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The initial generations are taken from handwritten notes taken from ROYL (which is often not easy to read) and are likely to contain transcription errors.
1. Aldegifu
2. Desiderius/Didier, King of the Lombards
  A. Adalaifus/Adelgis
  B. Everhard, Count of Friuli
  i. Berengarius, Count of Friuli
  a. Everhard, Margrave of Friuli (b c820, d 16.12.866)
  m. (836) Gisele (b c819, d 01.07.876, dau of Louis I 'the Fair' or 'the Pious', Holy Roman Emperor)
  (1) Berengar I, Margrave of Friuli (d c923)
  m. Bertha
  (A) Gisela of Friuli EGHJRSWY
  m. Adalbert, Margrave of Ivrea (d c924) @@ below EGHJRSWY
  ii. Wido, Count (d after 827)
This appears to be the same person as Amadeus who is reported by GenEU as the "first proved ancestor of this house", referring to the ancestors of Adalbert, Margrave of Ivrea. GenEU provides Adalbert's descendants but ROYL provides the connection through Adalbert's brother Manfred to Eriprandus and the house of Visconti.
  m. Rodalinde / Yolande
  a. Wido (d 889)
  b. Anscarius, Margrave of Ivrea (d 898/892)
  m. Giselle
  (1) Adalbert, Margrave of Ivrea, Count of Parma (d c924)
  m1. Gisela of Friuli (dau of Berengar I, Margrave of Friuli) @@ above
(A) Berengar II, Count of Milan, Margrave of Ivrea, King of Italy (b c900, d 06.07.966)
  m. (930/1) Willa of Arles (b c910, d after 966, dau of Boson, Count of Arles, Marquess of Tuscany)
  (i) Adalbert, Margrave of Ivrea, King of Italy (b 932/6, d 972/5)
  m. Gerberga (d 986/91, dau of Otho/Leotald, Count of Macon and Besancon)
  (a) Otho Guillaume, Count of Burgundy, Macon, Nevers, etc (b 958/9, d 21.09.1026) EGHJSWY
  He obtained the County of Burgundy through his stepfather Henry, Duke of Lower Burgundy (his mother's second husband).
  m1. (975/80) Ermetrude de Roucy (b c950, d 1002/5, dau of Ragnold de Roucy) EGHJSWY
  m2. (before 1016) Adelaide/Blanche of Anjou (d 1026)
(ii) Wido, Margreave of Ivrea (d 965)
  (iii) Cunrad/Cono, Margrave of Milan and Milan, Duke of Spoleto and Camerino
  m. Richilda (dau of Arduin Glabrio of Turin)
  (iv) Gisla of Ivrea, a nun (a 965)
  (v) Gerberga/Gilberga of Ivrea (b 945, d 986) HJSY
  m. (before 08.961) Aleramo, Marquis of Liguria (d 991) HJSY
  (vi) Suzanne / Rosele of Ivrea (b 945, d 26.01.1003) EGHJRSWY
  m1. (c968) Arnulf II, Count of Flanders (b 961/2, d 30.03.987) EGHJRSWY
  m2. (988, div 992) Robert II 'the Pious', King of France (b 27.03.972, d 20.07.1031)
  m2. (914) Ermengarde di Lucca (b c900, d after 29.02.932, dau of Adalbert II, Marquis of Tuscany)
  (B) Anscar II, Margrave of Ivrea, Duke of Spoleto and Camerino (b c915, d 940)
  (i) Amadeus of Mosezzo had issue
  m. (959/62) Guntilda (dau of Roger, Count of Auriate)
  (C) Adalbert, Count of Pombia (a 962) probably father of ...
  (i) Dado, Count of Pombia and Milan had issue
(2) Manfred Berengarius,Count
  (A) Hugh, Count
  m. Bertha / Erminzi
  (i) Fulco Autparues
  (a) Obizzo / Amizzo
  m. Mathildis (dau of Luitolph, Duke of Schwabia)
  ((1)) Bonifacius, Count of Milan
  m. Gisela (dau of Count Adalbert)
  ((A)) Eriprandus, Viscount of Milan (d 1037/67, 2nd son) HS
  m. Beatrix HS
  ((B))+ other issue including Azzo
(b) other issue
  (B) other issue
  (3) Hugh
  iii.+ other issue
  C. Luitberga
  m. Charles, Duke of Bavaria
  D. Gerperga ('Desideria') (d 776)
  m. (770, div 771, sp) Charlemagne, King of the Franks, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (b 02.04.742, d 28.01.814)
  E. Bertha
  m. Carloman (cousin of Charlemagne)
  F.+ other issue - Afprandas, Ansilberga, Adapergis
3. Constantin, Pope

Main source(s): ROYL (tables CXXXIX, CXL, CCCIX), GenEU (Ivrea1)
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