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Families covered: Amcotts of Aisthorpe (Astrop or Aystrop), Amcotts of Amcotts, Amcotts of Harrington, Amcotts of London, Amcotts of Vere Temple, Amcotts of Wickenby

Richard de Amcotts of Amcotts
1. Richard Amcotts of Amcotts
  m. Alice Keinthorp (dau of Allen Keinthorp by Emma Wasthous)
  A. Richard Amcotts of Amcotts
  m. Joan (dau of Geoffrey Howborough or Hamburgh)
  i. Robert Amcotts of Amcotts
  m. _ Dawtrey
a. William Amcotts of Amcotts (d 1506)
  m1. Agnes Solaye (dau of William Solaye of Astrop)
  (1) Alexander Amcotts of Astrop (Aisthorpe) (d 31.01.1556-7)
  m. Margaret Stevenson (dau of _ FitzStephen or Stevenson)
  (A) John Amcotts of Aisthorpe (b c28.07.1508-9, d 13.06.1557)
  m. Joan Knighton of Cambridge (a 06.1591)
(i) Alexander Amcotts of Aisthorpe (b c24.07.1536, d 10.12.1589)
  m. Susan Disney (a 09.1585, dau of Richard Disney of Norton Disney)
  (a) Sir Richard Amcotts of Aisthorpe, Sheriff of Lincoln (d before 08.02.1633-4)
  m. (1606) Jane Fulnetby (bur 02.05.1628, dau of Vincent Fulnetby of Fulnetby)
((1)) William Amcotts of Aisthorpe (d 04.09.1639)
  m. (1621) Anne Bnnett (d before 27.08.1639)
  ((A)) William Amcotts of Aisthorpe (b 02.08.1625, bur 09.10.1650)
  ((B)) John Amcotts of Aisthorpe (b 21.07.1630, bur 26.01.1654-5)
  m. (20.12.1652) Rhoda Hussey (bur 09.04.1659, dau of Thomas Hussey of Caythorpe)
  ((i)) Rhoda Amcotts (bpt 02.12.1653)
  m. (10.07.1672) Sir Thomas Broughton, Bart of Broughton (d 1710)
((C))+ other issue (a 08.1639) - Mildred (bpt 18.06.1624), Margaret (bpt 08.02.1626-7), Dorothy (bpt 31.07.1628)
  ((2)) Susanna Amcotts (b c1589, d 02.09.1623)
  m. Thomas Hobbes of Streatham
  ((3)) Elizabeth Amcotts (bur 03.01.1649-50)
  m. Alexander Amcotts of Wickenby @@ below
((4)) Martha Amcotts (bur 25.08.1667)
  m. (28.02.1608-9) Robert Cracroft of Whisby (d by 1601, bur 14.09.1667)
  ((5)) Jane Amcotts (bpt 12.08.1598, a 02.1666)
  m. (c1633) Peregrine Toutheby
  ((6)) Sarah Amcotts
  m. (11.07.1637) George Marshall
  ((7)) Mary Amcotts probably the Mary who married ...
  m. Vincent Sheffield of Croxby
  ((8))+ other issue - Richard (bur 22.205.1632), John (bpt 02.01.1597-8, bur 10.03.1597-8), Margaret (bpt 24.08.1596), Anne (bpt 02.1601-2)
  (b) Alexander Amcotts of Ashby (a 12.1654)
  (c) Frances Amcotts
  m. William Bellingham of Manton (b c1555, d before 11.06.1620)
  (ii) Mary Amcotts
  m. (after 04.1557) John Hyde of Swinfleet
  (iii) Anne Amcotts
  m. (after 04.1557) Richard Wilkinson of London then Lincoln
  (iv) Dorothy Amcotts
  m. (after 04.1557) Robert Manson of Luddington
  (v)+ other issue - Mathew (d 1591), Agnes, Margaret, Elizabeth (a 04.1557)
  (B) Vincent Amcotts of London and Stratford Langthorne (d before 06.05.1584, 4th son)
  m. Catherine Bodley of London
(i) Vincent Amcotts of Hornchurch (bur 13.06.1631)
  m. Elizabeth Collins (dau of Nicholas Collins of Little Laver)
  (a) Vincent Amcotts of Langton-by-Wragby and Hildicke (d 02.02.1637-8)
  m. (09.06.1614) Anne Norton (a 09.1640, dau of Anthony Norton of Burton)
  ((1)) Vincent Amcotts of Harrington Hall, Amcotts, Gray's Inn and Nettleham (b 23.09.1625, d 25.05.1686)
m1. Helen Webberley (dsp, dau of Anthony Webberley of East Kirkby)
  m2. Amy Mildmay (dau of Henry Mildmay of Graces)
  ((A)) Vincent Amcotts of Harrington (b 23.09.1625, d 25.05.1686)
  m. (c07.1675) Amy Mildmay (b 14.02.1648-9, d 20.02.1712-3, dau of Henry Mildmay of Graces)
  ((i)) Vincent Amcotts of Harrington (b c1683, d 26.08.1733)
  m. (18.05.1720) Elizabeth Quincy (b c1694, d 12.07.1765, dau of John Quincy of Aslackby)
  ((a)) Charles Amcotts of Harrington (b c1730, d 14.04.1777, Colonel, 2nd son)
  ((b)) Anne Maria Amcotts (b 11.04.1725, d 01.07.1800)
  m. (16.04.1762) Sir Wharton Emerson of West Retford, later Amcotts, Bart of Kettlethorpe Park (b 02.1739-40, d 26.09.1807)
  ((c)) Frances Amcotts (b 1726-7, d 21.04.1810)
m. (01.08.1754) Everard Buckworth of Spalding (rector of Washingborough)
  ((d))+ other issue - Vincent (b 1719-20, dvp 23.05.1730), Elizabeth (b c1724, d 10.05.1762)
  ((ii))+ other issue - Henry (b 21.01.1684-5, d 18.05.1705), Mary (b 02.02.1681-2, d 18.11.1687)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Amcotts (bpt 27.12.1615)
  m. John Sheffield of Croxby
  ((3)) Anne Amcotts
  m. Thomas Nethercotts of Nettleham
  ((A)) Thomas Nethercotts of Nettleham probably of this generation
  ((i)) Elizabeth Nethercotts (bur 01.09.1704
  m. (19.07.1684) John Toller of Billingborough (b 1662, bur 1732)
  ((4)) Mary Amcotts (bpt 15.02.1627-8)
  m. Vincent Lawson
  ((5))+ other issue - Nicholas (bpt 08.03.1626-7, dsp), William, Alice (bpt 06.03.1616)
(b) Jane Amcotts
  m. Stephen Johnson
  (ii) Jane Amcotts
  (C) Mathew Amcotts of Vere Temple (a 1546, 04.1557)
  m. Mary Hiltofte (bur 22.02.1577-8, dau of John Hiltofte)
(i) Mathew Amcotts of Vere Temple and Wickenby
  m1. Elizabeth Thirkeld (bur 17.11.1585, dau of Marmaduke Thirkeld of Haysthorpe)
  (a) Alexander Amcotts of Wickenby (bpt 12.11.1583, bur 23.10.1635)
  m. Elizabeth Amcotts (bur 03.01.1649-50, dau of Sir Richard Amcotts of Aisthorpe) @@ above
  ((1))+ issue - Richard (bpt 07.11.1619, bur 04.12.1619), Mathew (bpt 16.12.1621, bur 05.04.1623), William (bpt 16.03.1622-3, bur 13.04.1623)
  (b) John Amcotts (bpt 05.05.1584, bur 02.04.1630)
  (c) Mathew Amcotts (bpt 12.09.1585)
  m. Susan (dau of Francis Velez de Guevara of Stenigot)
  ((1)) Susan Amcotts
  m. George Grey of Great Lumley
  ((2))+ other issue - Selina, Mary
m2. Bridget Grantham (d 1596, dau of Hugh Grantham of Dunholme)
  (ii) Alexander Amcotts of Wickenby (b c1562, a 04.1637)
  m1. (22.09.1606) Anne (bur 06.05.1620, widow of William Osney of Blesby)
  m2. Elizabeth (widow of Anthony Norton)
  (iii) Margaret Amcotts (a 05.1609)
  m. (17.08.1579) William Gray of Irford
  (D) Elizabeth Amcotts
  m. John Compton of Willingham
(E) Dorothy Amcotts (a 04.1557)
  m. John Sheffield of Croxby
  (F)+ other issue - Robert (a 1546), Paul (a 1546), Jane (a 04.1557, nun)
  m2. Agnes Sutton (dau of John Sutton by Alice, dau of John Saxton by dau of John, son of William Astrop of Astrop)
  (2) Sir Henry Amcotts, Lord Mayor of London (d 05.09.1554)
  m1. Joan Farrand (dau of Geoffrey Farrand of Kent)
  (A) Julia(n) Amcotts
  m. Sir Thomas Hewitt, Lord Mayor of London
  m2. _ Dalby of London (d 04.01.1573-4)
  (3) Hamon Amcotts of London
  m1. Joan Nicholls (dau of Thomas Nicholls of Littlebury)
  (A) John Amcotts of London (a 04.1557)
  m. Grace Wilford (d 13.07.1551, dau of John Wilford, alderman of London)
  (i)+ issue - Henry, Hamon (d 07.08.1551), Grace
  (B)+ other issue (dsp) - Hamon (a 04.1557), Humphry
  m2. Elizabeth Norris of London
  (4) James Amcotts of London (fishmonger)
  m. Joan Sutton of Kent
  (A) Margaret Amcotts
  m. John French (son of Thomas of Canterbury)
  (B) Joane Amcotts
  m. Thomas Green of Sudbury, Suffolk
  (5) Elizabeth Amcotts
  m. William Bowden of London (dyer)
  (6) Cecily Amcotts
  m1. Robert Harding of London (fishmonger)
  m2. Richard Findall of London (fishmonger)

Main source(s): Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Amcotts of Aisthorpe, etc.)
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