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Not all of these generations are Irish but, since most of them should in any case be viewed as 'mythical' and so should not be taken too seriously anyway, the information is provided under this file heading as 'it is as good as any'. Some of the claimed descents warrant further investigation (although most are suspect).

Constantin (d 420)
1. Aurelius Ambrose (d 460)
2. Uther Pendragon, King of Britons (d 520)
  m. Eigr (dau of Amlawdd)
  A. Arthur of the Round Table, King of Britons (d aged 24)
  m1. ??
  m2. dau of the King of Franks
  i. Smerviemore (a 570)
  m. sister of Adrian, King of Scots
a. Ferither Our 'Dun
  m. dau of Duke of Moray
  (1) Duibh More (b 620, d 646)
  m. dau of Duke of Valentia
  (A) Arthur Oig MacDuibhn (a 684)
  (i) Ferither Eile (a 730)
  (a) Duibh Fuilt Darg (red haired) (a 787)
  m. granddau of Neil Nordg-Uach, King of Ireland
  ((1)) Ferither Finruo (fairish red) (a 887)
  ((A)) Duibhn Derg (dark red) (a 860) - continued below --
  B. Anna Margawse HJY
  m. Gwair (Gwyar, prince of Deheubarth) HJY



Duibhn Derg (dark red) (a 860) - continued above
1. Dubh Deun (brown haired) (a 964)
  A. Diarmid MacDuibhn (O'Duin) (a 977)
  m. Grain (niece of 'the great O'Neil of Ireland)
  i. Arthur Armderg (red armour) (a 1004)
  a. Paul MacDuibn, 'Paul the sporran' (a 1066, Treasurer)
  m. Marion of Man (dau of Godfrey, King of Man)
  (1) Eva MacDuibn --
  m. Gillocallum / Gillespic / Archibald Campbell (d 1091) see also @@ below --
  b. Arthur Crunchan (dsp)
c. Arthur Ardrianan ancestor of MacArthurs of Inishtrynish and Dalkirk & Lennox
  ii. Malcolm or Gillocallum to Normandy
  m1. Dirvaill (dau of laird of Carrick)
  a. Gilmom of Corearica
  partner unknown
  (1) son ancestor of MacNaughtys, MacNivens and Mackenzies
  b. Corcarwa ancestor of MacAillins in Ireland
  c. Duncan Drumnanich ancestor of Drummonds in Perthshire
  m2. heiress of Beauchamp 'Campus bellus' (niece of William the Conqueror)
  d. Dionysius / Duncan ancestor of Counts of Tollarn
  e. Gillespic (Gillocallum) / Archibald Campbell (d 1091) --
  m. Eva MacDuibn (dau of Paul MacDuibn, 'Paul the sporran') see also @@ above --
  f. Durine / Guine / Guy ancestor of Beauchamp Earls of Warwick? (see 'Beauchamp01')

Main source(s): 'The House of Argyll and collateral branches of the Clan Campbell', 1871
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