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Families covered: Bannatyne of Gardrum, Bannatyne of Glasgow, Bannatyne of Kames (Camys)

Robertson suggests that this family "Though taking their Gaelic patronimick of McOmelyne or McAmelyne from remoter ancestors, deduce their descent from" ...
Gilbert (a temp Alexander III who r.1249-1286)
1. Gilbert of Camys (Kames), Bute
  A. John of Kames & Corsbie in Ayrshire (a 1371, d before 1372, Chamberlain of Bute)
  i. ?? probably father or grandfather of ...
  a. Thomas Bannachtyne or Bannatyne of Camys
(1) Ninian Bannatyne of Kames
  (A) Robert Bannatyne of Kames (a 1490)
  (i) ?? Bannatyne
Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  (a) Ninian Bannatyne of Kames possibly of this generation, who married ...
  m. (before 1529, div 03.1554) Jonet Stewart (dau of James Stewart, Sheriff of Bute)
  Parents of Elizabeth, possibly also of ...
  ((1)) ?? Bannatyne
((A)) Ninian Bannatyne of Kames (d before 1603)
  m. Mary Campbell (dau of Duncan Campbell of Auchinbreck) possibly wife of this Ninian and mother of ...
  ((i)) Hector Bannatyne of Kames (a 02.1602) - continued just below
  m. Elizabeth Stewart (dau of Patrick Stewart of Rosline)
  ((ii)) William Bannatyne - continued below possibly of this generation
  m. (1630) Lucretia Boyd of Trochrai
  ((2)) Elizabeth Bannatyne
  m. James Stewart (cousin)



Hector Bannatyne of Kames (a 02.1602) - continued just above
m. Elizabeth Stewart (dau of Patrick Stewart of Rosline (cadet of Bute))
1. Ninian Bannatyne of Kames
  Robertson reports that this Ninian married to "Isabella (whom Douglas calls Elizabeth) daughter of Sir James Stewart of Bute". However, TSP (vol 2, 'Bute', p297) shows Isobel, who m. 07.1675 Ninian Bannatyne of Kames and had issue Hector, as dau of Sir Dugald. On the previous page, TSP shows Isobel's aunt Elizabeth as "said to have been married to Ninian Bannatyne of Kames". We speculate that Ninian married first the aunt and then the niece as follows.
  m1. Elizabeth Stewart (dau of Sir James Stewart of Bute, 1st Bart)
  m2. (07.1675) Isobel Stewart (dau of Sir Dugald Stewart of Bute, 2nd Bart)
  A. Hector Bannatyne of Kames
  m1. Margaret Maxwell (dau of Sir George Maxwell of Newark)
  i.+ "several children" (d young)
  m2. Marion Fairholm (dau of ?? Fairholme of Babberton, brother of ?? of Craigiehall)
  ii. James Bannatyne of Kames (d unm)
  iii. Isabella Bannatyne
  m. Roderick McLeod
  iv.+ other issue (dvp)



Second son of a laird of Kames was ...
William Bannatyne - continued above
m. (1630) Lucretia Boyd of Trochraig
1. John Bannatyne
  m. Janet Bannatyne of Lubas (cousin)
  A. Ninian Bannatyne of Gardrum
  m. _ Wilson
  i. David Bannatyne of Gardrum
  ii. (Janet) Bannatyne
  m. Rev. Dugald Stewart
  iii.+ other issue - John, Ninian (to West Indies then London)
  B. Dugald Bannatyne of Kilmory (Rev.)
  m. Margaret Hutchison of Monkwood
i. John Bannatyne (chaplain)
  ii. Charles Bannatyne (minister of Irvine)
  m. Barbara Cunningham (dau of A. Cunningham of Brighouse)
  a. John Bannatyne
  m. Janet Findlay (dau of Robert Findlay of Easterhill)
  (1) Charles Bannatyne (rector of Aldham)
  m. Dorothea Findlay (dau of Robert Findlay of Easterhill, cousin)
  (2) Dorothea Bannatyne
b. Neil Bannatyne
  m. John Bannatyne @@ below
  iii. Neil Bannatyne of Glasgow
  m. (1743/54) Isobel Bogle (dau of George Bogle, Dean of Guild)
  a. Dugald Bannatyne of Glasgow (d 1842, postmaster)
  m. (1781) Agnes Stirling (d 1848, dau of William Stirling)
  (1) Mary Bannatyne (b 1782, d 1869)
  m. (1805) Robert Stark of Kirkhill (d 1812)
  (2) Andrew Bannatyne of Milheugh (b 1798, d 1871) had issue
  m. (1828) Margaret Millar of Milheugh (dau of James Millar of Milheugh)
(3) Dugald John Bannatyne (b 1805, d 1863) had issue
  m. (1833) Janet Bogle
  (4)+ other issue - Helen (b 1786, d infant), Isabella (b 1789, d 1866), Marion (b 1791, d 1866), Neil (d young), William (d young), Neil (d young)
  b. John Bannatyne
  m. Neil Bannatyne (dau of Rev. Charles Bannatyne) @@ above
  (1)+ issue - Dugald, Neil, Isabella
  c. Helen Bannatyne (d 1787)
  m. (1783) Dugald Stewart (professor in Edinburgh)
  d. Margaret Bannatyne
  m. James Miller
  iv. Catherine Bannatyne
  m. James Stuart of Finnick

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(2) For lower section (first shown 16.10.04 as Draft page Bannatyne1) : 'The Old Country Houses of the Old Glasgow Gentry' (James Maclehose, 2nd edition (1878), 'Milheugh')
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