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Saeming, King of the Norse (b c239)
The approximated dates should be viewed as little more than 'broad brush guides' for they assume that the generations spread evenly across the many centuries across which no proven dates exist.
1. Godhjalt (b c264)
  A. Sverdhjalt (b c289)
  i. Hoddbrodd (b c314)
  a. Himileig (b c339)
  (1) Vedurhals (b c363)
  (A) Havard (b c388)
  (i) Godgest (b c413)
  (a) Hemgest (b c438)
  ((1)) Gudlaugur (b c463)
  ((A)) Gyllaug (b c488)
  ((i)) Mundil (b c513)
  ((a)) Herse (b c538)
  (((1))) Brand (b c563)
  (((A))) Brynjolf (b c588) - continued just below
i. Brynjolf (b c588) - continued just above
  a. Baard (b c613)
  (1) Hergils (b c638)
  (A) Haavard (b c663)
  (i) Harald 'Trygil' (b c688)
  (a) Thrond (b c712)
  ((1)) Harald (b c7740)
  m. Signy (b c744, dau of Sigard Grotgardsson)
  ((A)) Herlaug (b c768)
  ((i)) Grotgard (b c800)
  ((a)) Haakin (b c838, d c917)
  (((1))) Ingeborg Haakonsdattir (b c855)
m. Eysind 'Lambe' Kaareson (b c835) @@ below



1. Velaug
  m. Bjorn 'Buna' Grimsson
2. Autbjorn
3. Vemund (b c780, d 866)
  A. Kaare 'Berdlu Kaare' (b c810)
  i. Eyvind 'Lambi' (b c835)
'RoyalData' starts with Eyvind and shows his wife as 'Sigrid of Sandes'. Because of the interesting connection back to Woden, which we agree is NOT a good reason, we presume to follow those web sites which show his wife as ...
  m. Ingeborg Haakonsdattir (b c855) @@ above
  a. Finn 'Skalgi' (b c878)
  m. Gunnhild Halfdansdotter
  (1) Sigurd
  (2) Eyvind 'Skaldspiller'
  (A) Harek of Thiotta
  (i) Finn
  (a) Hakon
  ((1)) Ulfhild Hakonsdottir
  m1. Inge II 'the younger' Halstensson, King of Sweden
  m2. Sverker I 'the elder' Kolsson, King of Sweden
  (3) Thora
  (4) Njal or Niall (b c930, d 09.1011)
  (A) Astrid Njalsdottir
  m. Ragnvald 'the old' Ulafsson (d 1066)

Main source(s): various web sites including 'RoyalData'
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