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Families covered: Arcedekne (Archdekne, Archdeacon or Lercedekne) of Cornwall, Arcedeckne of Glevering Hall, Arcedekne of Ruan Lanihorne, Archdeacon (Lercedekne) of Treberveth

(1) Those parts of the following which are based on TCP were originally uploaded to AZmisc02 on 05.10.03.
(2) MGH spells the family name as Archdeacon, which appears to be the modern English equivalent of Arcedekne and its variants. Noting that the 18th-19th century family shown in the lower section used the variant 'Arcedeckne', we focus on Arcedekne which (with l'Arcedekne) is used by TCP. The first mentioned by MGH is ...
Michael l'Arcedekne (Archdeacon) of Devon (a 1242)
MGH shows Michael as father of Odo (d 1290). Maclean starts with 2 brothers, Odo & Thomas (a 1274), the latter being father of Odo (d 1290). We speculate that MGH omitted a generation and that Michael was the father of Odo & Thomas. Noting that TCP did not mention this generation at all, we view these very early generation as not fully proven and so show them in italics.
1. Odo l'Arcedekne (Lercedekne) (a 1277)
2. Sir Thomas l'Arcedekne (Lercedekne) (a 1277)
m. Alice, heiress of Elerky (m2. Serlo Landladron)
  A. Otes (Odo) l'Arcedekne (Archdeacon or Lercedekne) (d 1290) the first mentioned by TCP
  m. Amice
  i. Sir Thomas l'Arcedekne of Ruan Lanihorne, Governor of Tintagel Castle, Sheriff of Cornwall, Lord (d before 21.08.1331) the first mentioned by Banks
  m1. Alice de la Roche (dau of Thomas de la Roche of Roche Castle, 1st Lord) named Elizabeth by Banks & Maclean
  a. Sir John l'Arcedekne of Ruan Lanihorne (b before 1306, d before 21.12.1377)
m. (c1327) Cecily Haccombe (a 1365, dau/heir of Jordan (FitzStephen) Haccombe of Haccombe (son of Sir Stephen son of Sir Stephen of Haccombe) by Isabel, dau of Mauger de St. Aubin)
  (1) Sir Ralph (or Stephen) l'Arcedekne of Ruan Lanihorne (dsp before 21.12.1377)
  (2) Sir Warin l'Arcedekne of Ruan Lanihorne (d before 10.12.1400)
  m. Elizabeth Talbot (d 03.08.1407, dau of Sir John Talbot of Richard's Castle)
  (A) Alienor (Ellenor) Arcedekne (b c1383)
TCP identifies Alienor's husband only as Walter Lucy. Thanks to a contributor (MF, 12.06.09) for pointing out that, given that the Arcedekne (Archdeacon) arms passed through the Lucy family then the Hopton family into the Corbet family, this must be the Sir Walter identified in Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, 'Hopton of Stanton') as the following Sir Walter whose children are also mentioned in BHO (The History and Topographical Survey of the Count of Kent, vol 6, 'Parishes: Newington'). Banks supports the view that Alianor was mother of these children.
  m. Sir Walter Lucy of Newington Lucy (son of Sir William)
  (i) Sir William Lucy of Newington Lucy (dsp 1459-60)
  (ii) Ellenor Lucy
  m. Sir Thomas Hopton
  (iii) Matilda (Maud) Lucy
  m. William Vaux
  (B) Philippe Arcedekne (b c1386)
  m. Sir Hugh Courtenay of Haccomb or Holcombe
  (C) Margery Arcedekne (b c1391)
  m. (by 1407) Thomas Arundell
  (D) Elizabeth Arcedekne (dspvm)
  (3) Richard Lercedekne (d 1400) mentioned only by Maclean
  (A) Thomas Lercedekne (b c1388, d 14.02.1420-1)
  m. Joan
  (i) John Lercedekn (b 1420)
  (4) Odo Archdeacon or Lercedekne mentioned by MGH & Maclean which provide the following
  (A) John Archdeacon or Lercedekne of Treberveth (d 27.11.1395)
  m. Maud/Matilda
  (i) John Archdeacon or Lercedekne of Treberveth (b c1385)
m. Margery
  (a) John Archdeacon or Lercedekne of Treberveth (d 20.12.1471)
  ((1)) John Archdeacon or Lercedekne (b c1465)
  Maclean shows John as "ob. s.p.?"). MGH suggests that he was father of ...
  ((A)) Thomas Archdeacon
  ((i)) Mary Archdeacon (heir)
  m. John Cole
  ((2)) Johanna Lercedekne, heiress of Treberveth (d 09.10.1509) shown by Maclean as possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Wynter of Warwickshire
  (ii) Philipa Archdeacon or Lercedekne
  (5) John Lercedekne mentioned only by Maclean, possibly father of ...
  (A)+ issue - Henry (a 115), Michael (d before 23.02.1441-2, Treasurer of Exeter Cathedral)
  (6)+ other issue - Robert, Martin (a 1430, Canon of Exeter), Michael (d before 1430, cleric), Reginald, Isabella (d before 1430) mentioned only by Maclean
  m2. Maud/Matilda (a 11.06.1362, possibly dau of John de Mules)
  B.+ other issue - Geoffry (dsp young), John



Andrew Arcedeckne of Gurnamore, co. Galway (d c1765, Attorney General of Jamaica)
1. Chaloner Arcedeckne of Cockfield Hall & Glevering Hall, Sheriff of Suffolk (b c1743, d 18/20.12.1801, MP)
  m. Catherine Leigh (dau/coheir of John Leigh of North Court House)
  A. Andrew Arcedeckne of Glevering Hall, Sheriff of Suffolk (b 08.01.1780, d 08.02.1849, MP) had issue
  m. (29.08.1816) Ann Harriet Beckford (dau of Francis Love Beckford of Basing Park, cousin)
  B. Frances Catherine Arcedeckne (d 03.08.1815)
  m. (02.04.1810) (Joshua Vanneck), Lord Huntingfield
  C.+ other issue - Chaloner (d unm), Walter, Mary Louisa (d unm 07.1816)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : TCP ('Arcedekne'), MGH (NS1, vol 2 (1876, #XIII, March 1870), p234+), 'History of the Deanery of Tring' (Sir John Maclean, vol 3 (1879), 'Pedigree of Lercedekne', p259+) with support from 'Baronies in Fee' (Banks, vol 1 (1844), 'Archdekne', p106+)
(2) For lower section : BLG1858 ('Arcedeckne of Glevering Hall') & HoP ("Chaloner Arcedeckne" & "Andrew Arcedeckne")
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