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Families covered: Bates of Aydon Whitehouse, Bates of Heddon, Bates in/of Horsley
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BLG1879 reports that "This family descends from a common source with that of Bates of Milbourne, springing from" the undermentioned George of Horsley. The first mentioned by Craster was ...
Gwen Bates in Horsley (a 1538) possibly father, uncle or grandfather of ...
1. George Bates in Horsley (a 1552) the first mentioned by BLG1952
  A. William Bates in Horsley (a 1586)
  Craster mentions both but does not actually connect William to the following George. However, BLG1952 reports that a son of William was ...
  i. George Bates of Horsley in Ovingham (bur 11.12.1680) the first mentioned by BLG1879
  Craster reports that George married twice but is not clear which wife was mother of George. Implying that she was George's mother, BLG1952 & BLG1879 mention only his first wife ...
m1. (1619) Catherine Surtees (dau of Cuthbert Surtees of Ebchester)
  a. George Bates of Horsley (bur 31.05.1696)
  m. (05.08.1654) Mabel Locke (bur 27.07.1699)
  (1) George Bates 'of Horsley' (bur 14.07.1746)
  m. (14.11.1699) Catherine Cook (bur 12.01.1741, dau/coheir of John Cook of Aydon (by Mary Winship), sister of Rev. Henry of Chelmsford)
(A) John Bates of Aydon White House (bpt 30.10.1701, bur 06.10.1776, 2nd son)
  m. (15.07.1731-2) Mary Jefferson (b c1712, bur 15.11.1797, dau/heir of William Jefferson of Hexham)
  (i) George Bates of Aydon Whitehouse & Heddon-on-the-Wall (bpt 10.10.1733, d 19.09.1816)
  m. (15.09.1769) Diana Moore (b 05.10.1730, d 06.12.1822, dau/heir of Thomas Moore of Bishop's Castle (or the Moor, Salop) by Ann, dau/coheir of Henry Blayney of Gregyng (son (by Joyce Blayney) of Sir Arthur son of Edward, 1st Lord Blayney))
  (a) John Moore Bates of Aydon & Heddon (b 28.06.1773, d 30.07.1843) had issue
  m. (14.04.1806) Margaret Dobson (bpt 11.1786, d 25.07.1864, dau of John Dobson of High Seat)
  (b) Thomas Bates of Kirklevington, Yorkshire (bpt 12.04.1775, d unm 25.07.1849, agriculturist)
  (ii) William Bates of Clarewood then Chollerton (bpt 25.07.1738, bur 11.05.1812) had issue
  m. (15.07.1771) Margaret Johnson (b 1741-2, bur 11.05.1800, dau of John Johnson of Hexham)
  (iii) Catheirne Bates (bpt 12.05.1754, dsp 1822)
  m. (02.10.1798) William Donkin of Sandhoe
(iv)+ other issue - John (bpt 05.03.1741/2, bur 27.02.1744/5), Sarah (bpt 17.06.1736, bur 25.01.1743/4), Mary (bpt 25.03.1745, bur 06.07.1762)
  (B) Thomas Bates of Thornbrough & Coastley (bpt 18.02.1706/7, bur 01.04.1779, 4th son)
  m. (21.04.1742) Barbara Green (dau of John Green of Styford)
  BLG1879 reports that Thomas had a son, Thomas of Akeld, and a daughter Catherine who m. Matthew Culley of Copeland Castle. Craster shows as follows.
  (i) Thomas Bates of Coupland Castle (bpt 05.03.1760, dsp bur 22.06.1830, 3rd son)
  m. (30.04.1804) Mary Robinson of Hexham (d 24.10.1804)
  (ii) Elizabeth Bates (bpt 17.09.1747)
  m. (10.07.1783) Matthew Culley of Akeld
  (iii)+ other issue - George (bpt 02.03.1742/3, bur 01.01.1762), John of Halton (bpt23.01.1744/5, d 1793), Catherine (bpt 17.12.1749), Mary (bpt 27.05.1753, bur 04.10.1757)
  (C) William Bates of Carr-hill (bpt 05.09.1713,m d 16.10.1782, youngest son)
  m. (c06.1747) Ann Elliot of Newburn (b 1715-6, d 15.03.1804)
  (i) George Bates (dsp)
  (ii) William Bates of Ryal then Derwentcote (b 1764-5, d 10.04.1815) had issue
  m. Anne Laybourn (b c1768, d 17.02.1839, dau/coheir of James Laybourn of Dorwentcote)
  (iii) Catherine Bates
  m. (29.06.1780) William Hunter of Halton & Ovington
(D) Mary Bates (bpt 26.01.1703/4)
  m. (11.06.172*) John Burdis of Cocklaw
  (E)+ other issue - George (bpt 23.08.1700, bur 07.09.1700), Paul (bpt 05.02.1705/6, bur 20.02.1705/6), George (bpt 30.12.1708), Joseph (bpt 14.08.1711)
  (2) Thomas Bates of Horsley had issue
  (3) John Bates of Horsley had issue
  m. (01.06.1697) Margaret Sproat of Hexham
  (4) Catherine Bates
  m. (c1678) John Mitford of Dam-mills and/or Hexham
  b. Thomas Bates (bur 05.04.1680) had issue, probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m. (23.05.1659) Margaret Slater (bur 23.05.1659)
  m2. (before 1629/30) Eleanor Swalwell

Main source(s): 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 10, H.H.E. Craster, 1914, 'Bates of Aydon White-House and Langley Castle', p377+) with support from BLG1952 ('Bates of Aydon'), BLG1879 ('Bates of Heddon')
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