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Families covered: Barnewall of Fyanstown, Barnewall of Meadstown, Barnewall of Trimlestown (Trimleston)

Robert Barnewall, 1st Lord Trimlestown or Trimleston (d before 1472, Chancellor of Ireland)
TCP notes that some sources suggest that the 1st Lord married a second time, to Anne Plunkett (dau of Sir Thomas, 2nd son of Sir Alexander of Rathmore) but suggests that "this seems unlikely, as she would have been the great-niece of his son's wife". TCP shows just his marriage to ...
m. Elizabeth le Brune or Browne (dau of Christopher le Brune of Roebuck)
1. Christopher Barnewall, 2nd Lord Trimlestown or Trimelston (d before 06.1513)
  m. Elizabeth Plunkett (d before 06.1513, dau of Sir Thomas Plunkett of Rathmore)
  A. John Barnewall, 3rd Lord Trimlestown (d 25.07.1538, Treasurer)
  m1. Jane Bellew (dau of John (sb Richard?) Bellew of Bellewstown)
i. Patrick Barnewall, 4th Lord Trimlestown (d after 28.08.1561)
  m. Catherine Taylor (dau of Richard Taylor of Swords by Elizabeth, dau of Robert Barnewall of Riverstown)
  a. Robert Barnewall, 5th Lord Trimlestown (dsp 17.08/27.10.1573)
  m. (1559) Anne Fyan (d 13.04.1600, dau of Richard Fyan, Mayor of Dublin)
b. Peter Barnewall, 6th Lord Trimlestown (d 14.04.1598)
  m. Catherine Nugent (d before 1594, dau of Sir Christopher Nugent)
  (1) Robert Barnewall, 7th Lord Trimlestown (b c1574, d 13.12.1639)
  m. Jane Talbot (a 11.1625, dau of Thomas Talbot of Dardistown)
  (A) Christopher Barnewall (b c1595, dvp 08.05.1622)
  m1. (by 1614) Elizabeth Fitzgerald (d 13.09.1619, dau of Sir Edward Fitzgerald of Tecroghan)
(i) Matthias Barnewall, 8th Lord Trimlestown (b c1614, d 17.09.1667)
  m. (before 13.12.1639) Jane Netterville (a 06.1650, dau of Nicholas Netterville, 1st Viscount)
  (a) Robert Barnewall, 9th Lord Trimlestown (d 06.1689)
  m. (mcrt 20.07.1668) Margaret Dungan (d 05.11.1678, dau of Sir John Dungan, 2nd Bart)
  ((1)) Matthias Barnewall, 10th Lord Trimlestown (d unm 08.09.1692)
  ((2)) John Barnewall, 11th Lord Trimlestown (b 1672, d 07.04.1746)
  m. (1703) Mary or Margaret Barnewall (d 01.11.1771, dau of Sir John Barnewall of Ballybrittan)
  ((A)) Robert Barnewall, 12th Lord Trimlestown (d 06.12.1779)
  m1. Margaret Rochfort (d c1740, dau of James Rochfort of Laragh)
  ((i)) Thomas Barnewall, 13th Lord Trimlestown (dsp 24.12.1796, 4th son)
TCP suggests that Thomas died unmarried but BP1934 reports that he married ...
  m. Anna (d 24.06.1831)
  ((ii))+ other issue (dvp unm) - John, Mathias (d 08.02.1767), son
  m2. (by 1757) Elizabeth Colt (d 1781, dau of John Colt of Brightlingsea)
  Not sure by which wife was ...
  ((v)) Catherine Barnewall
  m. Nicholas Barnewall of Beggstown and Woodpark (d 1735)
m3. (sp) Anne Hervey (d 24.06.1831, dau of William Hervey of London)
  ((B)) Richard Barnewall (3rd son)
  m. Frances Barnewall (dau of Nicholas Barnewall, 3rd Viscount of Kingsland)
  ((i)) Nicholas Barnewall, 14th Lord Trimlestown (b 29.06.1726, d 17.04.1813)
  m1. (01.11.1768) Martha Henrietta D'Auguin (d 05.1782, dau of Joseph D'Augin or D'Auguin of Toulouse)
  ((a)) Richard Barnewall (b 08.1770, dvp infant)
((b)) John Thomas Barnewall, 15th Lord Trimlestown (b 29.01.1773, d 07.10.1839)
  m. (21.01.1793) Maria Theresa Kirwan (d 12.10.1824, dau of Richard Kirwan of Cregg by Anne Blake)
  (((1))) Thomas Barnewall, 16th Lord Trimlestown (b 14.04.1796, d 04.08.1879) had issue
  m. (03.11.1836) Margaret Randalina Roche (d 04.09.1872, dau of Philip Roche of Donore by Anna Maria Plunkett, dau of 13th Lord Dunsany)
  (((2))) Martha Henrietta Barnrewall (d unm 10.04.1836)
((c)) Rosalie Barnewall (d 02.02.1864)
  m. (03.12.1795) Peter, Count D'Alton
  m2. (08.08.1797) Alicia Eustace (b c1773, d 25.11.1860, dau of Lt. Gen. Charles Eustace of Robertstown)
  ((C)) Thomasine Barnewall (d 16.01.1788)
  m. (09.02.1729) Jenico Preston, 10th Viscount Gormanstown (b 1707, d 31.10.1757)
  ((D)) Margaret Barnewall
  m. (01.1736) James Butler, 8th Viscount Mountgarret (dsp 13.05.1742)
((E)) Bridget Barnewall
  m. (06.04.1753) Robert Martin of Dangan & Ballinahinch
  ((F))+ 4 sons
  ((3)) Mary Barnewall (d 1740)
  m. Michael Nugent of Carlanstown (d 1739)
  ((4)) Bridget Barnewallpossibly of this generation, married twice?
  m1/2. Robert Martin of Ross (d 1700)
  m2/1. Christopher Nugent of Dardistown
((5)) Dymphna Barnewall probably of this generation
  m. Richard Shee of Sheestown (d 10.02.1748)
  (b)+ 2 sons (d unm) and 2 daughters
  (ii) Bridget Barnewall
  m. Christopher Cusack of Ardgragh
  (iii)+ other issue - George, Jane
  m2. (07.1621, sp) Jane Brereton (dau of Andrew Brereton)
  (B) Patrick Barnewall
  m1. Katherine Barnewall (dau of Robert Barnewall of Bremore)
  (i) Christopher Barnewall of Woodtown
  m1. ?? Nangle (dau of Gerald Nangle of Kildalkey)
  (a) Richard Barnewall of Clonylogan (d 02.1718)
  m1. Aminett Barnewall (sister of James Barnewall of Bremore)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Barnewall
  m. Henry Plunkett
  m2. (03.03.1712) Bridget Piers (d 1755, dau of Henry Piers of Ballydrimney)
  ((2)) Christopher Barnewall of Fyanstown (b 1715)
  m. (11.1764) Cecilia Dowdall (dau of Mathew Dowdall of Clone)
  ((A)) Richard Barnewall of Fyanstown (d 1827)
m. Katherine Byrne (dau of George Byrne of Seatown)
  ((i)) Christopher Barnewall of Meadstown (b 03.09.1765, d 14.08.1849)
  m. (11.1793) Anne Aylmer (dau of Charles Aylmer of Painstown)
  ((a)) Charles Barnewall of Meadstown (d 02.05.1873) ancestor of later Barons Trimlestown
  m1. (sp) Katherine Connolly (dau of John Connolly of New Haggard)
  m2. (09.10.1844) Letitia Aylmer (d 03.03.1886, dau of Gerald Aylmer of Lyons)
  ((b)) Esmay Mary Barnewall (d 1879)
  m. ((29.09.1836) Sir Aylmer John Barnewall, 9th Bart of Crickstown
((c))+ other issue - Richard of Meadstown (b 1806, d 1889), Cecilia (d 03.01.1882), Anne, Jane, Mary
  ((ii)) Joseph Barnewall of Bloomsbury (b 1781, d 07.1852) ancestor of Barnewall of Bloomsbury
  m. (1817) Margaret Everard (d 11.1841, dau of Thomas Everard of Randalstown)
  ((iii)) Patrick Barnewall of Causetown (dsp 08.1854)
  m. Barbara Everard (dau of Thomas Everard of Randalstown)
  ((iv)) Cecilia Barnewall
  m1. John Connolly of New Haggard
  m2. Charles Nangle (d 05.09.1847)
  ((B)) Anne Barnewall
  m. (13.10.1777) Columbus Drake of Roristwon
((3))+ other issue - Anne (d unm 1740), Richard (b 1718, d young)
  (b)+ other issue - Patrick (dsp), Garrett, Peter
  m2. (1670, sp) Jane Tuite (dau of Edward Tuite of Trimlestown)
  m2. Katherine King (dau of Mathew or Patrick King of Kildare)
  (C) Mary Barnewall
  m. Robert Barnewall of Shankhill
  (D)+ other issue - Richard, Matthias, Catherine, Ismay
  m2. Margaret FitzLeons (dau of Patrick FitzLeons)
  Not known by which wife was ...
  ii. Catherine Barnewall
  m. Sir Patrick Hussey of Galtrim (a 1558)
  John, 3rd Lord, married twice more, without further issue.
  B. Alison Barnewall
  m. Sir Roger Barnewall of Fieldston
  C. Elizabeth Barnewall possibly of this generation
  m. William D'Arcy of Plattyn (d 1545)
2. son

Main source(s): BP1934 (Trimlestown) with support from TCP (Trimleston) and BLG1886 (Barnewall of Bloomsbury)
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