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Families covered: Appleton (Appulton) of Waldingfield

John Appulton of Waldingfield Magna, Suffolk (a 1412)
1. John Appulton of Waldingfield Magna (a 1457)
  A. John Appulton or Appleton of Waldingfield Magna (d 1481)
  On p335, Muskett reports an old manuscript, showing the whole pedigree in italics and spelling the family name 'Appulton'. On p329, Mustkett starts his own pedigree with this John and spells the family name 'Appleton'.
  m. Margaret Welling (d 1468, dau of Richard Welling)
  i. Thomas Appleton of Holbrooks & Bramston Hall in Waldingfield (d 1507)
On p335, Muskett identifies Thomas's wife Margery as sister of George (dvp) and dau/heir of Robert Crane by Anna, dau of Sir Andrew Ogard. The Crane page notes that as a possibility but gives precedence to showing him as follows, which is supported by Muskett on p329.
  m. Margery Crane (dau of Robert Crane of Stoneham, sister of Robert (who m. Anne Ogard) & Elizabeth, Abbess of Braisyard)
  a. Thomas Appleton of Waldingfield (b c1478, d 27.08.1526)
  m. Mary Mountney (dau/coheir of Thomas Mountney of Yngmonteney (Mountnessing) & sister of Elizabeth, m2. Roger Martin of Melford)
  (1) William Appleton of Holbrooks & Bramston Hall in Waldingfield (d 24.08.1589)
m. Rose Sexton (dau/coheir of Robert Sexton of Lavenham (by Agnes, sister of Sir Thomas Jermyn of Rushbook), m2. Robert Gurdon of Assington)
  (A) Thomas Appleton of Waldingfield (b c1521, d before 16.05.1603)
  m. Mary Isaacke (a 02.1612, dau/coheir of Edward Issacke of Well Court by Margery, dau/coheir of Sir Richard Wheathill of Calice)
  (i) Sir Isaack Appleton of Waldingfield (d before 12.07.1609)
  m. Mary Cage (bur 14.06.1615, dau of Anthony Cage of Longstow, sister of Sir John, m2. Laurence Butler of Great Grandson)
  (a) Isaac Appleton of Waldingfield (dsp)
  m. Susan Allington (a 1676, dau of Sir Giles Allington of Horseheath, widow of Sir Robert Crane of Chilton)
  (b) John Appleton (dsp bur 1640)
  (c) Dorothy Appleton
  m. _ Cradock of London
  ((1)) Robert Cradock of London
  ((2)) Dorothy Cradock
  m. _ Goodbody
  ((3)) Anne Cradock
  m. John Garway
  (d) Mary Appleton
  m. Robert Fairboard of London
  (e) Frances Appleton (d 1673)
  m. Jacob Preston of Norfolk
((1)) Sir Isaac Preston of Beeston (bpt 1640, d 1708)
  (ii) John Appleton of Chilton & Chatford Hall in Capell (d before 17.05.1631)
  m1. ??
  m2. Frances Crane of Chilton
  (a) Robert Appleton of Preston, Suffolk
  The following is supported by Visitation (Suffolk, 1664, 'Appleton of Preston').
  m1. Martha Moore (d 1658, dau of Thomas Moore of St. Germaynes by Martha, dau of William Jackson)
  ((1)) Martha Appleton (d by 1688)
  m. Maurice Shelton of Barningham
  m2. Bridget Bull (dau/heir of William Bull (cleric), widow of John Alabaster of Hadleigh ## see here ##
  ((2))+ other issue - Isaac (a 1664), Bridget, Anne
  (b) John Appleton
  (c) daughter
  m. _ Gifford (Captain)
  (iii) Thomas Appleton of London (bpt 1585, a 1603, dsp)
  (iv) Samuel Appleton of Ipswich, New England, America (bpt 1586, a 1637) had issue in New England
  m1. (1616) Judith Everard
  m2. Martha
  (v) Mary Appleton
  m. Robert Ryson od Preston (a 02.1637, dsp)
  (vi) Judith Appleton
  m1. _ Allen (minister)
  m1. Lewes Bayley, Bishop of Bangor
  (vii) Sara Appleton (bpt 1580)
  m1. Edward Bird of Waldon
  m2. Henry Smyth (Master of Magdalen College, Cambridge)
(B) Frances Appleton (dsp after 19.07.1571)
  m. (1566) William Littlebury of Dedham
  (2) Edward Appleton of Edwardstone, Suffolk (dsp before 10.11.1580)
  m. Alice Rokewood (dau of Firmyn Rokewood of Euston, m2. Edmund Walgrave of Hitcham)
  b. William Appleton of London, etc. (d before 30.04.1513, draper)
  m. Elizabeth (a 07.1512)
  c. Alice Appleton see note under Margaret just below
  m. Thomas Spring of Lavenham
  d.+ other issue - Richard, Thomas (a 1504, parson of Lavenbam), Gilbert (a 1505), Anne (a 1512, nun)
  ii. John Appulton or Appleton (d 1492) mentioned on p335 but not on p329
  m1. Elizabeth m2. Alicia
  a.+ issue - John, 3 other sons
  iii. Margaret Appulton or Appleton
  Muskett (p329) shows the wife of Thomas Spring of Lavenham as of this generation and names her Margaret. Provisionally, we follow p335 which shows Thomas's wife as Alice of the next generation because that is supported by the Spring sources.
  B. Thomas Appulton (a 1468)

Main source(s): 'Suffolk Manorial Families' (Joseph James Muskett, 'Edited with extensive additions', vol 1, 1900, 'Appleton of Waldingfield' (p329) & 'Appleton Pedigree Harl MS1196' (p335))
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