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Families covered: Armytage of Hartshead, Armytage of Keresforth Hill, Armytage (Armitage) of Kirklees, Armytage of Netherton, Wentworth of Woolley

John Armytage of Wrigbowls (a 1144)
1. ?? Armytage
  A. ?? Armytage
  i. ?? Armytage
  a. ?? Armytage
  (1) ?? Armytage
  6th in descent from the above John was ...
  (A) William Armytage the first mentioned by Thoresby
  (i) John Armytage
  (a) William Armytage (a temp Edward VI) - continued below
  m. Katherine Beaumont (dau of Henry Beaumont of Crosland or Crossland)



William Armytage (a temp Edward VI) - continued above
m. Katherine Beaumont (dau of Henry Beaumont of Crosland or Crossland)
1. John Armytage, 1st of Kirklees (d 1573)
  m. Elizabeth Kaye (sister of Rev. Sir John Kaye of Lockwood)
A. John Armytage of Kirklees (d before 30.10.1606) the first mentioned by MGH (NS1)
  m1. (1567) Emma Gregory (dau of John Gregory of Kingston-upon-Hull)
  i. John Armytage of Kirklees, Sheriff of Yorkshire (b 1573, d 07.1650)
  The following is party upported by MGH (NS3 vol 4 (1902), p280).
  m. Winifred Knight (d 637, dau/heir of Henry Knight of Knight Hill & Brockholes by Margery, dau of Richard Beaumont)
  a. John Armytage (dvpsp 1624)
  m. (1622) Dorothy Arthington (dau of Cyrill Arthington of Arthington)
  b. Sir Francis Armytage, 1st Bart of Kirklees (dvp bur 12.06.1644, 3rd son?)
  m. (1629) Catherine Danby (bur 13.01.1666, dau of Chrisopher Danby of Farnley)
(1) Sir John Armytage, 2nd Bart of Kirklees, Sheriff of Yorkshire (bpt 15.12.1629, bur 09.03.1676-7)
  m. (1651) Margaret Thornhill (bur 10.02.1695, dau of Thomas Thornhill of Fixby)
  (A) Sir Thomas Armytage, 3rd Bart of Kirklees (bpt 10.05.1652, d unm 1694)
  (B) Sir John Armytage, 4th Bart of Kirklees (bpt 14.04.1653, d unm 02.12.1732)
  (C) Christopher Armytage of Hartshead Hall (b 1658)
  m. Rebecca Moore (dau of Thomas Moore of Austrope)
  (i) John Armytage of Hartshead (b 1708, d unm 28.10.1732)
  (D) Sir George Armytage, 5th Bart of Kirklees (bpt 23.08.1660, d unm 12.10.1737)
  (E) Margaret Armytage
  m. (1672) Francis Neville of Chevet
  (F) Catherine Armytage
  m. (1679) Christopher Tancred of Wixley or Whixley
  (G)+ other issue (d unm) - George, Alathea (d young), Ann (d young), Beatrice (d young)
  (2) Francis Armytage of South Kirby
  m. Mary Trappes (dau of Robert Trappes of Nidd)
(A) Sir Thomas Armytage, 6th Bart of Kirklees (bpt 31.07.1673, d unm 12.10.1737)
  (B)+ other issue (d unm) - Maria (bpt 23.06.1663, bur 23.1231665), others
  (3) William Armytage of Killinghall (a 1660)
  m. Elizabeth Trappes (dau of Robert Trappes of Nidd)
  (4) Anne Armytage
  m. _ Smith of London
(5) Winifred Armytage
  m. Thomas Lacy
  (6)+ other issue (d young or unm)
  c. Elizabeth Armytage (d 1639)
  m. (1626) Sir John Savile of Lupset (d 1660)
  d.+ other issue (d young) including Thomas (d unm)
  ii. Gregory Armytage of Netherton (bur 28.03.1653) this line followed by MGH (NS1)
  m. Elizabeth Savile (dau/coheir of John Savile of Netherton)
  a. William Armytage of Netherton (bur 14.03.1652)
  m. (25.11.1634) Grace Rockley (bpt 0101.1614, dau of Robert Rockley of Rockley)
(1) Robert Armytage of Netherton (bpt 05.11.1635)
  m. (30.04.1660) Anne Stringer (bur 10.02.1707, dau of Francis Stringer of Whiston)
  (A) John Armytage of Netherton (bpt 09.02.1664, bur 09.12.1722)
  m. (03.06.1691) Elizabeth Calverley (dau of William Calverley of Leeds)
  (i) Elizabeth Armytage (bpt 02.03.1692, bur 16.11.1749)
  m1. (07.01.1717) Sir William Thornton of Cattal or Cottle
  m2. John Perkins of Fishlake
  (B) Thomas Armytage (bpt 09.08.1661, bur 07.12.1661)
  (C) Mary Armytage (bpt 31.12.1662, a 1712)
  m. Theophilus Calverley
  (2)+ other isssue - Edward (bpt 19.06.1641, bur 19.05.1643), James (bpt 06.0.1642), Richard (bpt 24.11.1644), William (bur 28.10.1648), William (bpt 06.11.1651), Kattaren (bpt 02.121645, bur 09.03.1646), Katherine (bpt 02.02.1648), Grace (bpt 09.03.1652, bur 21.06.1653)
  b. Elizabeth Armytage
  m. (1626) Sir Thomas Beaumont of Whitley Beaumont (bpt 26.01.1605, d 31.05.1668)
  c.+ 3 sons (d young) including William (bur 05.11.1613), John (bur 26.06.1630)
  iii. Edward Armytage of Keresforth Hill
  m1. (26.10.1607) Elizabeth Hanson (dau of Edward Hanson of Little Royd)
  a. John Armytage of Keresforth Hill (b 1610)
  m1. Mary Whitley (dau of Matthew Whitley of Shelf)
  (1) Edward Armytage of Keresforth Hill (d unm 1673)
  (2) Mary Armytage
  m. (1659) Henry Crowther of Elland
  m2. Elizabeth Dransfield (dau of John Dransfield of Elland)
  (3) John Armytage of Keresforth Hill (dsp c1681)
  (4) William Armytage
  m. Elizabeth
  (A) Edward Armytage (d 1697)
  m. Abigail
  (i)+ issue - Elizabeth, Abigail
  (B)+ other issue - John (d unm), Mary (d young)
  (5) Cornelius Armytage (d young)
  (6) George Armytage of Keresforth Hill (b 1661)
  m. (1690) Magdalen Usher (dau of Francis Usher of Barnsley)
  (A) John Armytage (d before 1733, 2nd son)
  m. (1723) Lydia Rawson
(B) Sir Samuel Armytage, Sheriff of Yorkshire, 1st Bart of Kirklees (bpt 05.05.1695, d 19.08.1747, 4th son)
  Samuel inherited Kirklees from his cousin (above) but the baronetcy was a new creation.
  m. Anne Griffith (d 11.1738, dau of Thomas Griffith of Llanvyllan)
  (i) Sir John Armytage, 2nd Bart of Kirklees (b 13.07.1732, d unm 09.1758)
  (ii) Sir George Armytage, 3rd Bart of Kirklees (b 25.12.1734, d 21.01.1783)
  m. (10.04.1760) Anna Maria Wentworth (d 21.03.1788, dau of Godfrey Wentworth of Woolley Park)
  (a) Sir George Armytage, 4th Bart of Kirklees (bpt 11.06.1761, d 14.07.1836)
  m1. (12.08.1783) Mary Harbord (d 13.08.1490, dau of Sir Harbord Harbord, 1st Lord Suffield)
  ((1))+ issue - George (b 02.08.1788, dvp 17.05.1800), Mary (d young)
  m2. (06.12.1791) Mary Bowles (dau of Oldfield Bowles of North Aston)
  ((3)) John Armytage of Heath (b 07.10.1792, dvp 24.05.1836) had issue
m. (02.10.1818) Mary Assheton (b 1790, d 21.04.1871, dau of William Assheton of Downham Hall)
  ((4)) Henry Armytage (b 29.10.1796, d 30.10.1861, Colonel) had issue
  m1. (12.06.1819) Charlotte Starkie (d 13.12.1848, dau of Legendre Starkie of Huntroyd)
  m2. (26.08.1858, sp?) Frances Sarah Brandling (d 1887, dau of Robert William Brandling of Low Gosforth)
  ((5)) Mary Armytage (d 13.04.1864)
  m. (13.05.1815) William Ponsonby Johnson of Walton House
  ((6)) Henrietta Armytage
  m. (02.11.1824) Charles John Brandling of Gosforth and Middleton
  ((6))+ other issue - Francis (d young), Edward (b 11.04.1800, d 07.06.1830)
  (b) John Armytage (b 15.12.1768, d 25.03.1861)
  m. (1790) Annette Thursby (d 25.10.1840, dau of John Harvey Thursby of Abingdon)
  ((1)) Harriett Armytage (d 1873)
  m. (1821) Charles Bourryan Luard of Blyborough
((2)) Maria Catherine Armytage (d 1871)
  m. (1821) John Johnson (vicar of Hoguhton)
  ((3))+ other issue - John Wentworth (b 23.04.1793, d unm 12.04.1865, vicar of Hickleton), Charlotte (d unm 1868)
  (c) Godfrey Wentworth Armytage, later Wentworth of Woolley (d 14.09.1834, MP)
  m. (22.05.1794) Amelia Fawkes (d 25.06.1834, dau of Walter Fawkes of Farnley Hall)
  ((1)) Godfrey Wentworth of Woolley Park, Sheriff of Yorkshire (b 14.09.1797, d 22.09.1865) had issue
  m. (20.06.1822) Anne Fawkes (d 09.06.1842, dau of Walter Fawkes of Farnley Hall)
  ((2)) John Wentworth (b 17.02.1799, dsp 10.03.1868)
  m. (31.07.1824) Henrietta Maria Bosanquet (b c1793, d 16.05.1882, dau of Jacob Bosanquet of Broxbourne Park)
  ((3)) Catherine Frances Armytage or Wentworth (d 1838)
  m. (27.07.1822) John Marcus Clements of Glenboy (d 1833)
((4)) Charlotte Armytage or Wentworth (dsp 09.03.1875)
  m. (15.11.1834) William Archibald Campbell of Wilton Place
  ((5)) Dorothea Harriet Armytage or Wentworth
  m. (02.07.1831) Sir Samuel Hancock
  ((7))+ other issue (d unm) - William (b 1807), Amelia (d 1842), Mary Elizabeth
  (d) Anna Maria Armytage (b c1762, dsps 04.11.1799)
  m. (1786/7) William Egerton of Tatton Park (b 1749, d 1806)
  (e) Henrietta Armytage (d 1797)
  m1. Thomas Grady of Harley Street
m2. Jacob Bosanquet of Broxbourne Park
  (f) Charlotte Armytage
  m. (1790) John Eyre (archdeacon of York)
  (g) Juliana Armytage (d young)
  (iii) Samuel Armytage (d unm 1758)
  (iv) Rachel Armytage
  m. (1743) James Farrer of Barnbrough Grange
  (v) Mary Armytage
  m. (sp) Rev. Francis Hall of Swaith Hall
  (vi) Anna Maria Armytage
  m1. Thomas Carter (MP, son of Thomas, Master of the Rolls)
  m2. (18.09.1766) John Nicholson of Balrath Bury (d 29.03.1782, Captain)
  (C) Hannah Armytage
  m. Francis Roper of Barnsley
  (D) Elizabeth Armytage
m. _ Fryer
  (E) Magdalen Armytage
  m. (1724) Francis Naylor of Barnsley
  (F)+ other issue - Francis (d 1691), George (d 1713), Francis (d young), Edward (d young)
  (7) Gervase Armytage of Keresforth Hill (b 1662)
  m. (1687) Priscilla Bosville (d 1718, dau of William Bosville of Gunthwaite)
  (A)+ issue (d young) - Elizabeth, Mary
  b. Anne Armytage
  m. William Gamble of Blacker
  c.+ other issue (d young) - Edmund, Elizabeth
  m2. Jane Popley (dau of John Popley of Moorhouse)
  e. Francis Armytage (b 1623, d unm 1656)
  iv. Anne Armytage (d 1594)
  m. Sir Hugh Worrall of Loversall
  m2. (1583) Margery Beaumont (dau of Richard Beaumont of Emly Park, m1/2. Henry Knight of Knight Hill)
  v.+ other issue - Joseph in Kilkenny (a 1608), Elizabeth

Main source(s): BP1934 (Armytage), 'Ducatus Leodiensis' (Ralph Thoresby, 1715, p91+) with some support from BEB1841 (Armytage of Kirklees), MGH (NS1, vol 2 (1876, #XII, July 1869), 'Armytage of Netherton', p181)
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