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Families covered: Bateman of Altavilla, Bateman of Dromultin, Bateman of Killeen, Bateman of London, Bateman of Oak Park, Bateman Viscounts

Giles Bateman
1. Joas Bateman of London
A. Sir James Bateman of Shobdon Court and Tooting, Lord Mayor of London, (d 10.11.1718, sub-governor of the South Sea Company)
  m. Esther Searle (dau of John Searle of Finchley)
  i. William Bateman, 1st Viscount Bateman (d 12.1744)
  m. (1720) Anne Spencer (d 19.02.1769, dau of Charles Spencer, 3rd Earl of Sunderland)
  a. John Bateman, 2nd Viscount Bateman (b 04.1721, dsp 02.03.1802)
m. (02.07.1748) Elizabeth Sambroke (b c1726, d 20.12.1802, dau/coheir of John Sambroke (by Elizabeth, dau of Sir William Forester), brother of Sir Jeremy Sambroke, 5th/last Bart)
  b. William Bateman (dsp 19.06.1783, Captain RN) who apparently married ....
  m. (17.02.1755) Anne Maria Hedges (dsp 1802, dau of Charles Hedges of Finchley)
  ii. James Bateman (apparently of this generation) had issue
  m. (1721) Anne Chaplin (dau of Sir Robert Chaplin of London, Bart)
  iii. Anne Bateman (d c1778)
  m1. (1735) William Western of Rivenhall (d 1729)
  The estates of Viscount Bateman passed to Anne's son-in-law William Hanbury whose grandson was created Baron Bateman in 1837.
  m2. (02.1735) George Dolliffe of Bedford Row
  B. Judith Bateman (bur 04.06.1729) probably of this generation
  m1. (13.03.1676-7) Sir Richard Shirley, 2nd Bart of Preston (bur 30.03.1692)
  m2. Sir Henry Hatsell)



Henry Bateman
m. Elizabeth Wasbye (dau of John Wasbye)
1. Rowland Bateman of Killeen, Sheriff of Co. Kerry (to Kerry c1654, Major)
  m. Charity Wilson
A. Francis Bateman (dsp 1707)
  B. John Bateman of Killeen 'of Oak Park' (d 1719)
  m1. Frances Trenchard (dsp, dau of William Trenchard of Mount Trenchard)
  m2. Anne Evans (dau of Col. George Evans of Carass)
i. Rowland Bateman of Oak Park (b 1705, d 1754)
  m. (1727) Elizabeth Colthurst (dau of Nicholas Colthurst of Ballyhaly)
  a. Rowland Bateman of Oak Park, Sheriff
  m. (1758) Letitia Denny (dau/coheir of Sir Thomas Denny)
  (1) Rowland Bateman of Oak Park
  m. (1790) Arabella Denny (dau of Sir Barry Denny, Bart)
(A) John Bateman of Oak Park, Sheriff (b 1792, d 1865)
  m. (1824) Frances (Crumpe-)Bland (dau of Nathaniel Crumpe Bland of Randall's Park)
  (i) Roland Bateman (dsp)
  (B) Letitia Bateman
  m. (1831) Emanuel Hutchinson Orpen of Mount Tallant
  (C)+ other issue - William (d unm), Thomas (d young), Jane (d young)
  (2) Thomas Bateman (d unm 1783)
  (3) Agnes Bateman
  m. (1785) Richard Chute of Chute Hall
(4) Elizabeth Bateman
  m. (1785) James Crosbie of Ballyheige (Colonel)
  b. Colthurst Bateman of Bedford House, co. Kerry (d 1821)
  m. (09.1779) Jane Dobson (dau of Col. Robert Dobson of Annegrove House)
  (1) Colthurst Bateman of Bartholey House, Sheriff of Monmouthshire (b 02.10.1780, d 1859) had issue
  m. (02.11.1809) Jane Sarah Kemeys (dau/heir of John Kemeys Gardner Kemeys of Bartholey House)
  (2) Rowland Bateman of Abbey Feale (Rev.)
  m. Eliza Fitzmaurice (dau of Maurice Fitzmaurice of Duagh, widow of James Edington)
  (3) John Bateman (d unm 1819)
  (4) Jane Bateman
  m. Robert R. Dobson (Captain)
  (5) Anne Bateman
  m. (28.02.1807) Patrick Maitland of Kilmaron Castle (b 1770, d 29.01.1821)
  (6) Elizabeth Bateman
  m. Daniel Staunton
(7) Dorothea Bateman
  BLG1886 shows Dorothy's husbands as Admiral John Maitland then Count Calsa. BLGI1912 shows them as ...
  m1. George Augustus Simson
  m2. (08.01.1820) John Maitland (b 1771, dsp 20.10.1836, Admiral)
c. John Bateman (dsp)
  m. (1770) Olivia, Countess of Rosse
  d. Elizabeth Bateman
  m. (1748) Anthony Stoughton of Rattoo
  e. Anne Bateman
  m. Francis Crosbie of Rusheen (dsp)
  f. Penelope Bateman
  m. (1756) Richard Smyth of Ballinatray
g. Mary Bateman
  m. Thomas FitzGerald, Knight of Glin
  h. Sarah Bateman
  m. (05.1771) John Barry (Dean of Elphin)
  i. Frances Bateman
  m. Pierse Crosbie of Ballyheigne
j. Jane Bateman
  m. (1770) Richard Dunscombe
  ii. George Bateman of Dromultin, co. Kerry (b 1711)
  m. Sarah Stoughton (dau of Anthony Stoughton of Rattoo)
  a. John Bateman of Dromultin
  m. (1764) Elizabeth Meredith (dau of William Meredith of Annaghmore)
  (1) John Bateman (dsp)
  (2) Jane Bateman
  m1. (1779) Conway Blennerhassett
  m2. Pierse Crosbie
  b. George Bateman of Hollypark
  m. (1764) Elizabeth Meredith (dau of William Meredith of Dicksgrove)
(1) William Bateman
  m. (1795) Catherine Lloyd (dau of George Lloyd)
  c. Dorothy Bateman
  m. _ Lloyd of Cork
  d. Frances Bateman
  m. (1778) Mountiford Longfield of Castle Mary
  iii. Thomas Bateman of Mount Catherine, co. Limerick
  m1. (1735) Jane Delahoyde of Cork
  m2. (22.01.1740) Alice Sadleir (dau of Thomas Sadleir of Sopwell Hall)
a. Francis Sadleir Bateman (dsp)
  iv. John (James) Bateman of Alta Villa, Sheriff of Limerick (d 1792)
  m1. (1745) Elizabeth Sadleir (d 1748, dau of Thomas Sadleir of Sopwell Hall)
  a. Catherine Bateman
  m2. (1756) Grace Brooke (dau of Henry Brooke of Colebrooke)
  b. John Bateman of Altavilla ancestor of Batemans of Rosetown, co.Kildare
  m. (1782) Mary Bourke (dau/heir of Thomas Bourke of Anglingham)
  c. Letitia Bateman
  m. (1778) Gerald Blennerhassett of Riddlestown
  d. Frances Bateman
  m. Rev. Thomas Lloyd
  e.+ other issue - Henry (d 1822, Rev.), George Brooke (d unm 1809)
  v. Mary Bateman
  m. Francis Morris
  vi. Frances Bateman
  m. Thomas Lloyd of Fanstown
  C. Belinda Bateman
  m. Richard Yielding of Tralee
  i. Frances Yielding apparently of this generation
  m. Robert Blennerhassett
  D. Margaret Bateman
  m. _ Morris

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BE1883 (Bateman) supported by BP1870 (Bateman)
(2) For lower section : BLGI1912 (Bateman of Bedford House), BLG1886 (Bateman of Bartholey House)
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