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(2) There is just one connection between this page and the rest of the database: the marriage between Genissa, widely but (apparently) erroneously identified as a daughter of Emperor Claudius, and Arviragus, King of Brittany. We will remove that connection in due course but will keep it for the moment pending finding another connection to the rest of the database!
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Claimed to be descended from Romulus, one of the founders of Rome, was ...
Numerius Julius Caesar
1. Lucius Julius Caesar
  A. Sextus Julius Caesar
  i. Sextus Julius Caesar
  a. Lucius Julius Caesar
  (1) Lucius Julius Caesar
  (A) Julia Caesar
m. Marcus Antonius Crecitus (d c71BC, son of Marcus Antonius, Oratorem 143-87BC))
  (i) Mark Anthony, Triumvir (b 86BC, d 30BC)
  p. Cleopatra VII, Queen of Egypt (b 69BC, d 30BC, dau of Ptolemy XI Auletes, Pharaoh of Egypt)
  (a)+ twins
  m1. Octavia Minor (b 69BC, d 11BC, dau of Caius Octavius) @1@ below
  (c) Antonia Major
  m. Lucius Domitius
  ((1)) Gnaeus Domitius
  m. Agrippina II (b 15AD, d 59AD, dau of Germanicus Caesar) @2@ below
  ((A)) Lucius Domitius Nero (b 67AD, d 68AD) Emperor Nero (54AD-68AD)
  m1. Octavia (dau of Emperor Claudius) @3@ below
  m2. (62AD) Poppaea Sabina (d 65AD)
  ((i)) daughter (b 63AD, d 63/4AD)
(d) Antonia Minor (b c58BC, d 29AD)
  m. Nero Claudius Germanicus Drusus ('Drusus') (b 39BC, d 9BC) @4@ below
  m2. Cleopatra VII, Queen of Egypt (b 69BC, d 30BC, dau of Ptolemy XI Auletes, Pharaoh of Egypt)
  (e) child
  ii. Gaius Julius Caesar
  a. Gaius Julius Caesar
  m. Marcia (dau of Quintus Marcus Rex)
  (1) Gaius Julius Caesar (d 84BC)
  m. Aurelia (dau of ?? Cotta by Rutilia)
(A) Julius Caesar, Dictator (b 13.07.100BC, d 15.03.44BC) Dictator Julius Caesar (49BC-44BC)§A
  m1. (84BC) Cornelia (d 67BC, dau of Lucius Cornelius Cinna)
  (i) Julia Caesar (b c69BC)
  m. Magnus
  m2. (67BC) Pompeia (dau of Quinut Pompey, granddau of Sulla)
  m3. (59BC, sp) Calpurnia (dau of Lucius Calpurnius Piso)
  partners: various including Servilia (mother of Brutus)
  partner: Cleopatra VII, Queen of Egypt (b 69BC, d 30BC, dau of Ptolemy XI Auletes, Pharaoh of Egypt)
  (ii) Caesarion (d 30BC)
  (iii) Ptolemy XIV, Pharaoh of Egypt (d 30BC)
  (B) Julia Caesar (d 51BC)
  m. Marcus Atius Balbus
  (i) Atia Balbus
  m. Gaius Octavius (d 20BC, Senator) @5@ just below
  (2) Julia Caesar
  m. Gaius Marius (General, Consul)



Enus Otavius Rufus
1. Gaius Octavius
  A. Gaius Octavius
  i. Gaius Octavius
  a. Gaius Octavius (d 20BC, Senator)
  m. Atia Balbus (dau of Marcus Atius Balbus) /a>@5@ just above
  (1) Gaius Octavius Augustus 'Octavianus' (b 23.09.63BC, d 14AD) Emperor Augustus/Octavian (27BC-14AD)
  m1. Claudia
  m2. Scribonia
(A) Julia Octavius (b 39BC, d 14AD)
  m1. (25BC) Marcellus (b c42BC, d 23BC)
  m2. Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa (b 63BC, d 12BC)
  (i) Gaius Caesar
  (ii) Lucius Caesar
  (iii) Julia
  (iv) Agrippina I (b 13BC, d 18.10.33AD)
  m. Germanicus Caesar (b 15BC, d 19AD) @6@ below
  (v) Agrippa Posthumus
  m3. Tiberius Nero, Emperor (b 42BC, d 37AD) @7@ below
  m3. Livia Drusilla (b c58BC, d 29AD) see ## below (this was her second marriage)
  (2) Octavia (b 69BC, d 11BC)
  m1. Gaius Marcellus
  m2. Mark Anthony, Triumvir (b 86BC, d 30BC) @1@ above



Tiberius Claudius Nero
1. Appius Claudius Nero
  A. Tiberius Claudius Nero (d 33BC)
  m. Livia Drusilla (b c58BC, d 29AD) see ## above (this was her first marriage)
  i. Tiberius Nero (b 42BC, d 37AD) Emperor Tiberius (14AD-37AD)
  m1. Vipsania Agrippina
  a. Drusus
  m. Livilla (dau of Nero Claudius Germanicus Drusus) @8@ below
  (1) Julia
  m. Nero Caesar @9@ just below
  m2. Julia Octavius (b 39BC, d 14AD, dau of Gaius Octavius Augustus) @7@ above
ii. Nero Claudius Germanicus Drusus ('Drusus') (b 39BC, d 9BC)
  m. Antonia Minor (b c58BC, d 29AD, dau of Mark Anthony, Triumvir) @4@ above
  a. Germanicus Caesar (b 15BC, d 19AD)
  m. Agrippina I (b 13BC, d 18.10.33AD, dau of Agrippa) @6@ above
  (1) Nero Caesar
  m. Julia (dau of Drusus) @9@ just above
  (2) Drusus
  (3) Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus 'Caligula' (b 31.08.12AD, d 24.01.41AD) Emperor Caligula (37AD-41AD)
  (4) Julia Agrippina (II) Minor (b 15AD, d 03.59AD)
  m1. Gnaeus Domitius @2@ above
  m2. ??
  m3. Tiberius Claudius Nero, Emperor (b 01.10.10BC, d 13.10.54AD) @10@ just below
b. Livilla
  m. Drusus @8@ above
  c. Tiberius Claudius Nero (b 01.10.10BC, d 13.10.54AD) Emperor Claudius (41AD-54AD)
  Some of the following details were kindly provided by a contributor (JdH, 21.08.06).
  m1. (div) Plautia Urganilla
  (1) Claudia
  m2. Aelia Paetina
  (2) Antonia
  m3. (38AD) Valeria Messalina
(3) Octavia (b 39AD)
  m. Lucius Domitis Nero, Emperor (b 37AD, d 68AD) @3@ above
  (4) Brittanicus (b 41AD) not mentioned by JdH
  m4. Julia Agrippina (II) Minor (b 15AD, d 03.59AD, dau of Germanicus Caesar) @10@ just above
  The following Genissa is widely reported to have been a daughter of Emperor Claudius. However, a contributor (JdH, 21.08.06) reported that that is false although she may possibly have been fostered by him. JdH reported that, whilst Genissa ("who was educated in the imperial household") did marry Arviragus of Brittany, the idea that she was Claudius's daughter (by blood) was invented by Geoffrey of Monmouth, later Bishop of St. Asaph, in 'Historia Regum Brittanniae' which was completed in 1138. We do not doubt that that view is correct (i.e. that Genissa was not a blood daughter of Emperor Claudius) but nevertheless provisionally keep the widely-reported connection as otherwise we have no excuse to include the above Roman families within our database!
  (5) Genissa (Venissa) (d 50AD) EGHJRSWY
  m. Arviragus, King of Brittany (d 74AD) EGHJRSWY

Main source(s): various web sites including HOLDT, http://www.ac.wwu.edu/~stephan/Rulers/index.html, www.roman-emperors.org
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