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Families covered: Armstrong of Farney Castle, Armstrong of Mealiffe (Moyaliffe), Armstrong of Mount Heaton

Sir Thomas Armstrong of Wolivia in Lanercost, Cumberland (d 11.1662, to Ireland, Colonel, Quartermaster-General of the Horse)
m. Anna Anderson ("a Dutch lady")
1. Sir Thomas Armstrong (b 1624, d 20.06.1684, Lt. Colonel)
  m. Katherine Pollexfen (d 1693, dau of James Pollexfen of Stanstead Montfichet)
  A. Jane Armstrong
m. _ Matthew (d 1685, Admiral)
  B/C. Catherine Armstrong (d unm)
  C/B. Mary Armstrong
  m. _ Pollexfen (lawyer)
2. William Armstrong of Farney Bridge (Captain)
  m. Alice Deane (dau of Sir Thomas Deane)
A. John Armstrong of Farney Castle (d 16.05.1707, MP)
  m. (1695) Juliana Carew (b c1676, d 27.11.1737, dau of Robert Carew of Ballyboro')
  i. William Armstrong of Farney Castle, later of Mount Heaton (formerly called Ballyskennagh), Sheriff of fo Tipperary (b 01.06.1688, d 01.01.1767, Colonel)
  m. (06.03.1731) Mary Heaton (dau/coheir of Francis Heaton of Mount Heaton)
  a. John Armstrong of Farney Castle & Mount Heaton (b 1732, d 12.09.1791, MP)
  m. (17.07.1770) Letitia Greene (b 1724, d 28.01.1820, dau/coheir of Abraham Greene of Ballymacreece by Honoria, dau of William Piers of Portarlington, son of Sir W. Piers, Bart of Triesternagh Abbey, by Honoria Fitzmaurice, dau of '20th Earl' (sb Lord) of Kerry; Letitia m2. Very. Rev. James Hobson)
  (1) William Henry Armstrong, last of Mount Heaton (b 21.06.1774, d 21.09.1835) had issue
  m. (07.04.1809) Bridget Macdonnell (b c1790, d 20.10.1860, dau/coheir of Col. Charles Macdonnell of New Hall by Bridget, dau of John Bayly of Debsborough)
  Their eldest & 3rd surviving sons assumed the name Heaton-Armstrong. Their 2nd surviving son inherited New Hall and assumed the name Armstrong-MacDonnell.
  (2) Elizabeth Armstrong (b 20.01.1773, d 26.02.180)
b. Mary Armstrong (d 27.03.1795)
  m. (12.09.1755) Very. Rev. George Thomas
  ii. Robert Armstrong (a 1731, d unm)
  iii. John Armstrong of Cork, later of Farney Castle
  m. Anne Blunt (dau of Anthony Blunt, alderman of Kilkenny)
  a. Thomas Armstrong of Farney Castle father of Ellen, probably of this generation
  (1) Ellen Armstrong
  m. (29.10.1819) John Doyne of Old Leighlin (b 03.04.1791, d 1841, Rev.)
  b. Anthony Armstrong of Newtown then Duly House, co Tipperary (vicar of Emly)
m. (c1772) Jane Sadleir (dau of Nicholas Sadleir of Golden Garden, widow of Richard Chadwick of Ballinard)
  (1) Richard Armstrong of Nodston (Cashel) then Regaile (b c1793, a 1847) had issue
  m. (15.06.1819) Sarah Potts (dau of William Potts of Athlone)
  c.+ 2 sons and 3 daughters
  iv. James William Armstrong (b c1706, a 1731, cleric)
  m. Sarah Nicholson
B. Thomas Armstrong of Mealiffe (later called Moyaliffe), Sheriff of co. Tipperary (b 1671, d 20.07.1741)
  The following comes from BIFR1976 (Kemmis) with some support from BLGI1912 (Armstrong of Moyaliffe and Chaffpool).
  m. Mary Carew (dau of Robert Carew of Castleboro')
  i. William Armstrong of Mealiffe (b 1704, d unm 1768)
  ii. John Armstrong of Kingswell (co. Tipperary), later of Mealiffe (b 1708, d 1781, rector of Tipperary, 3rd son)
  m. Frances Garnett (a 1789, dau of John Garnett of Tipperary, schoolmaster)
  a. William ('Billy') Carew Armstrong of Mealiffe (b 1752, d 08.06.1839, vicar of Mealiffe, rector of Moylough, Chancellor of Cashel, 2nd son)
  m. (11.11.1789) Catherine Eleanor Beresford (d 11.1837, dau of 1st Lord Decies, Archbishop of Tuam)
  (1) John Armstrong of Mealiffe (b 1791, d 02.12.1846) had issue
  m. (1815) Catherine Somers (d 21.04.1868, dau/heir of Thomas Somers of Chaffpool)
  (2) Marcus Beresford Armstrong (b 1794, d 1850, rector of Moylough) had issue
  m. (1825) Emily O'Rorke (dau of Rev. John O'Rorke)
(3) Alfred Thomas Armstrong (b 1805, d 02.10.1887, recto, 4th son) had issue
  m. (1835) Frances Cooper (dau of William Cooper of Killenure Castle)
  (4)+ other issue - George De la Poer (b 1801, d unm 10.1845), Elizabeth, Frances, Clara
  b. Robert Carew Armstrong (b 1758, vicar of Mealiife, rector of Templemore, 5th son)
  m. Elizabeth Cooke (dau of Joseph Cooke of Cardigan by Anne, sister of Frances Garnett)
  (1) Edward George Armstrong (b 1794, d 11.05.1866, vicar of Listerline, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (18.03.1825) Charlotte Wemyss (dau of Col. James Wemyss of Danesfort)
  (2) Bess Armstrong
  m. _ Potts
  (3) Fanny Armstrong
  m. _ Neabody
  (4)+ other issue - Thomas of Donehill (a 08.1848), John (d 1856, Cmdr RN), Alfred (d 1870), Joseph (a 1834, Rev.)
  c. Anne Armstrong
m. (1793) William Bagwell of Shanrahan
  d.+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas (b 1744, dvp 1774, Caotain), Robert Carew (b 1753, d before 1758), Edward Harman (b 1754, d 1782), George Carew (d infant), Alfred Francis (b 1766, d before 1804, Captain), Frances, Alicia (d 1830), Mary (d 1822)
  iii. Robert Carew Armstrong of Corolanty, King's Co. (b 1709, d 1790, rector of Shinrone)
m. Jane Atkinson (dau of Anthony Atkinson of Cangort)
  a. John Armstrong of co Tipperary (b 1751, d 1826)
  m. Frances Doolan (d 1844, dau of Thomas Doolan by Anne Maria Tidd)
  (1) Nicholas Armstrong (b 1801, rector in Dublin, later of Albury, Surrey) had issue
  m. Christian Fraser (d 1875, dau of James Fraser by Elizabeth Mary Clarke)
  iv. Alice Armstrong
  m. (1719) James Ellard of Newtown, co Limerick
  a. Thomas Ellard of Brannockstown, co Kildare
  m. Elizabeth Dexter (dau of James Dexter of Brannockstown by Margaret Armstrong)
  v. Margaret Armstrong (d 14.03.1788)
  m. (1738) James Dexter of Brannockstown & Dublin (Marshall of Four Courts, son/heir of John)
  vi. Elizabeth Armstrong
  m. Rev. John Smyth (d 1749)
  a.+ 2 sons
  vii. Mary Armstrong
  m. Rev. Rickard (Richard) Lloyd of Castle Lloyd (son/heir of Rev. Thomas)
  viii. daughter
  m. John Bettridge
  a.+ 2 daughters
  ix.+ other issue - Andrew (b 1706, d unm c1740), Peter (b 1711, d infant), Charles (b 1713, d 1731), George (b 1716, d 1739), Anne (d 1731), Juliana (d infant)
3. Ssuananh Armstrong (bpt 31.01.1638)

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Heaton-Armsrong), BLGI1912 (Heaton-Armstrong of Farney Castle and Mount Heaton) with input as reported above
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