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Theodoric, Lord of Cleves
m. Beatrix (dau of Walter, Count of Tiefferbart who d 724)
1. Beatrix (d 735) GJ
  m. Elias Grajus @@ just below GJ



Elias Grajus
m. Beatrix (d 735, dau of Theodoric, Lord of Cleves) @@ just above
1. Theodoric I, Count of Cleves (d 759)
  m. a Countess of Hainault
  A. Rainald, Count of Cleves (d 770)
  m. Isabella, Countess of Ardennes & Walde
  i. Ludoph, Count of Cleves (d 790)
  m. Adelheid (sister of Siegebert, Duke of Aquitaine)
  a. John, Count of Cleves (d 801)
  m. Constantia (dau of Michael 1 Europalates, Emperor of the East)
  (1) Baldwin I, Count of Cleves (d 822)
  m. Hildegarde
  (A) Lewis, Count of Cleves (d unm 827)
(B) Eberhard, Count of Cleves (d 835)
  m. Bertha of Bavaria
  (i) Luitardis, Count of Cleves (d 881)
  m. Bertha (dau of Arnulph, Emperor)
  (a) Baldwin II, Count of Cleves (d 917)
  ((1)) Arnold I, Count of Cleves (d 962) GJ
  (2) Robert, Count of Cleves (d 806)
  m. Bechtild of Lorraine
  (A) Robert, Lord of Tiefferbart
  m. Cunigunda, Countess of Haya
  (i) Theodoric, Count of Altena GJ
2.+ other issue - Gottfried, Conrade

Main source(s): ROYL (table CCCXLVII)
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