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Families covered: Babington of Greenfort, Babington of Marble Hill, Babington of Nantwich, Babington of Urney

BFR reports that "The Babingtons of co. Donegal trace their descent from a younger brother of Bebington of Higher or Little Bebington, Wirrall, Cheshire" and identifies their arms as "Sa. three stage's heads cabossed arg.". With a brother (or brother-in-law) Randal (d Flodden 09.1513) was ...
?? Bebington or Babington
m. Margaret Croxton (dau of Thomas Croxton of Ravenscroft)
1. Richard Babington
  A. Richard Babington of Nantwich
  m. Ann Starkey (dau of Richard Starkey of Nantwich)
  i. Brutus (or Brute) Babington of Urney, Bishop of Derry (b 1558, d 10.09.1611, formerly rector of Thurcaston)
  Wikipedia ("Brutus Babington") provides his dates and reports that his mother was "formerly of Wrenbury Hall' (see Starkey02).
  m. Joan
a. Richard Babington of Urney, co. Tyrone
  (1) Matthew Babington of Urney & Doecastle (d c1690)
  m. ?? (d 1635, possibly dau of Colonel James Galbraith of Dowish)
  (A) William Babington of Urney & Doe Castle (d by 12.1702, captain)
  m. Rebecca Wray (dau of William Wray of Castle Wray by Anna Sampson)
(i) Henry Babington of Urney & Doe Castle (dsp before 1719)
  (ii) William Babington of Urney & Greenfort, Sheriff of co. Donegal then Tyrone (dsp bur 03.02.1736)
  m. (before 1719) Katherine Johnston (dau of Rev. John Johnston of Clondavaddog by Mildred Hamilton)
  (iii) Ralph Babington of Marble Hill & Greenfort (d before 02.04.1764)
  m. Angel Wray (a 1771, dau of Humphrey Wray of Ards by Anne Brooke)
  (a) Humphrey Babington of Greenfort & Rossapenny (d c1768)
  m. (27.01.1765) Katherine Hamilton (dau of Andrew Hamilton of Ballymadonnell (by Catherine Wray), m2. Thomas Lee of Dublin)
((1)) Ralph Babington of Greenfort, Sheriff of co. Donegal (d 02.1806)
  m. (05.1789) Rebecca Scanlan (d c1828)
  ((A)) Catherine Babington (d 1865)
  m. (1815) Baptist Johnston Barton (d 1819, major)
  ((B))+ other issue - Humphrey (b 03.02.1814, dsp 1836), Anne (a 1830)
  (b) Richard Babington of Boyles Hill, co. Donegal
  m1. ?? Wray (dau of William Wray of Ards)
  m2. (06.1787) Anne Hamiltoin (dau of William Hamilton (MP for Derry))
  (c) Rebecca Babington
  m. (02.04.1764) John Morgan (son of Richard of Dublin)
  (d) Katherine (a 1788)Babington
  m. (1770) Owen Digby of Dublin
  (iv) Thomas Babington (dsp bur 12.04.1751, captain)
  (v) Richard Babington of Marble Hill, Clondahorky. co. Donegal (b before 1702, d 1747)
  m. Anne Stewart (a 1755, dau of Capt. Charles Stewart of Horn Head by Isabella)
  (a) William Babington of Marble Hill (d before 1789)
  m. (04.09.17555) Catherine Stewart (dau of William Stewart of Newton Stewart by Mary)
  ((1)) William Henry Babington of Croaghland, Killybegs (b 10.11.1769, d 11.1846, RN, 2nd son)
  m1. Anne Morgan
((A))+ issue - William (d 09.1844, had issue), John (dsp), George in Tasmania, Annein Cheltenham (a 1890)
  m2. _ Babington (dau of Murray Babington of Bonnyglen, cousin)
  ((2)) Anne Babington (b 09.04.1756)
  m. _ Stewart
  ((3)) Lucinda Babington (b 17.01.1760)
  m. _ Nolan
  ((4)) Margaret Babington (b 04.10.1767, d 07.03.1845)
  m. (03.1789) William Paterson (d 1836, captain, son of Andrew of Mason Lodge)
  ((5)) Isabella Babington (b 110.04.1773, d 13.08.1827)
  m1. (03.1792) Henry Levett Hall (d 12.1794, captain)
  ((A)) Isabella Maria Hall
  m. Sir Robert Hagan (Rear Admiral RN)
  m2. (28.08.1800) Thomas Paterson of Plaister (captain)
  ((6))+ other issue - Richard of Kilrea (b 07.08.1766, a 1783, cleric), John (b 20.05.1771), Rebecca (b 13.01.1761, d unm)
(vi) Elizabeth Babington
  m. John Perkins of Ballybrooney
  (vii) Anne Babington
  m1. James Scanlan of Ballyshannon
  m2. Henry Major
  (B) Richard Babington of Daisy Hill, co. Derry (d after 1740, captain)
  m. Isabella Wray (dau of William Wray of Castle Wray by Angel Galbraith)
  (i) William Babington (b 1713, d 25.03.1777, rector of Ballyscullion & Termoneeny)
  m. (c1750) Dorothea Campbell
  (a) Wray Babington (a 1779, cleric)
  (ii) Humphrey Babington of Portglenone, co. Antrim (a 1770, cleric)
  m. (c1755) Dorothea (d by 1790)
  (a) William Babington (b 06.1756, d 29.05.1833, MD, chemist)
  (b) Murray Babington of Bonnyglen, Inver, co. Donegal (d c1839)
  ((1))+ issue - Murray, 5 daughters
  (iii) Richard Babington (a 1770, cleric) had issue
  m. Mary Marshall (dau/coheir of Cornelius Marshall of Caledon)
  (iv) George Babington of Londonderry (d before 27.01.1786)
  m. (before 1763) Mary Stafford (dau of Edmund Stafford of co. Antrim)
  (a) Richard Babington (b 17.02.1765, d 09.021831, rector of Termonamongan)
  m. Mary Boyle of Dungiven
  ((1)) Thomas Henderson Babington, Mayor of Derry (d 02.08.1869, 2nd son)
  m. (1840) Alice Ackers (dau of Francis Ackers of Liverpool)
  ((2)) David Babington (b 1812, dsp 1890, rector of Glendermot, 8th son)
  m. Anne Atkinson (dau of John Atkinson of Mullavilly)
  ((3)) Hume Babington (rector of Moviddy) had issue
  m. (1836) Esther Nettles (dau of Richard Neville Nettlessof Nettterville)
  ((4))+ other issue - Anthony of Creevagh (a 1845), George (Major), Richard, Henry, William (Major General), James (d 1825, Captain RN), Anne, Angel
  (b)+ other issue - Anthony (b 29.03.1772). George (b 29.12.1776), Isabella (b 22.05.1763), Dorothea (b 06.05.1767), mary (b 27.12.1769), Angel (b 06.08.1774), Margaret (b 02.09.1779)
  (v)+ 3 daughters
  (C) Thomas Babington
  m. Isabella Stronge (dau of Captain James Stronge of Croaghan)
  (i) Mathew Babington of Clady in Urney (d before 08.03.1735)
  m. Anne Hamilton
  (ii) Thomas Babington of Clonfad (a 05.1735)
  (a) Richard Babington of Londonderry had issue
  m. (before 1768) Mary Stewart (dau of Frederick Stewart of Horn Head)
  (b) James Babington
  b. Edwin Babington of Creduff, co. Tyrone, Sheriff of Derry City (bpt 10.10.1585, a 1641) had issue
  m. (08.1607) Francisca Cookes
  c. Bryan Babington (bur 07.08.1642)
  ii. Eldred Babington of Nantwich "left numerous issue"
  m. Elizabeth (bur 16.07.1597)
  iii. Randal Babington of Nantwich had issue
  m1. ?? m2. ??
  iv. William Babington of Nantwich
  a. Ury or Uriah Babington
  v. Ury (or Uriah) Babington of London (d 1605)
  B. Thomas Babington ancestor of the Babingtons of Chorley
  C.+ other sons (all d Flodden 09.1513) - William, Randal, James, John, Charles

Main source(s): BFR ('Babington', p17+)
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