Nicholas Audley, 3rd Lord (b c1328, dsp 22.07.1391)
6. Catherine Beaumont (d 11.11.1368)
  m. David of Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl (b 01.02.1309, d 30.11.1335)
7. Isabel Beaumont (b c1315, d after 24.03.1356)
  m. (c1334) Henry Plantagenet, 4th Earl of Lancaster, Earl of Leicester & Derby (b c1314, d 24.03.1361)
8. Agnes Beaumont (d after 1359)
  m. (07.1343) Thomas, Lord Lucy (d 1365)
9. Joan Beaumont
  m. Sir William FitzWarin (d 25.07.1349) per GenEU
  m. Fulke FitzWarine, 3rd Lord (d 1349) per BE1883
10. Beatrice Beaumont
  m. Count de Dammartin

Main source(s): BE1883 (Beaumont), GenEU (Brienne2), BP1934 (Beaumont, Baron) with a little support/input from Visitation (Leicestershire, 1619, Beaumont)
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