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This page is by no means complete but will be worked on and added to from time to time. It mainly follows the Greek Myths but some Roman name equivalents have been added.

m. Andromeda (dau of Cepheus)
1. Perses
1. Alceus
  m. Astydamia
  A. Amphitryon
  m. Alcmene
  Leda was mother of Heracles (Hercules) by Zeus but was mother of the following by Amphitryon.
i. Iphicles
  m. Automedusa
  a. Iolaus
  (1) Leipephile
  m. Phylas (son of Anthiochus)
  (A) Hippotes
  (i) Aletes
  (B) Thero
  m. Apollo
  B. Anaxo
1. Gorgophone
  m. Perieres or Oebalus, King of Sparta
'The Dictionary of Classical Mythology', which is one of the Main souces used for this page, reports that the accounts of Gorgophone's husbands and children "are some of the most confused legends that exist". It is not clear which husband fathered which of Gorgophone's children.
  A. Tyndarius, King of Sparta
  m. Leda (dau of Thestius, King of Aetolia)
  Leda was mother of Helen of Troy by Zeus but was mother of the following by Tyndarius.
  i. Clytemnestra
  m. Agamemnon
  ii.+ other issue - Timandra, Castor, Pollux, Phylonoe
  B. Icarius
  m. Periboea
  i.+ issue - Thoas, Damasippus, Imeusimus, Aletes, Perileus, Penelope
  C. Aphareus
  m. Arena
  i.+ issue - Idas, Lynceus, Pisus
  D. Leucippus
  m. Philodice
  i. Arsinoe
  m. Apollo
  ii.+ other issue - Hilaera, Phoebe

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